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Today's news - South Australia

Saving Arrium: the role of the AWU. Listen to this interview with the union's National Secretary 2017-07-17 [ABC]

Man of Steel visits Whyalla and the workers 2017-07-17 [Whyalla News]

New owner tours Whyalla steelworks, meets workers, flags $1b investment plans 2017-07-17 [Fairfax Media]

Rally this Friday to keep ABCC out of the South Australian power industry 2017-07-17 [ETU National ]

ETU hits back at Xenophon over ABCC lies allegation 2017-07-17 [ETU National]

Power workers launch state-wide campaign to fight attack by Turnbull Government's building industry watchdog 2017-07-17 [ETU National]

Gvt must dump illegal health privatisation plan 2017-07-14 [Professionals Australia]

TWU slams Garden Grove following 2nd dangerous incident t 2017-07-14 [Owner Driver]

We're going to stick with you - SA Premier to Holden workers 2017-07-12 [AMWU]

Union calls for South Australian nurses to have patient discharge powers 2017-07-12 [ABC]

AWU leader Daniel Walton cheers enigmatic Arrium bidder's vow not to slash jobs 2017-07-06 [ABC]

Arrium sales deal brings new hope to workers, families and community of Whyalla 2017-07-06 [Whyalla News]

Sex worker laws pass upper house 2017-07-06 [The Australian]

AWU praises Arrium buyers' credentials 2017-07-05 [Whyalla News]

WHYALLA SAVED: outstanding credentials of Arrium's new owner paves way for positive future for workers, community 2017-07-05 [AWU]

Taffy the trained terrier needed to join a union to run wires for his master 2017-06-30 [ABC]

TWU calls for audit of trucking company following dash cam footage of truck near-miss 2017-06-29 [TWU]

How a $50 fish dish caused an arrest and visit to the emergency room 2017-06-21 [9News]

New building code faces first legal challenge over 'unfair attack' on industry 2017-06-19 [Guardian Australia]

AWU calls on Federal and State Governments to cooperate with Arriun bidder to save Whyalla jobs 2017-06-18 [Whyalla News]

AWU backs plan for Arrium breathing new life into Australian steel industry 2017-06-16 [AFR]

Government must seize chance to save Arrium, and Whyalla Jobs 2017-06-16 [ACTU]

AWU says Whyalla workers will be relieved that Arrium has a buyer - jobs saved 2017-06-16 [ABC]

AWU Sec Walton says Gvts must go extra mile to save Whyalla jobs 2017-06-16 [Australian Mining ]

Arrium, Whyalla now close to salvation if state and fed govts work with preferred bidder 2017-06-16 [AWU]

Crane accident kills man working on road upgrade in Adelaide 2017-06-14 [ABC]

James Hardie asbestos victim receives record $1m compensation payout in Adelaide 2017-05-26 [ABC]

AWU push for Aussie Steel 2017-05-13 [Whyalla News]

Workplace Bullying claim at Victims Support Service 2017-04-08 [INDaily]

Big Canadian shipbuilder hopes to poach Aussie talent as SA projects wind down 2017-04-07 [ABC]

Adelaide’s Light City Bus strike for Tuesday called off after ‘in-principle’ agreement with union 2017-04-03 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Drug, alcohol tests for SA bar staff dropped from proposed new liquor licensing laws 2017-03-29 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Justice For Jorge 2017-03-29 [CFMEU]

Light City bus drivers strike to cause traffic chaos across Adelaide 2017-03-28 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Shipbuilder to cut more jobs in Adelaide 2017-03-27 [AAP]

Osborne ASC Shipbuilding to shed another 22 jobs by the end of May as workforce dwindles on Air Warfare Destroyer project 2017-03-27 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Blackmail, extortion and slavery at a restaurant near you 2017-03-26 [Fairfax Media]

ANMF commemorates Gayle Woodford’s life and tragic death 2017-03-23 [ANMF]

Master Builders Accuses Union Head of Encouraging Law Breaking 2017-03-20 [Sourceable]

Unions support State Government's jobs boosting energy plan 2017-03-18 [SA Unions ]

Childcare workers strike in Adelaide in campaign for better wages 2017-03-09 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Workers deserve the credit for Whyalla steel city survival AWU says 2017-03-08 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Arrium sale nears as field narrows 2017-03-04 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Port Pirjio Truck Death Shows Problems in Trucking 2017-03-03 [TWU South Australia]

Fed Gvt must show support for steel making and the Whyalla community: State Gvt 2017-03-01 [Whyalla News]

Xenophon and building union go toe to toe 2017-02-16 [ABC]

Adelaide rally: Stop deaths on SA construction sites. Watch TV ad Senator hates 2017-02-15 [CFMEU]

Senator Nick Xenophon launching legal action against CFMEU over attack ads 2017-02-15 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Ian Markos: CFMEU objections to worksite safety laws either don’t hold up or lack detail that we need as an industry 2017-02-14 [Adelaide Advertiser]

Union warns Elderly and disability care services being outsourced to SA private sector 2017-02-08 [ABC]

This month in labour history

3-07-1892 A 6,000 strong meeting calls for immediate strike action at Broken Hill as miners' previous agreements with employers expire. [more]

16-07-1986 The mining community of Moura was hit with disaster when a massive explosion at No. 4 mine claimed 12 lives. [more]

27-07-1917 A mass meeting of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers in Sydney votes to strike against the introduction of a time card system. [more]