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More events - Canada

22-10-2017 Canada Hamilton: October Universal Pharmacare Canvass
23-10-2017 Canada North Battleford: CUPE SK Aboriginal Council Conference
23-10-2017 Canada Ottawa: Free Public Transit for Ottawa
23-10-2017 Canada Ottawa: Free Public Transit for Ottawa
24-10-2017 Canada Fredericton: Protest at the Legislature Stand up for injured workers’ rights!
24-10-2017 Canada Ottawa: National Security and Islamophobia in Canada
26-10-2017 Canada Ottawa: 2nd Solidarity Picket with College faculty!
26-10-2017 Canada Victoria: BC Fed Renewal Conference
27-10-2017 Canada Toronto: Life on the line: Women Strike at Eaton's 1984-85
31-10-2017 Canada St. Catharines: Unions and the Politics of Strategic Voting in Ontario
02-11-2017 Canada Ottawa: National Worker Co - op Conference
05-11-2017 Canada Halifax: NSFL Convention
05-11-2017 Canada Halifax: The 49th Convention of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour
15-11-2017 Canada Burnaby: HEU Young Workers Conference
23-11-2017 Canada Fredericton: NBFL Political Education Conference
24-11-2017 Canada Vancouver: CALM Vancouver Mini Conference Registration is open

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