Amazon workers plan first ever strike

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 VIDEO  Ryanair makes pay offer as union deals prove elusive 2018-03-15 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Sowing the seeds of shepherding 2018-03-15 [Equal Times]

Amazon workers plan first ever strike 2018-03-14 [The Local]

Spain's Amazon workers call two-day strike over wages, rights 2018-03-14 [Reuter]

Amazon workers call two-day strike over wages, rights 2018-03-13 [Reuters]

2017 worst year on record for violence against women in Spain 2018-03-13 [thelocal]

'We need a feminist constitution' 2018-03-13 [opendemocracy]

Spain was the largest strike of feminists 2018-03-11 [micetimes]

 VIDEO  'Without women the world stops' 2018-03-09 [BBC]

5.3 mn women take part in Spain's first feminist strike 2018-03-08 [The Leader]

Las periodistas paramos! Spanish women journalists rally international support in #IWD strike 2018-03-08 [Common Space]

 VIDEO  International Women's Day: Spain's workers in 'feminist strike' 2018-03-08 [BBC]

Women across Spain prepare 24-hour strike at work and in the home 2018-03-05 [The Local]

Spanish women call strike to end macho culture 2018-03-02 [telegraph]

Women plan walkout to get men doing chores 2018-03-01 [The Times]

Basketball players’ association reaches agreement in bargaining dispute 2018-02-15 [UNI Global Union]

Basketball players in Spain unite behind their union in bargaining dispute 2018-02-13 [UNI Global Union]

SEPLA to take legal action against Ryanair over contracts 2018-02-07 [Reuters]

Basque labor union to protest death of Atunsa worker 2018-01-27 [Undercurrent News]

Ryanair pilots threaten to take legal action 2018-01-21 [RTÉ]

Barcelona Open courtside models reveal health issues, fines handed down for sexual discrimination 2018-01-13 [NZ City]

Fines for sexual discrimination proposed for major Spanish tennis tournament 2018-01-10 [Xinhua]

Minimum wage set to rise so long as current economic growth is sustained 2017-12-28 [The Olive Press]

Madrid to raise minimum wage to 736 euros a month 2017-12-28 [The Local ]

Spanish consular staff in Australia continue Christmas strike 2017-12-26 [Fairfax Media]

Gvt comes to agreement with trade unions: 4 per cent rise in minimum wage in 2018 2017-12-26 [Reuters]

Spain’s Workers’ Commissions joins the international campaign for Reza Shahabi’s freedom 2017-12-24 [IASWI]

Airport bars, cafes and restaurants strike for second day 2017-12-23 [Euro Weekly News]

Bankia to lay off 2,500 workers due to BMN integration -union 2017-12-19 [Reuters]

Pilot union tells Ryanair it may take action 2017-12-13 [RTE]

Madrid taxis are striking again over Uber and Cabify 2017-11-29 [The Local]

Madrid police suspends three officers over death threats to mayor and journalists in Whatsapp group 2017-11-24 [The Local]

General strike brings disruption to Catalonia 2017-11-09 [The Times]

Striking protesters disrupt roads, trains in Catalonia 2017-11-08 [The National Post]

Can immigrants and refugees stop the desertion of rural Spain? 2017-10-23 [equal times]

Time to grant Spanish journalists full authors’ rights protection, says IFJ/EFJ 2017-10-10 [EFJ]

Unions urge freedom of information amid allegations of manipulation 2017-10-10 [IFJ]

Unions urge freedom of information amid allegations of manipulation 2017-10-10 [IFJ]

'Mule women' in back-breaking trade from Spain enclave 2017-10-08 [The Local]

Two Catalonias collide 2017-10-06 [Equal Times]

IndustriALL and Inditex celebrate 10th anniversary of GFA 2017-10-04 [IndustriALL]

Rail, roads disrupted as workers protest against Spain's crackdown on Catalan independence 2017-10-04 [SBS]

Catalan sections of CCOO & UGT unions support general strike; national leaders do not 2017-10-04 [Guardian ]

General strike against state repression in Catalonia 2017-10-03 []

Catalonia set for general strike over independence poll violence 2017-10-03 [RTE]

Catalonia referendum: Firefighters attacked bySpanish police as they form human shield to protect voters 2017-10-03 [The Independent]

Response to police violence in Catalonia 2017-10-03 [PCS]

National Police unions to sue Catalan police over brawls between local and national cops during separatist vote 2017-10-02 [The Spain Report]

Everyone in Catalonia is going on strike after police violence at referendum 2017-10-02 [Metro]

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This month in labour history

3-03-1976 In Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spanish police killed 5 workers and injured another 100 during a general strike. [more]

8-03-1905 Dolores Prat Coll was born in Catalonia to a poor family. She became a prominent militant in the CNT and helped organize worker-controlled industry during the Spanish revolution. She remained active until her death in 2001. [more]

12-03-1951 300,000 workers stage general strike in Barcelona #Spain to protest grievances with the Franco dictatorship. Troops were deployed and thousands arrested but the strike encouraged workers struggles across the region. [more]

14-03-2017 Joaquina Dorado Pita, Spanish wood workers' union militant who participated in the colectivization of the industry in the revolution and member of the anti-Franco underground, died in Barcelona just short of her 100th birthday. [more]