When She Spoke to “Ma’am” About Sexual Abuse By “Sir” She Was Deported

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Efforts to retrain workers have made a difference, helped to keep retrenchment rate low: PM Lee 2019-05-01 [The Straits Times]

In rich Singapore, why must migrant workers go hungry? 2019-04-08 [SCMP]

Foreign Domestic Labor Rights: Policy Experts Speak at Yale-NUS 2019-04-07 [The Octant]

NTUC to groom more women leaders 2019-03-13 [The Straits Times]

NTUC calls for higher wage supplements for younger low-wage workers 2019-02-13 [ST]

Singapore Urged to Fix Rules on Hiring Domestic Workers to Stop Forced Labor 2019-01-22 [jakartaglobe]

Ageing Singapore: Country helps firms retain workers past retirement age 2019-01-21 [todayonline]

Retirement age and flexible work arrangements discussed at forum on older workers 2019-01-10 [The Straits Times]

Panellists discuss ways to help older workers 2019-01-10 [The Straits Times]

Breaking Singapore’s workaholic culture 2018-12-22 [Today]

Helping to prepare transport workers for disruption 2018-10-15 [The Straits Times]

Historic 44th ITF Congress, the first in Southeast Asia, opens in Singapore 2018-10-15 [ITF]

NTUC to support reskilling of transport workers worldwide with research and training 2018-10-15 [Channel News Asia]

When She Spoke to “Ma’am” About Sexual Abuse By “Sir” She Was Deported 2018-10-11 [The Citizen]

ITF congress set to open in Singapore this weekend 2018-10-11 [ITF]

Labour chief Ng Chee Meng: Blue vs white-collar labels make no sense as technology disrupts workplace 2018-09-05 [The Straits Times]

New Healthcare Academy to train hospital workers at risk of losing jobs to technology 2018-08-27 [The Straits Times]

Prepare workers for new roles before retrenching: Josephine Teo 2018-07-30 [The New Paper]

Veteran union leader Arasu Duraisamy put forward as NMP candidate 2018-06-30 [Today]

NTUC nominates Singapore Port Workers’ Union general secretary as next NMP 2018-06-29 [Channel News Asia]

Labour movement seeks opinions on parliamentary debate in yet another internal survey leaked by whistleblower 2018-05-27 [The Independent]

NTUCs New labour chief pledges to build on strong foundation 2018-05-23 [ST]

Help older workers lead more meaningful and productive lives 2018-05-20 [Today]

New union formed for supply chain employees; ST Logistics is first firm onboard 2018-04-30 [The Business Times]

Director in Singapore jailed for illegal labour importation 2018-03-24 [humanresourcesonline]

Singapore inks new TPP trade pact with 10 other countries: 5 things to know about the CPTPP 2018-03-15 [CNA]

Labour movement confirms it conducted poll last year to gather feedback on Budget issues, including taxes 2018-03-15 [ST]

Wage ladder brings good progress for low-wage workers 2018-03-12 [ST]

Parliament: Tighter rules to support Singaporeans and raise quality of foreign workforce 2018-03-12 [ST]

Did NTUC float “test balloons” on GST hike with survey in Nov 2017 2018-03-12 [theonlinecitizen]

MOM tightens Jobs Bank advertising requirements while companies flout rules 2018-03-08 [theonlinecitizen.com]

Progressive wage models can be extended to more sectors, says Sam Tan 2018-03-05 [The Straits Times]

Parliament: Employment Act will be widened to cover workers earning more than $4,500 2018-03-05 [The Straits Times]

Are employers neglecting vulnerable workers? 2018-03-02 [hrdmag]

Parliament: Systems in place to allow public servants to speak up, ministers say 2018-03-01 [ST]

Workplace automation in Singapore expected to double in next 3 years: Poll 2018-03-01 [ST]

Healthcare ITM: What the Union is Doing 2018-02-26 [NTUC]

NTUC appoints Desmond Choo, Melvin Yong as assistant secretaries-general 2018-02-23 [businesstimes]

The economy as a means to an end, not an end in itself 2018-02-23 [ST]

Recalling Singapore’s forgotten unions 2018-02-13 [peoplesworld]

Singapore needs ‘ageless workplaces’ to beat demographic woes 2018-02-13 [cipd]

Beware non-Singaporean bosses who flee without paying foreign workers' salaries 2018-02-11 [The Straits Times]

Cleaning companies allowed to hire foreign part-time cleaners in pilot scheme 2018-01-31 [CNA]

Buses with protective screens on trial for 6 months 2018-01-14 [The Straits Times]

MPA Singapore signs multiple MOUs to drive innovation, digitalisation, automation and human capital development 2018-01-14 [OpenGov]

Recalling Singapore’s forgotten unions 2017-12-26 [Asia Times]

Centre for Domestic Employees opens new offices to make help more accessible for maids 2017-12-17 [Channel News Asia]

‘Recalcitrant’ Activist Charged by Singapore Police for Organizing ‘Illegal Assemblies’ 2017-12-13 [GlobalVoices]

Volunteers with Migrant Workers' Centre help peers address problems they face 2017-12-04 [The Straits Times]

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