May Day: Unions are helping retrenched workers switch sectors, union leaders tell PM

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May Day: Unions are helping retrenched workers switch sectors, union leaders tell PM [The Straits Times] 2017-04-30

Former leftist trade unionist and political detainee Fong Swee Suan dies [Straits Times] 2017-02-07

Labour unity in disruptive times [The Straits Times] 2017-01-03

3 bus captains assaulted while on duty: Union [Channel News Asia] 2017-01-01

The new Pioneer Generation: Freelancers [The Straits Times] 2016-04-10

Domestic worker starved [Human Rights Watch] 2015-12-16

Shoppers cheer as supermarket strike ends [The Straits Times] 2015-12-13

Mary Liew ITF stalwart voted union congress president [ITF Global Union] 2015-11-05

NTUC labouring to get millionth member [The Straits Times] 2015-08-22

Stroke can't stop work of 66-year-old migrant worker advocate Bridget Tan [Straits Times] 2015-07-13

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Tharman receives NTUC's highest May Day honour 2017-05-13 [The Straits Times]

Better insurance coverage for foreign domestic workers from October 2017-05-07 [Channel News Asia]

May Day Rally: Singapore has to work hard to tackle rising unemployment, says PM Lee 2017-05-02 [CNA]

Workers need to know where jobs are: Union leaders 2017-05-02 [Today]

May Day: Unions are helping retrenched workers switch sectors, union leaders tell PM 2017-04-30 [The Straits Times]

Create 8,000 'good jobs' for aviation workers 2017-04-21 [ST]

Skills map for energy and chemicals workers 2017-04-20 [ST]

Remembering Othman Wok: Unionist who fought - and won - better pay for workers 2017-04-20 [ST]

S’pore labour group’s new initiative to benefit SME employees 2017-04-18 [enterpriseinnovation]

Low pay in social services is core issue 2017-04-18 [Today]

Maritime training cadets going all out to make waves 2017-04-11 [ST]

New NTUC scheme helps expand welfare benefits for SME employees 2017-04-11 [CNA]

Five employers face charges for failing to pay workers 2017-04-06 [CNA]

Five employers charged for not paying salaries 2017-04-05 [ST]

Two new offices to help workers resolve disputes 2017-04-03 [straitstimes]

Faster resolution of salary-related claims with new State Courts tribunal 2017-03-31 [CNA]

New NTUC initiative to help start-ups find business network 2017-03-31 [ST]

Company fined $17,500 for failing to pay 5 workers' salaries: Manpower Ministry 2017-03-25 [ST]

Worker dies in Changi, stop-work order issued 2017-03-25 [ST]

Migrant workers get free upgraded phones 2017-03-25 [ST]

Singapore re-employment age will be raised from 65 to 67 in four months 2017-03-25 [ST]

Trade associations, chambers crucial to helping businesses: Chan Chun Sing 2017-03-17 [CNA]

More help, peer support for workers in transition via new NTUC programme 2017-03-15 [CNA]

For female migrant workers, problems can begin at home 2017-03-15 [Nikkei]

Construction company charged over unhygienic housing for foreign workers 2017-03-15 [CNA]

Singapore's 2016 average resident unemployment rate highest since 2010 2017-03-15 [CNA]

Budget 2017: Workers to get more help with skills via e-learning, structured training 2017-02-21 [CNA]

Singapore Budget 2017 aims for innovative economy, quality environment and inclusive society 2017-02-21 [CNA]

More non-fatal injuries at workplaces in 2016: Workplace Safety and Health Institute 2017-02-14 [Strait Times]

Former leftist trade unionist and political detainee Fong Swee Suan dies 2017-02-07 [Straits Times]

Assistance, justice asked for victims of Cavite EPZA factory fire For more info 2017-02-02 [PM]

Labour union says Surbana Jurong layoffs are 'heartless to the extreme' 2017-01-23 [HRM Asia]

NTUC urges Singapore to support ‘returnship programme' for women workers 2017-01-20 [SBR]

NTUC lays out roadmap to get women, seniors back to work 2017-01-18 [Today]

Labour unity in disruptive times 2017-01-03 [The Straits Times]

3 bus captains assaulted while on duty: Union 2017-01-01 [Channel News Asia]

What Singapore needs to face challenges in 2017: NTUC asst secretary-general 2016-12-28 [Today]

Fostering less acrimonious, constructive ties with unions 2016-12-11 [The Straits Times]

Union SOS Provides $3 Million 2016-12-03 [Port Tech]

'Transport workers critical as first responders in crises' 2016-12-03 [The Straits Times]

Transport workers receive first aid training as part of SGSecure 2016-12-02 [Channels]

Union gives $3m to help cut shipping firms’ costs 2016-12-02 [The Shipping News]

NTUC moves to match workers with skills to jobs 2016-11-02 [Today]

Singapore workers will get help to take on new jobs: PM Lee Hsien Loong 2016-11-02 [The Straits Times]

Programmes available to help firms employ mature workers 2016-10-29 [The Straits Times]

Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia: a triangle of growth or a triangle of inequality? 2016-10-04 [Equal Times]

National Transport Workers' Union submits appeal against dismissal of two SMRT staff 2016-09-20 [The Straits Times]

Two SMRT workers to appeal against firing 2016-09-19 [HRM]

Nine in 10 construction deaths due to workers overlooking safety: Manpower Minister 2016-08-24 [Straits Times]

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