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Today's news - New South Wales

Injured workers over 50 face being thrown onto 'scrapheap' 2017-09-22 [Fairfax Media]

John Hunter Hospital nurses are fed up with staff shortages during worst flu season on record 2017-09-22 [Newcastle Herald]

Mixed reaction in Hunter after Boxing Day trade law passed 2017-09-22 [Newcastle Herald]

Retail workers' union critical of Boxing Day trade legislation | photos | poll 2017-09-22 [The Lakes Mail]

Boxing Day changes 'ruin Christmas': SDA union 2017-09-21 [AAP]

Fred Nile splits with church leaders to support Boxing Day trading 2017-09-21 [Fairfax Media]

Urgent staffing review under way at Lismore hospital 2017-09-20 [The Northern Star]

The Rise of Industrial Blackmail 2017-09-19 [AMIEU Newcastle]

Government contractors accused of trying to slash workers' pay and conditions 2017-09-18 [Fairfax Media]

Health workers attacked and abused over hospital smoking ban 2017-09-18 [Newcastle Herald]

CFMEU NSW faces fines of more than $2.4m for Barangaroo strikes 2017-09-15 [Sydney Morning Herald]

Crakanthorp slams decision to replace Newcastle TrainLink Contact Centre jobs with Service NSW positions 2017-09-13 [Newcastle Herald ]

Qube Newcastle Workers Go Global In Their Campaign As They Dig In Against Pay Cut 2017-09-12 [MUA]

Majority of USyd staff vote to keep bargaining with University for better pay 2017-09-12 [Honk Soit]

Shellharbour Hospital vigil to oppose private investment 2017-09-08 [Illawarra Mercury]

Debunking myths around medicinal cannabis 2017-09-08 [NSW Nurses and Midwives Association]

Sydney worker freed after crane drops load 2017-09-08 [AAP]

Branxton Preschool among Hunter early learning centres to strike for better pay 2017-09-05 [Newcastle Herald]

PSA wants at-risk kids sleeping in motel rooms 2017-09-05 [Illawarra Mercury]

Boral threat to fire workers over building code unlawful 2017-09-04 [AFR]

Unions threaten to disrupt construction of Badgerys Creek Airport 2017-09-04 [Fairfax Media ]

Boral offshoot threats against union workers ruled illegal 2017-09-04 [The Australian ]

'Morale at an all time low': Keolis Downer still underpaying Newcastle bus drivers 2017-09-01 [Newcastle Herald ]

TWU gives Aldi the Coles treatment on rates 2017-08-30 [Fully Loaded]

Aldi lawyers push to put speech gag on TWU 2017-08-30 [News.com.au]

Aldi challenges TWU free speech rights 2017-08-30 [AFR]

Aldi tries to gag truck drivers' union after claims of unsafe practices 2017-08-30 [The Guardian]

Self-regulation not working. Two crane accidents in one day 2017-08-30 [BWI Global Union]

ETU win! 17.5 percent pay rise for Star Group electricians 2017-08-30 [ETU NSW]

Unions forced to call off ban on training Ausgrid’s overseas replacement workers; call on owners to intervene 2017-08-30 [ETU NSW]

 VIDEO VIDEO: TWU safety protests outside Aldi 2017-08-30 [Channel 9]

Luna Park crane accident. CFMEU criticises SafeWork hands-off self-regulation attitude 2017-08-29 [Sydney Daily Telegraph ]

Ex-ACTU chiefs caught in Ausgrid offshore jobs dispute 2017-08-29 [Fairfax Media]

Ausgrid launches legal action to force workers to train overseas replacements 2017-08-29 [ETU NSW ]

Ausgrid launches legal action to force workers to train overseas replacements 2017-08-29 [USU]

Ausgrid in legal stoush over India jobs 2017-08-29 [SkyNews]

Not all sunshine at mills: ordered to remove asbestos 2017-08-28 [Northern Star]

Sunshine Sugar ordered to provide asbestos training for workers : remove asbestos products and contamimated soil 2017-08-28 [CFMEU]

Workers compensation changes in NSW spark fears people could lose everything 2017-08-27 [ABC]

Sunshine Sugar mill claims 'ridiculous': union 2017-08-25 [Northern Star]

Protest against trade deal that's bad for people and the planet — 28 August 2017-08-25 [NSW Teachers Federation]

Cleaning can be more dangerous than construction work 2017-08-25 [Fairfax Media]

TWU takes aim at Aldi with 500 Person protest 2017-08-24 [Owner/Driver]

Transport Workers Union members protest at Aldi Mount Druitt as number of driver deaths rise 2017-08-24 [St Mary's-Mt Druitt Star]

Contract mine worker engulfed by fire in workplace accident at Muswellbrook 2017-08-24 [ABC]

Electrical safety issues uncovered on Sydney Metro Northwest after vehicle hits live wiring, blacking out tunnel 2017-08-24 [ETU NSW ]

Union worried about worker safety after Sydney Metro asbestos find 2017-08-24 [Sydney Telegraph ]

Newcastle bus drivers underpaid after privatisation 2017-08-24 [Newcastle Herald]

Arms manufacturers allowed to bypass discrimination laws in NSW 2017-08-24 [Guardian Australia]

Thomas Foods Brings In More Visa Workers While Youth Unemployment Skyrockets 2017-08-23 [AMIEU Newcastle]

This month in labour history

10-09-1892 The first train of contractors brought in to scab during the Broken Hill miners' strike arrives and is met with hostility from local men and women. [more]

10-09-1917 Mass meetings of Sydney railway workers express outrage at the unions' capitulation to the government's terms, but nevertheless a return to work from the general strike begins. [more]