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Today's news - New South Wales

 VIDEO The food delivery cyclists risking their lives in high-speed tunnels 2017-11-16 [SBS]

‘Undies’ protestor gets his job back at Appin 2017-11-15 [Mining Monthly]

Unions battling privatisation of NSW disability services 2017-11-15 [Newcastle Herald]

Ferry workers to boycott Ferry McFerryface 2017-11-15 [AAP]

7000 school cleaners forced to reapply for their jobs 2017-11-15 [Fairfax Media]

Remembering Gretley 2017-11-14 [CFMEU Mining]

Unions face our uncertain future 2017-11-14 [Innovations Aus ]

How they saved Dave: Worker sacked over undies protest wins back his job 2017-11-12 [Fairfax Media]

Harsh, unjust and unreasonable” - Dave McLachlan reinstated after undie protest unfair dismissal 2017-11-10 [CFMEU Mining and Energy]

Join the New England workers BBQ in Tamworth 2017-11-08 [AMIEU Newcastle]

Change The Rules Rally. Thursday Nov 16 2017-11-08 [Unions NSW]

DPW calls for end to Botany strike action 2017-11-07 [Port Strategy]

Trickiest hit out as they hit rock bottom 2017-11-07 [Owned Driver]

Tip Top accused of pushing bread delivery drivers to breaking point 2017-11-07 [ABC]

Minto Streets factory workers call for nationwide ice cream boycott 2017-11-07 [The Daily Telegraph]

Lift workers receive 12% pay rise and 2% more super 2017-11-03 [ETU NSW]

NSW Young Liberals hold a #cornettocaucus in support of Streets ice-cream 2017-11-02 [The Morning Herald]

Ice cream workers left in the cold by Unilever 2017-11-02 [HRM Asia]

Unions call for summer boycott of Streets ice cream over pay dispute 2017-10-29 [ABC]

NSW Government must fund more police - NSW Police needs 2 ,500 Officers 2017-10-28 [PANSW]

Staff to strike across NSW universities 2017-10-18 [NTEU]

What you need to know for this Thursday’s UTS strike 2017-10-18 [NTEU NSW]

John Hunter Hospital nurses and midwives put patient safety first 2017-10-17 [NSW Nurses and Midwives Association]

John Hunter nurses and midwives vote to introduce industrial bans 2017-10-17 [Newcastle Herald]

Work stops on Sydney Opera House after asbestos discovered 2017-10-12 [BWI Global Union]

Opera House works halted due to asbestos 2017-10-12 [AAP]

More than 30 workers exposed to asbestos in Sydney Opera House renovations, union says 2017-10-12 [TEN News]

Springvale mine extension decision welcomed 2017-10-10 [CFMEU Mining and Energy]

Pledge your support for job security at UTS 2017-10-09 [NTEU]

University of Sydney senior executive staff member takes legal action over dismissal 2017-10-09 [Fairfax Media]

Sydney Opera House electricians walk off the job due to confirmed asbestos 2017-10-06 [ABC]

Electricians Exposed To Asbestos While Working On Sydney Opera House Renovations 2017-10-06 [The Music]

Electricians again walk off $200m Opera House renovation over safety fears followings asbestos tests 2017-10-06 [ETU NSW]

Rohingya Crisis Panel Discussion 2017-10-04 [APHEDA -Union Aid Abroad]

Man crushed to death by a portable building on NSW worksite 2017-10-04 [Fairfax Media]

Finalists Announced for 2017 NSW Safety Awards 2017-10-04 [OHS News]

Workers' compensation cuts start today 2017-10-02 [ABC]

Three Hunter businesses underpay workers nearly $40,000 before intervention by Fair Work Ombudsman 2017-09-28 [Newcastle Herald]

Injured workers over 50 face being thrown onto 'scrapheap' 2017-09-22 [Fairfax Media]

John Hunter Hospital nurses are fed up with staff shortages during worst flu season on record 2017-09-22 [Newcastle Herald]

Mixed reaction in Hunter after Boxing Day trade law passed 2017-09-22 [Newcastle Herald]

Retail workers' union critical of Boxing Day trade legislation | photos | poll 2017-09-22 [The Lakes Mail]

Boxing Day changes 'ruin Christmas': SDA union 2017-09-21 [AAP]

Fred Nile splits with church leaders to support Boxing Day trading 2017-09-21 [Fairfax Media]

Urgent staffing review under way at Lismore hospital 2017-09-20 [The Northern Star]

The Rise of Industrial Blackmail 2017-09-19 [AMIEU Newcastle]

Government contractors accused of trying to slash workers' pay and conditions 2017-09-18 [Fairfax Media]

Health workers attacked and abused over hospital smoking ban 2017-09-18 [Newcastle Herald]

CFMEU NSW faces fines of more than $2.4m for Barangaroo strikes 2017-09-15 [Sydney Morning Herald]

Crakanthorp slams decision to replace Newcastle TrainLink Contact Centre jobs with Service NSW positions 2017-09-13 [Newcastle Herald ]

This month in labour history

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4-11-1908 Sydney's rockchoppers vow to continue their strike "so long as one single member of the union remains in gaol." [more]

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29-11-1849 Chartist leader William Cuffay arrives in Australia, having been transported from Britain after his treason trial [more]