Zim’s Tongaat Hullet workers deadlock over collective bargain

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Zim’s Tongaat Hullet workers deadlock over collective bargain 2017-05-22 [The Southern Times]

Chinese abusing workers: ZCTU 2017-05-08 [The Daily News]

ZCTU rejects Gvt plans for May Day 2017-04-14 [New Zimbabwean]

Workers getting raw deal from justice system and unions 2017-04-11 [thezimbabwean]

ZCTU Picks Judge to Draft Labour Bill 2017-04-08 [Zimbabwe Independent ]

600 Furniture Workers Reel From Non-Payment of Wages 2017-04-08 [Zimbabwe Independent]

Freda Rebecca, Workers in Wrangle 2017-04-06 [The Herald]

Judge Sues ZHRC Over Salary Arrears 2017-04-04 [Herald]

Minister lied about asbestos IndustriALL Global Union says 2017-04-03 [New Zimbabwe ]

Zimbabwe: Telecoms Workers Form New Union 2017-03-31 [Allafrica]

Job Carnage As Economy Sinks 2017-03-28 [Financial Gazette]

Some highlights from the Labour Zero Amendment Bill 2017-03-23 [chronicle]

Chinotimba fighting to retain control of workers union 2017-03-21 [bulawayo24]

State-Owned Enterprises Workers Sing the Blues 2017-03-17 [Financial Gazette]

ILO Sends Zimbabwe Back to the Drawing Board 2017-03-17 [Financial Gazette]

Cabinet okays civil servants cash bonuse 2017-03-15 [The Herald]

Govt Hits Back At Junior Doctors 2017-03-13 [The Herald]

Mine workers rap judicial management over salary arrears 2017-03-11 [Newsday]

Victory for govt workers 2017-03-07 [Newsday]

Government Workers to Go On Strike As Mugabe Resumes Work 2017-03-06 [New Zimbabwe]

Striking doctors and nurses have grudgingly called off their strike 2017-03-05 [The Standard]

Rural teachers to join strike 2017-03-05 [The Daily News]

Facing abuse by state media, civil servants to strike Monday for 2016 pay 2017-03-05 [The Daily News]

Civil Servants Reconsider Strike Bid 2017-03-03 [The Herald]

Stay away from civil servants bonus strike, Tajamuka told - See more at: http://bulawayo24.com/index-id-news-sc-local-byo-105550.html#sthash.mxHSdvIb.dpuf 2017-03-03 [Bulawayo 24]

Social movement solidarity with civil servants 2017-03-02 [ZimEye]

Union backs new focus on minority languages 2017-02-25 [Education International]

We'll Not Fail to Pay Salaries - Govt 2017-02-10 [The Herald]

Angry teachers give strike notice 2017-02-02 [Nehanda Radio]

Rural Teachers' Union Says to Go On Strike Over Unpaid Bonus 2017-02-01 [New Zimbabwe]

Steelworkers fight for justice 2017-01-31 [ZimEye]

Harare’s informal workers refuse to be scapegoated for recent typhoid outbreak 2017-01-31 [Equal Times]

AMWZ fight Vhumbachikwe workers’ dismissal after strike 2017-01-30 [24 News]

Go slows, strikes loom as Zim government, civil servants bonus talks hit brick wall 2017-01-27 [ZW News]

Civil servants fume over unpaid bonuses 2017-01-20 [newsdzezimbabwe]

Couret orders reinstatement of ZBC workers 2017-01-15 [New Zimbabwe]

Is child labour thriving on Zimbabwe farms? 2017-01-15 [Zimbabwe Daily]

Teachers stage go-slow 2017-01-13 [The Daily News]

Teachers to stage go slow over bonuses 2017-01-12 [24 Hours]

Vumbachikwe fires 51 striking employees 2017-01-12 [Newsday]

In Drought-Hit Zimbabwe, Women's 'Second Shift' Burden Grows 2017-01-09 [Reuters]

Gvt urges Council wages bill cut 2017-01-07 [New Zimbabwe ]

Lie detectors test to be used on diamond mine workers 2017-01-03 [Zimbabwe Daily]

More anti-government demos expected in 2017 2016-12-28 [The Daily News]

Zim meltdown: Xmas out of reach for many 2016-12-25 [New Zimbabwe]

Progressive Teachers Union petitions ILO over abuse and harassment 2016-12-19 [Financial Gazette]

City Bosses Under Fire Over Hefty Salaries 2016-12-19 [The Herald]

Bleak Christmas for Mugabe's civil servants 2016-12-15 [24 News]

Gold mine strike enters third week 2016-12-15 [Newsday]

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