IOCL workers 'stronger than ever' ahead of court date with Petrotrin

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Lifeguards protest working conditions 2017-03-29 [Newsday]

'JTUM on fresh claims Industrial Court is anti-employer: Workers’ rights enshrined in law' 2017-03-28 [Trinidad Guardian]

'Union seeks solution to Ste Madeleine dispute - Teachers protest at Garcia’s doorstep' 2017-03-28 [Trinidad Guardian]

' Early childhood teachers protest too for raises ' 2017-03-27 [Trinidad Express]

'Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) not buying Shamfa apology over TDC action' 2017-03-22 [Trinidad Guardian]

Minister, CWU meet today over TDC closure 2017-03-21 [The Guardian]

Govt deceived workers, unions’ 2017-03-20 [Daily Express]

Workers fear more job cuts 2017-03-20 [Guardian]

'Minister meets with Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) tomorrow' 2017-03-19 [Trinidad Guardian]

'Unions withdraw from tripartite body - In protest over TDC closure' 2017-03-15 [Trinidad Guardian]

'Union warns of industrial action to force Barbados government to negotiating table' 2017-03-14 [Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation]

OWTU eyes backpay fight 2017-03-11 [The Guardian]

CWU concerned about TDC dissolution 2017-03-11 [Newsday]

'Duke queries PM’s backpay claim' 2017-03-08 [Trinidad Guardian]

'Petrotrin, OWTU agree to talks' 2017-03-04 [Trinidad Newsday]

'OWTU and Petrotrin talks break down' 2017-03-02 [Trinidad Newsday]

OWTU/Petrotrin wage talks head to the Industrial Court 2017-03-02 [The Guardian]

'OWTU/Petrotrin wage talks head to the Industrial Court today' 2017-03-01 [Trinidad Guardian]

'Oilfields Workers Trade Union (OWTU) optimistic about Petrotrin negotiations' 2017-02-15 [Trinidad Guardian]

'CPO to meet soon on ADB salary demands' 2017-02-11 [Trinidad Guardian]

'No date yet for conciliatory talks at YARA... OWTU submits list of disputed items' 2017-02-11 [Trinidad Guardian]

BIGWU given all clear to represent RBC workers 2017-01-25 [Newsday]

OWTU protests over T&TEC plan to send home workers 2017-01-20 [The Daily Express]

IOCL workers 'stronger than ever' ahead of court date with Petrotrin 2017-01-20 [The Guardian]

'CWU protests for TSTT retirees’ $$' 2017-01-20 [Trinidad Newsday]

'TTEC workers protest looming lay-offs' 2017-01-20 [Trinidad Newsday]

Union advocates for law against sexual harassment 2017-01-20 [Loop]

'IOCL 90-day strike nears end - Workers fear victimisation' 2017-01-18 [Trinidad Guardian]

Workers fear victimisation as 90 day strike ends 2017-01-18 [The Guardian]

Oil workers union against privatising Petrotrin 2017-01-17 [The Gleaner]

Union, Angostura workers send warning: Balgobin must go over sex harassment 2017-01-15 [The Express]

'OWTU says no to retrenchment at Petrotrin' 2017-01-14 [Trinidad Newsday]

'Carib workers get 13% wage hik' 2017-01-14 [Trinidad Guardian]

Carib workers to get 13% wage hike 2017-01-14 [The Express]

'SWWTU protest for second day...Union wants Balgobin removed from Angostura' 2017-01-12 [Trinidad Guardian]

Trinidad oil workers’ union wins pay increase 2017-01-12 [IndustriALL]

IOCL strikers stand strong... We’re ready for Industrial Court! 2017-01-11 [The Guardian]

T&T Union accepts five per cent wage increase, oil workers strike averted 2017-01-11 [The Gleaner]

Not all workers pleased with agreement 2017-01-11 [The Guardian]

T&T oil workers strike averted 2017-01-11 [Stabroek News]

'OWTU takes 5' 2017-01-10 [Trinidad Newsday]

'Fitun: Victory for labour movement' 2017-01-10 [Trinidad Guardian]

'Prison, fire officers still waiting for wage settlement ... We’re being pushed to take action' 2017-01-10 [Trinidad Guardian]

'Fitun demands input from Finance Minister' 2017-01-09 [Trinidad Newsday]

'Strike Is On' 2017-01-09 [Trinidad Newsday]

Natuc backs OWTU strike action: ‘Workers not responsible’ 2017-01-09 [The Daily Express]

OWTU sets up 14 strike camps 2017-01-09 [NewsDay ]

'Roget: Backpay wouldn’t cost Government a cent' 2017-01-08 [Trinidad Guardian]

'No resolution after marathon talks' 2017-01-08 [Trinidad Guardian]

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