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WorkSafe drop Gungahlin Drive Extension bridge collapse prosecution 2017-10-20 [Fairfax Media]

APS job churn sees ACT with highest rates of non-permanent employees 2017-10-17 [Fairfax Media]

Canberra businesses welcome Federal Court decision to uphold penalty rates cut 2017-10-12 [Fairfax Media]

350 public service staff forced out of ACT government as NDIS adopted 2017-10-09 [Fairfax Media]

Unions ACT calls on Access Canberra to explain 'unusual increase' in inspections 2017-10-09 [Fairfax Media]

'WeakSafe': UnionsACT calls for overhaul of WorkSafe ACT 2017-10-04 [Fairfax Media]

Unions launch ‘WeakSafe’ campaign on Labour Day 2017-10-04 [Unions ACT]

Canberra kids party entertainer sacked because she opposes same-sex marriage hits back 2017-09-21 [Fairfax Media]

Dismissal of contractor for opposing same-sex marriage 'unlawful', experts say 2017-09-21 [AFR]

Same-sex marriage: Fair Work to investigate teen ‘let go’ over No vote 2017-09-20 [The Australian]

UnionsACT calls on ACT Govt to urgently implement inquiry recommendations on combustible aluminium cladding 2017-09-07 [Unions ACT]

Canberra childcare educators walk off the job tomorrow to protest appalling wages 2017-09-06 [RiotACT]

Canberra child care workers to protest low wages 2017-09-05 [Fairfax Media]

Director transferred assets to wife on the same day court ordered he pay $300,000 in unpaid wages to cleaners 2017-09-03 [Fairfax Media ]

UnionsACT partners with Slater & Gordon during same-sex marriage survey 2017-09-01 [Fairfax Media]

Ex-Canberra Liberal leader continues to defend himself against defamation claims by CFMEU ACT leader 2017-08-29 [Fairfax Media ]

Hospitality union saddened by closure of Woden Tradies Club but pleased by process of informing staff 2017-08-28 [United Voice]

UnionsACT welcomes audit of apprentice safety and supervision 2017-08-22 [Unions ACT]

Almost eight in ten young workers in Canberra have experienced wage theft, over half made to work illegal unpaid trial shift 2017-08-15 [UnionsACT]

Help fund creative Labour Day event 2017-08-08 [Unions ACT]

Canberra Airport security workers want pay parity with Sydney guards 2017-08-08 [Fairfax Media]

ACT Labor's controversial MoU with Unions ACT to be written into law 2017-08-01 [Fairfax Media]

Canberra Hospital demolition deserves a unified safety story 2017-07-24 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

700 school staff assaulted in one year. This is not okay 2017-07-21 [Fairfax Media ]

Unions ACT moves to bring Labor MLAs into line 2017-07-21 [Fairfax Media]

Canberra risks Grendell Tower style disaster CFMEU warns unless Gvt gets Taskforce right 2017-07-12 [CFMEU]

Territory government to review Canberra sex worker laws and OHS standards 2017-07-10 [Fairfax Media ]

CPSU advocates for secure jobs in ACT Govt 2017-07-10 [CPSU]

AWU demands meeting with Chief Minister over greyhound ban 2017-07-06 [2cc]

Canberra Liberals' probe 'union recruitment' in school 2017-07-05 [Fairfax Media]

Stop ANU's attacks on penalty rates 2017-06-26 [NTEU]

Australian National University staff launch union campaign on rosters 2017-06-26 [Fairfax Media]

CFMEU cash fr sick kids 2017-06-19 [CFMEU]

18 new seasonal firefighters being recruited for Canberra 2017-06-15 [Fairfax Media]

Canberrans asked to show appreciation for 1000s of office cleaners on International Cleaners Day 2017-06-15 [Unions ACT]

We Clean the Peoples' House - but with no pay ris for 5 years 2017-06-15 [United Voice ]

CFMEU raises light rail works safety concerns, uninducted workers sent home 2017-06-02 [Fairfax Media]

ACT Ambulance to trial electric stretchers in effort to reduce injuries 2017-05-25 [Fairfax Media]

Young workers exploited and bullied in Canberra, union survey finds 2017-05-19 [ABC]

Students United. Words of Justice 2017-04-20 [Unions ACT]

Claims subcontracted security guards 'underpaid' for ACT government events 2017-04-10 [Fairfax Media]

Another TURC star witness in legal trouble 2017-04-07 [Fairfax Media]

Unions ACT says government has given up on protecting exploited charity workers 2017-04-06 [Fairfax Media]

Happy Pay Rise for ACT public servants 2017-04-06 [CPSU]

CFMEU flies flag for sick kids 2017-04-04 [CFMEU]

New figures show ACT is least safe jurisdiction in which to work 2017-03-29 [CFMEU]

Building watchdog cut deal with blackmailer to testify against CFMEU, but case thrown out 2017-03-22 [Fairfax Media ]

CFMEU vindicated on safety concerns In Federal Court win against ABCC 2017-03-22 [CFMEU]

ACT charity fundraisers spearhead national class action against Appco 2017-03-13 [Fairfax Media]

New CPSU leader inspired by 'strong union women' 2017-03-12 [Fairfax Media ]

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