14 unions to defy ban on May 1 rallies

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14 unions to defy ban on May 1 rallies 2018-04-22 [The Times]

Unions go ahead with May 1 rallies, ignoring official May 7 change in date 2018-04-22 [The Times]

Unions go ahead with May 1 rallies, ignoring official May 7 change in date 2018-04-19 [The Times]

Cleaning Workers Strategize On Gender Equality 2018-04-16 [The Tribune]

Diamond jubilee commemoration of CBEU 2018-04-04 [UNI Global Union]

Colombo Port workers on strike 2018-03-05 [Times Online]

Hambantota port workers suspend strike following talks 2018-01-19 [Colombo Gazette]

Weedicide ban hits tea workers 2018-01-18 [UCA News]

Police rescue CEB chairman taken hostage by union, workers launch strike 2018-01-18 [The Colombo Page]

CEB workers to launch indefinite strike 2018-01-18 [Hiru]

ITUC Backs Sri Lankan Affiliate over Asbestos Dispute with Russia 2018-01-10 [ITUC]

Magampura workers issue ultimatum 2018-01-08 [Hiru]

CEB workers threaten countrywide strike 2017-12-18 [The Island]

Unions in Sri Lanka march for sustainable industrial policy 2017-12-15 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Unions call off rail strike after backlash 2017-12-13 [The Digital Journal]

Striking Railway workers asked to return to work before noon today 2017-12-11 [ColomboPage]

Railway strike continues for second day 2017-12-08 [The Times]

Tensions at Magampura Port: Union members prevented from entering premises 2017-12-01 [The Times]

Northern Province CTB bus drivers commence strike 2017-11-28 [News First]

IndustriALL Executive Committee takes strong stand against corporate greed and violence against women 2017-11-16 [IndustriALL]

When Sri Lanka re-writes its constitution trade union rights should be considered 2017-11-15 [The Daily Mirror]

IndustriALL affiliates protest against precarious work in Sri Lanka 2017-11-09 [IndustriALL]

Railway workers to stop work from tomorrow midnight 2017-11-07 [Hiru]

CEB strike continues, Ministry to recruit new staff 2017-09-20 [Hiru]

CEB strike continues as talks fail: Workers’ Union 2017-09-19 [The Daily Mirror]

CEB strike a failure, says Ministry; TU rejects claims 2017-09-16 [The Daily Mirror]

Report to work immediately: Ministry to CEB employees 2017-09-15 [The Daily Mirror]

Ministry says ready for discussions with striking CEB employees, orders the employees to report to work 2017-09-15 [The Colombo Page]

Strike at Jaffna Uni calling for action against Sinhalese admin officers who sexually harassed Tamil staff 2017-09-09 [The Guardian]

CEB Workers’ Union on indefinite strike from Sept.13 2017-09-08 [The Daily Mirror]

Petrol workers to strike 2017-08-19 [LankaWeb]

Lankan unions oppose USAID entry in labour reforms 2017-08-06 [The Sunday Times]

Energy security options being examined after oil strike: PM 2017-07-30 [The Island]

No strike-ban against doctors 2017-07-27 [Economy Next]

Port workers' union calls off planned strike 2017-07-27 [The Times]

Petroleum workers strike fizzles out as armed forces step in 2017-07-27 [News First]

Lanka deploys army to distribute fuel amid oil workers strike 2017-07-27 [Navhind Times]

Army takes over operations of petroleum refineries 2017-07-26 [The Daily Mirror]

Government deploys troops amid oil workers strike 2017-07-26 [Daily Mail]

CPC on strike against bid to sell assets to China, India 2017-07-25 [The Island]

Lankan port workers plan strike 2017-07-25 [The Times]

Petroleum workers to strike from midnight today, long lines at filling stations 2017-07-25 [The Colombo Page]

Protest against non-placement of principals 2017-07-09 [Unions Lanka]

All forces are rallied to defeat ECTA- Lal Kantha 2017-07-09 [Unions Lanka]

Tea workers plucked out of 150-year celebrations 2017-07-02 [The Sunday Times]

70th Anniversary remembering the first general strike 2017-06-24 [The Daily Mirror]

Postal workers likely to end strike today 2017-06-14 [News First]

Postal strike today and tomorrow 2017-06-13 [The Island]

Postal employees to launch 48- hour strike midnight today 2017-06-13 [The Colombo Page]

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