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Today's news - Northern Territory

Darwin bus drivers suffer 'battle fatigue' from passenger abuse, spitting, rock throwing 2018-05-27 [ABC]

Meatworkers' union petition finds 106 willing workers 2018-03-22 [The Northern Leader]

Union argues against changing cabotage laws in the Northern Territory 2018-01-04 [NT News]

Public service workers get ‘dud’ pay deal 2017-12-19 [NT News]

Rogue Darwin mango trader fined for paying backpacker workers as little as $2.68 an hour 2017-12-14 [ABC]

Court fines ‘rogue operator’ $25,000 for exploiting mango pickers near Darwin 2017-12-14 [NT News ]

 VIDEO What was th Darwin Rebellion? 2017-12-12 [ABC]

Exact cause of death for deckhand found in Darwin waters unknown, police tell inquest 2017-12-11 [ABC]

Coronial Inquiry Sparks Demand For Maritime Reform and Industrial Manslaughter Laws in the NT 2017-12-11 [MUA]

Albert Namatjira painting gifted to Alice Springs Aboriginal dialysis centre to raise funds for nurses' wages 2017-12-08 [ABC]

Inpex workers to strike over claims of wages non-payment after workmate Carl Delaney’s death 2017-12-08 [ NT News]

Inpex: Kentz workers missing pay for last week 2017-12-07 [NT News]

Unions call for industrial manslaughter laws in NT after workplace death 2017-12-06 [ABC PM]

Union calls for work manslaughter laws 2017-12-06 [AAP]

Inpex worker death: Union calls for industrial manslaughter laws in NT after contractor killed 2017-12-06 [ABC]

Mates gather to remember Carl Delaney after worker’s tragic death on Inpex construction site 2017-12-04 [NT News]

Inpex workers donate a day’s pay to Carl Delaney’s family after fatal accident 2017-12-02 [NT News]

Construction Union denied entry to Inpex site following workplace death 2017-12-02 [ABC]

Inpex worker dies after 'serious' workplace incident 2017-12-01 [ABC]

Seasonal workers from East Timor to use Top End mango harvest to improve their skills 2017-11-28 [ABC]

Damien Kyle-Little: NT coroner refers Telstra tower death to police, public prosecutor 2017-11-24 [ABC]

Alice Springs blackout tied up in red tape, unions claim 2017-11-10 [The Australian]

Inpex workers win big in pay battle 2017-10-18 [NT News]

Much loved Darwin tradie Damien Kyle-Little, 43, fell from 73m tower near Daly River after climbing without a harness, Northern Territory Coronial Inquest hears 2017-10-17 [NT News]

Union win on unworked overtime at Ichthys LNG project near Darwin 2017-10-17 [The Australian]

Darwin-based building company charged for illegal asbestos removal work 2017-10-04 [OHS News]

Controversial work-for-the-dole scheme taking a toll on young Indigenous people 2017-09-30 [ABC]

Time for the Gunner Gvt to act immediately on Northern Territory asbestos epidemic 2017-09-19 [CFMEU]

Alice Springs Hospital asbestos closure prompts unions to call for better policy 2017-09-19 [ABC]

CFMEU condemns NT government over asbestos 2017-09-19 [Katherine Times]

Inpex worker’s death sees tensions rise as some companies refuse to let workers go home 2017-09-19 [NT News]

Inpex worker’s death sees tensions rise as some companies refuse to let workers go home 2017-09-13 [NT news ]

Unions in NT on different sides in fracking dispute 2017-09-01 [NT News]

Racist unemployment program is starving NT kids 2017-08-29 [ACTU]

Fight for Indigenous workers' rights continues 51 years after Wave Hill walk off 2017-08-28 [ABC]

Territory locals bypassed for Inpex operator roles, according to Australian Workers Union 2017-08-22 [NT News]

Call to boycott penalty rate cuts in the Territory 2017-07-05 [ABC]

Domestic violence leave growing among Northern Territory businesses 2017-06-05 [ABC]

Walk for the dole? Indigenous man says payment hinges on 35km daily trek 2017-03-24 [Guardian Australia ]

Gvt launches mission to save NT gas jobs 2017-03-24 [Katherine aTimes ]

'Horticultural visa' needed to solve Top End labour issues 2017-03-22 [ABC]

Gunner government an embarrassing joke 2017-03-22 [CFMEU ]

Unions concerned sensitive data taken in bitter Inpex contract dispute 2017-03-17 [NT News]

Workers caught up in $250 million contract dispute between Laing O’Rourke and Kawasaki Heavy Industrie 2017-03-16 [NT News]

$50b gas project faces major delays 2017-03-17 [Sky News]

Unions blast Minister at launch of Inpex court action 2017-03-16 [CFMEU]

Inpex layoffs: FWC called in after 850 workers stood down by Laing O'Rourke on Ichthys project 2017-03-16 [ABC]

850 workers sent packing over another pay dispute between contractors on Darwin LNG plant 2017-03-15 [CFMEU]

Hundreds Of Workers Stood Down From Darwin Gas Project: Reports 2017-03-15 [Huffington Post]

At least 600 workers stood down from LNG project near Darwin 2017-03-15 [AAP]

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