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Trade union repression continues in Algeria 2019-06-22 [IndustriALL]

Labor in Algeria’s Revolt 2019-05-12 [Jacobin]

Rank-and-file revolt gears up inside Algeria’s UGTA 2019-05-01 [MENA Solidarity Network]

IndustriALL condemns brutal arrest of Algerian union leader 2019-04-25 [IndustriALL]

The battle for Algeria's streets begins: Police attack protests as mass strikes sweep country 2019-04-11 [Mena Solidarity Network]

Workers in Algeria to stage further strikes 2019-04-02 [IndustriALL]

Party, top union join army in seeking Bouteflika exit 2019-03-28 [Reuters]

'Bye Bye Bouteflika' Protests Force Postponing of Elections 2019-03-25 [The Citizen]

Unions refuse formation of new government and insist on Bouteflika’s departure 2019-03-19 [The Monitor]

In Algeria, women say NO to a fifth term for President Bouteflika 2019-03-15 [PSI]

Time for real democracy in Algeria 2019-03-12 [IndustriALL]

What next in Algeria? 2019-03-11 [IUF]

Democracy Must Prevail 2019-03-08 [ITUC]

Union branches oppose Bouteflika’s re-election -statement 2019-03-07 [Reuters]

Branches of Algeria's largest labour union denounce Bouteflika in latest sign of dissent 2019-03-07 [Middle East Eye]

Independent unions challenge repression 2019-02-13 [IUF]

Trade unionists arrested at protest 2019-01-07 [IndustriALL]

Airplanes take off without maintenance 2018-11-15 [MEM]

IndustriALL files OECD complaint against General Electric 2018-10-30 [IndustriALL]

Algerian government escalates its war on independent unions 2018-06-25 [IUF]

Algeria: Threats soar against democratic unions after ILC 2018-06-20 [IndustriALL]

Global unions unite to support independent trade unions in Algeria 2018-06-07 [IndustriALL]

In Meeting with Algeria, EU Should Insist on Independent Trade Union Rights 2018-05-15 [ITUC]

No negotiations and no strike 2018-04-25 [The Monitor]

Global unions target Algerian government as ILO mission is cancelled 2018-04-19 [IndustriALL]

Trade union rights in Algeria: Sign the petition! 2018-04-18 [PSI]

Unions work towards increased gender equality 2018-03-08 [Education International]

Unions work towards increased gender equality 2018-03-06 [Education International]

International unions press Algerian government to respect trade union rights  ActNOW!  2018-02-06 [IUF]

Global Unions meet with Algerian Mission in Geneva to Protest Trade Union Oppression 2018-02-06 [PSI]

IndustriALL and global unions protest against trials of Algerian trade union leaders 2018-02-05 [IndustriALL]

ITUC and GUFs Protest against Trial of Independent Trade Unions 2018-02-05 [ITUC]

Flights grounded in Algeria due to unexpected aircrew strike 2018-01-25 [Reuters]

New government attack on independent energy union  ActNOW!  2018-01-29 [PSI]

Algeria: Global unions condemn detention of 1,000 protestors 2018-01-26 [IndustriALL]

New government attack on independent energy union  ActNOW!  2017-12-20 [PSI Global Union]

Independent energy union under fierce government attack in Algeria  ActNOW!  2017-12-21 [IUF Global Union]

Support Algerian union under government attack!  ActNOW!  2017-12-20 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Support the struggle for free independent democratic unions in Algeria  ActNOW!  2017-12-20 [LabourStart]

IndustriALL demands release of Algerian union leaders 2017-12-12 [IndustriALL]

Chinese firm facilitates Vietnamese workers in Algeria 2017-11-28 [Vietnamplus]

A question of dignity: a dark year for Algerian unions 2017-10-17 [IndustriALL]

Crisis in Algeria between PM and trade union 2017-08-28 [MEMO]

The horror of the slave market detention centres in Libya. Algerians tell 2017-08-22 [TRT World]

5,000 police used to stop energy workers’ march 2017-07-26 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Nasty anti-migrant campaign grows as Algeria gives legal status to black African workers 2017-07-06 [Quartz]

Legal status granted to African migrants amid worker shortages, racism 2017-07-04 [Euronews]

IUF, international support for independent unions in Algeria fighting for rights and challenging repression 2017-06-21 [IUF]

Why Austerity in Algeria Steers Clear of Cuts to Public Sector Compensation 2017-06-19 [WPR]

Algeria: Crackdown on free unions taken to the ILO 2017-06-15 [IndustriALL]

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