Trade unions call for an end to intimidation and impunity

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Trade unions call for an end to intimidation and impunity  ActNOW!  2017-04-21 [Equal Times]

Trade unions call for an end to intimidation and impunity 2017-03-18 [Equal Times]

Somali trade unions call for an end to intimidation and impunity 2017-03-17 [equal times]

Army Servicemen Demonstrated in Mogadishu Due Luck of Salary 2017-03-15 [Dalsan Radio]

IFJ urges new government to protect journalists following savage attack 2017-03-15 [IFJ]

NUSOJ Condemns the Detention of Three Journalists in Kismayo 2016-11-14 [Dalsan Radio]

Somali union 'beyond thrilled' at ILO verdict on government violations 2016-11-11 [NUJ]

Somalia in focus on the World Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists 2016-11-02 [Equal Times]

“With Dadaab closing, we have no option but to return to Somalia” 2016-10-11 [Equal Times]

IFJ reacts to savage assassination of leading Somali journalist 2016-09-28 [NUJ]

NUSOJ delegates thank IFJ sister unions, ITUC-Africa for their solidarity 2016-07-13 [Somali Current]

Journalists arrested, radio station closed in crackdown on media freedom 2016-07-12 [IFJ]

Festu says 'SAD-Businesses in Somalia willfully evade tax with overt and covert support from public officials and offices' 2016-06-25 [The Suna Times]


Somali woman journalist shot dead in Mongadishu 2016-06-09 [IFJ]

Domestic workers from Somalia to be sent to Saudi Arabia 2016-05-11 [Horseed Media]

ITUC Calls for Government Interference in Unions to End 2016-04-16 [ITUC]

Mogadishu airport female employee injured by pistol-wielding assailants 2016-01-07 [Shabelle Media Network]

Intelligence Agency Detains Journalist for Weeks 2016-01-07 [CPJ]

Concern Raised Over Detained Somali Journalists 2016-01-07 [CAJnews]

IndustriALL solidarity for Somali union leader after assassination attempt 2016-01-07 [IndustriALL]

ITUC Condemns the Assassination Attempt on FESTU General Secretary’s Life 2016-01-06 [ITUC]

Colorado Somali workers fired at Cargil packing plant in prayer dispute 2016-01-01 [Reuters]

Leader of Somali union movement subject of assassination attempt (thankfully unsuccessful.) 2015-12-31 [TUC]

IFJ shocked by the attempted murder of the secretary general of its union in Somalia 2015-12-31 [IFJ]

Journalists' Union Applauds the Passage of Country's Press Law 2015-12-29 [Dalsan Radio]

IFJ condemns murder of female journalist in a car bombing in Somalia 2015-12-05 [IFJ]

ILO condemns trade union rights violations 2015-11-18 [NUJ]

IFJ welcomes ILO’s report condemning trade union rights violations in Somalia 2015-11-18 [IFJ]

Union to sue Berbera Mayor over dismissals 2015-08-16 [The Press]

Six media workers detained in central somalia 2015-08-03 [Mareeg]

IFJ mourns killing of two journalists in a terrorist attack in Mogadishu 2015-07-28 [IFJ]

Labour Movement Participates in 104th Session of International Labour Conference 2015-06-07 [Current]

Brit TUC condemns constant interferences in the affairs of the Federation of Somali Trade Unions by the Minister of Labour in Somalia. 2015-04-25 [TUC]

IFJ condemns a terror attack against a Somali union leader 2015-04-10 [IFJ]

Journalist Union Alarm After Somali Media Network Raided After Broadcasting Al-Shabaab Spokesperson's Voice On Radio 2015-04-10 [ International Freedom of Expression Exchange Clearing House ]

Outrage at vicious attack by Al Shabaab terrorists 2015-04-10 [ITUC]

Union leader escapes Somali Islamic terrorist rampage 2015-03-31 [ITUC]

Trade unionists develop work plan to improve pay and working conditions in the informal sector 2015-03-27 [TUC]

Solidarity with hotel workers killed in Mogadishu terror attack 2015-02-27 [IUF]

mproving pay and working conditions of informal sector workers in Somalia 2015-01-24 [TUC]

Information Minister condemns brutal killing of freelance journalist in Galkacyo 2014-11-20 [RBC]

Trade union Complains About Federal Government Minister 2014-10-20 [Mareeg]

TV journalist wounded in Mogadishu Gun Attack 2014-10-13 [Garowe]

ILO and Festu Hold Seminar On Role of Trade Unions in National Development 2014-10-13 [allAfrica]

Temporary Settlement To Largest Labour Dispute In Over Two Decades 2014-10-09 [RBC]

Workers Oppose ILO’s Engagements in the Implementation of Somalia’s Decent Work Program 2014-09-20 [RBC]

ITUC backs IFJ protests over detention of 19 journalists 2014-08-27 [ITUC]

IFJ Demands Justice for Journalist Murdered in Somalia 2014-06-25 [IFJ]

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