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WorkSafe NB: CUPE Reaction to Taskforce Recommendations 2018-10-18 [CUPE]

Boilermaker describes fear, chaos during fiery Saint John refinery explosion 2018-10-11 [CBC]

Privatized liquor is bad news 2018-10-01 [CUPE]

Bargaining Forward: Open Letter to CUPE NB Members 2018-10-01 [CUPE]

Woman who put camera in mom's nursing-home room calls for more staff 2018-09-21 [CBC]

Paramedics shadow Liberal leader to protest staff shortages across the province 2018-09-20 [CBC]

Provincial Election: NB Political Parties’ Positions on CUPE NB Issues 2018-09-19 [CUPE]

New contract for NBU College Instructors 2018-09-17 [NUPGE]

CUPE NB Statement on PC’s Platform 2018-09-16 [CUPE]

One Job Cut is One Too Many 2018-09-16 [CUPE]

Attrition and its Potential Effects on New Brunswickers 2018-09-16 [CUPE]

Doctors, nurses join election debate on improved health care 2018-09-15 [CBC]

Gallant promises to legislate pay equity in private sector 2018-09-13 [CBC]

UFCW EPC activists proudly march at Moncton Pride 2018-09-02 [UFCW]

Labour Day Message from the NBFL 2018-09-02 [NBFL]

River of Pride extends invite to NBU 2018-08-26 [NUPGE]

'A heart of gold': Teenager worker who died at wastewater plant remembered as caring 2018-08-21 [CBC]

NBFL Blair Doucet Summer Camp: Participants form lifelong bonds 2018-08-20 [NBFL]

Hilton Hotel Saint John, N.B., employees ratify 4-year agreement 2018-08-18 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Fredericton Tragedy – CUPE NB Statement 2018-08-15 [CUPE]

Rapid Response Paramedic Units are Smoke and Mirrors 2018-08-12 [CUPE]

New coalition launches campaign for public water in Moncton 2018-07-28 [CUPE]

CUPW Fredericton Oromocto: Red / Blue Solidarity Day 2018-07-09 [CUPW]

Stop shipping scabs, Unifor tells Araneda 2018-07-06 [Unifor]

Workers at Source Atlantic in N.B. ratify new contract 2018-07-05 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

NBFL congratulates government of NB for introducing paid intimate partner violence leave 2018-07-03 [NBFL]

A significant first step towards the right direction 2018-07-01 [CUPE]

Province announces 5 days of paid leave for domestic violence victims 2018-06-30 [CBC]

Saint John's calculated living wage $7 higher than provincial minimum 2018-06-23 [CBC]

Fishermen versus North Atlantic right whales: Which group gets priority? 2018-06-19 [CBC]

Privatization of Hospital Food, Cleaning and Portering Services Prevented 2018-06-18 [CUPE]

Lobster fishermen comply with federal order and move traps to smaller area 2018-06-18 [CBC]

Lobster fishermen comply with federal order and move traps to smaller area 2018-06-18 [CBC]

DFO orders 'hard pill to swallow' for N.B. lobster fishermen, union says 2018-06-17 [CBC]

CUPW win for women’s rights moves closer to pay equity for rural postal workers 2018-06-16 [The Media Co-op]

Abandoned push to private sector brings hospital workers relief 2018-06-15 [CBC]

Frustration mounts as DFO closures hit lobster industry along Acadian Peninsula 2018-06-14 [Global]

Government scraps plan to privatize hospital food services 2018-06-14 [CBC]

If deal rejected, Irving shipyard vote could lead to strike 2018-06-13 [The Chronicle-Herald]

Latest fishing area closures raise fears about fights over shrinking territory 2018-06-13 [CBC]

Unifor continues people's trade town hall tour 2018-05-29 [Unifor]

BDM Scholarship winner: Cole Estabrooks, UFCW 1288P 2018-05-20 [UFCW]

NBU donates $12K to provincial food banks 2018-05-20 [NUPGE]

Proposed Health and Safety Regulations is Good News 2018-05-13 [CUPE]

Moncton Water Belongs To Public 2018-05-13 [CUPE]

Nursing Home Workers Protest NBANH’s Concession Demands 2018-05-13 [CUPE]

Minister opens federal pay centre amid turmoil 2018-05-05 [ParrySound.com]

Unifor sends aid to New Brunswick to help families fleeing floods 2018-05-05 [Unifor]

Workers ratify new agreement at Moncton Honda 2018-05-04 [Unifor]

NBFL’s Statement for International Worker’s Day 2018-04-30 [NBFL]

This month in labour history

1-10-1741 Workers at the Royal Shipyard in Québec organize the first recorded strike in Canadian history. [more]

6-10-2011 The first H&M retail outlet in Canada is organized in Mississauga, Ontario, where workers vote to be represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers. [more]

8-10-1906 At Buckingham, Québec, workers locked out for organizing a union at the MacLaren pulp mill are attacked by company police. Union officers Thomas Bélanger and François Thériault are shot dead. [more]

12-10-1975 Grace Hartman is elected National President of CUPE after six years as Secretary-Treasurer, becoming the first woman to lead a major union in North American history. [more]

12-10-1973 A strike by immigrant workers at the Artistic Woodwork factory in suburban Toronto attracts strong support from political activists. The strike exposes the role of police in protecting strikebreakers. [more]

13-10-1944 The Trades and Labour Congress charters Federal Labour Union 180 at Vancouver General Hospital. This is the beginning of the Hospital Employees' Union of British Columbia, now the province's largest health care union. [more]

14-10-1976 In Canada's first country-wide general strike, one million workers join a Day of Protest against the federal government's wage controls policy. [more]

16-10-1963 More than 200 nurses start an illegal strike at the Hôpital Sainte-Justine in Montréal. They are seeking an end to overwork and recognition of their role in the health system. The thirty-day strike achieves a settlement that encourages unionization. [more]

18-10-1935 Farm labourer Nicholas Schaack, 51, dies in hospital following head injuries received on Market Square in Regina on Dominion Day, when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police brought the On to Ottawa Trek of unemployed workers to a violent end. [more]

23-10-1958 At Springhill, Nova Scotia, 75 men are killed in a mine disaster and 81 miners are rescued the next day. A group of twelve miners are rescued on 30 October and a final group of seven are located and brought to the surface on 1 November. [more]

27-10-1997 More than 125,000 Ontario teachers walk out to protest the province's plans to cut school budgets and centralize control over education. The two-week protest affects two million students and is the largest teachers’ strike in North American history. [more]

30-10-1971 A protest against a lockout at the daily La Presse in Montréal ends in a street battle between thousands of workers and police. When tear gas is used, student activist Michèle Gauthier, an expectant mother, dies of suffocation. [more]