Illegal Projections on Guggenheim Protest Labor Practices in UAE

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Study: Migrant workers exploited en route to Arab Gulf 2017-04-11 [AP]

UAE to further develop local legislative systems to secure workers' rights 2017-04-05 [zawya]

Temporary People 2017-03-26 [The Economist]

UAE champions rights of domestic workers 2017-03-20 [gulfnews]

Tristar supports safety campaigns in Dubai and Sohar 2017-03-17 [arabiansupplychain]

Unpaid workers urged to complain to UAE ministry before problems escalate 2017-03-13 [The National ]

Ministry of Labour workers jailed for taking bribes totalling more than Dh4m 2017-03-13 [The National]

Nepalis in Saudi Arabia being barred from returning home 2017-02-26 [The Himalayan Times]

India shuts down pension scheme for workers 2017-02-14 [Gulf News]

England Parliamentary Scrutiny For AEI - Birtley, Gateshead 2017-02-07 [GMB]

VIDEO: Meet the Migrant Workers Building Trump International Golf Club in Dubai 2017-01-06 [VICE]

India created 2,000 jobs, invested $450 mn in Qatar in 7 years 2016-10-13 [Zee News]

India imposes curbs on recruitment of female workers 2016-10-05 [Gulf News]

Indian Worker Hangs Himself On Qatar Flagship Project, Concerns Raised Over Stranded Migrants 2016-09-30 [Huffington Post]

Indian workers in Qatar ‘unpaid for months’ 2016-09-21 [The Hindu]

Dubai's ruler orders management shake-up after abscences 2016-08-31 [Fairfax media]

Labour mobility reforms create winners and losers 2016-08-24 [The National]

Indian workers in UAE get children's education support 2016-08-16 [Khaleej Times]

Airline pilots complain of dangerous fatigue in leaked documents 2016-07-30 [The Guardian]

Deceived migrant workers in UAE forced to work as slaves – report 2016-07-27 []

Stranded in UAE, duped Indian workers call for help 2016-07-26 [The Peninsula]

Gloss Comes Off Dubai as Oil Woes Spill Into Expat Promised Land 2016-07-26 [Bloomberg]

Indian Embassy to open workers resource centre in Sharjah 2016-07-25 [Gulf News]

Workers Illegally Detained In UAE 2016-07-23 [Business Standard]

Low-income UAE workers must be given free accommodation – ruling 2016-07-23 [Gulf Business]

Labour recruitment malpractices to be stamped out 2016-05-13 [Construction Week]

Indian worker dies at Qatar World Cup site; labour rights under scrutiny 2016-05-01 [Tribune India]

Artists in Guggenheim Show Urge Museum to Resume Talks on Migrant Rights in Abu Dhabi 2016-04-30 [Hyperallergic]

Illegal Projections on Guggenheim Protest Labor Practices in UAE 2016-04-29 [ Observer]

The Guggenheim Doesn’t Want Labor Activists Interfering With Its Luxurious Abu Dhabi Outpost 2016-04-26 [The Nation]

Emirates labor law meet finds foreign workers still troubled 2016-04-12 [Associated Press]

Emirates labor law meet finds foreign workers still troubled 2016-04-07 [AP]

Teacher Unions: Positive Force for Education Quality 2016-03-17 [Education International]

Women under the spotlight in the UAE 2016-03-08 [Khaleej Times]

Slaughter threat workers cleared in Dubai case 2016-02-27 [7 Days]

Law to protect migrant workers fails to cover domestics 2015-11-02 [The Independent]

A Move to Protect Migrant Workers 2015-11-02 [Human Rights Watch]

Flight attendants join fight against trade violations 2015-10-26 [The Hill]

Country imprisoning rape victims, many of them domestic workers, under extramarital sex laws 2015-10-26 [Guardian]

Iranian teachers released from UAE detention 2015-10-19 [Radio Zamaneh]

No Indonesian maids and drivers from 2017 in UAE 2015-09-23 [khaleejtimes.]

RI, UEA sign agreement against human trafficking 2015-09-14 [JP]

One of the terrible ten worst countries for workers’ rights 2015-06-24 [Stronger Unions]

How UAE employment law deals with strikes 2015-06-20 [Out-Law]

Hundreds of Dubai residents hand out water to workers who brave heat 2015-06-20 [The National]

Worker told new visa locks her in until it expires 2015-05-08 [The National]

Labour Law vague on probationary employee giving one-month resignation notice 2015-05-08 [The National]

May Day Protests Occupy and Shutdown the Guggenheim Museum 2015-05-02 [Observer]

New York Guggenheim Museum Effectively Shut Down By May Day Protesters In Support of UAE Workers' Rights 2015-05-02 [Gothamist]

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