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Today's news - Western Australia

Transperth bus drivers set to walk off over wage dispute with contract employer Transdev 2019-02-07 [News.com]

How mesothelioma devastated this indiginous community in the Pilbara 2019-02-07 [ABC]

Aurizon staff plan rolling stoppages to disrupt coal rail transport 2019-02-04 [The Morning Herald]

Unions welcome wage theft inquiry 2019-01-29 [Unions WA]

Wage theft inquiry 2019-01-25 [Professionals Australia]

Premier Mark McGowan is ‘average’: union boss Christy Cain 2019-01-25 [The West Australian]

Mark McGowan takes big stick to union heavy Christy Cain 2019-01-24 [The West Australian]

Slip, slap, slop, seek, slide not just for kids 2019-01-23 [Unions WA]

Wage theft inquiry backed by union 2019-01-23 [The Times]

$16,000 for WA Country Health Members 2019-01-18 [United Voice]

'Officers feared for their lives': Greenough prison guards speak out 2019-01-18 [The Times]

Key Australian coal rail line faces renewed disruptions 2019-01-10 [Montel]

Mining company sparks outrage by banning its workers from putting stickers on their helmets 2019-01-10 [The Daily Mail]

Alcoa dispute: Union to appeal Fair Work decision to cancel agreement 2019-01-04 [Today]

A snapshot of the year that was ... 2018-12-21 [CPSU]

Collie community urging State Government guidance 2018-12-21 [The West Australian]

Invest Budget bonus 2018-12-20 [Unions WA]

Shared rooms for mine workers on ALP radar 2018-12-19 [News.com]

FIFO Health Research call for action 2018-12-17 [Unions WA]

Community Cabinet 2018-12-06 [Professionals Australia]

'What the f--k are they doing?': Unionists promise to 'box on' with McGowan 2018-12-04 [The Times]

Militant unions angry over Mark McGowan’s fracking plan for WA’s north 2018-11-29 [The West Australian]

Shop union to fight extended hours push 2018-11-27 [The West Australian]

Perth Forrestfield-Airport Link safety fears prompt CFMEU call for halt to project 2018-11-22 [ABC]

'Guerilla warfare tactics' used in Perth bus driver strike 2018-11-22 [Today]

Unions vote to ban gas fracking 2018-11-18 [The West Australian]

Drug test blitz on Perth Zoo, Rottnest and Kings Park staff 2018-11-16 [News.com]

Labour hire company takes Perth builder on in underpayments stoush 2018-11-16 [Today]

WA union boss belts 'trouble makers' for election 'lies and misinformation' 2018-11-16 [The Times]

Two workers sent home after impromptu WA mine strike 2018-11-15 [The Morning Herald]

Workers at WA mine site launch impromptu strike over commute pay 2018-11-12 [Today]

Pilbara mine site workers strike over ‘wage theft’ 2018-11-12 [The West Australian]

The challenge of Crown vs Crown prosecutions 2018-10-26 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Mayman at the Perth Safety Symposium 2018-10-19 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Union plays down financial woes as battle with the bosses drags on 2018-11-05 [The Times]

Plumber killed on Perth construction site 'a top bloke' 2018-10-20 [9 News]

BP’s Kwinana refinery follows in Alcoa’s footsteps, moves to terminate enterprise agreement 2018-10-18 [The Mail]

WA transport worker accused of leaking staff personal details to union 2018-10-18 [Today]

TWU calls on the WA Government to hold bus operator Transdev to account over unfair pay and conditions 2018-10-15 [TWU]

Industrial action by bus drivers set to disrupt services in some areas of Perth 2018-10-10 [ABC]

Mixed bag conference format succeeds 2018-10-01 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Industrial action at Alcoa sites ends after two months 2018-10-02 [Mining]

Management And Union Reach Accord At Alcoa’s Western Australia Operations, Ending Strike 2018-09-30 [AI]

Union win: Alcoa workers vote for new deal, securing jobs 2018-09-29 [ACTU]

Alcoa, Australia workers reach wage deal, will end strike 2018-09-29 [Seeking Alpha]

Alcoa strike over: AWU vote to return to work 2018-09-28 [The Mail]

Alcoa, workers end seven-week industrial dispute 2018-09-28 [Platt's]

Alcoa offers striking AWU workers revised EBA, mass union meeting planned for Friday 2018-09-28 [The Mail]

Union says reached wage deal with Alcoa Australia, will end strike 2018-09-28 [Reuters]

Alcoa, union meeting again over strike at Australian aluminum operations 2018-09-27 [Seeking Alpha]

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