Solidarity following Sierra Leone mudslide

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Solidarity following Sierra Leone mudslide 2017-08-24 [PSI]

Salpost workers strike 2017-05-19 [Awoko]

Sierra Leone’s farmers continue to fight multinational land grabs 2016-09-28 [Equal Times]

Workers strike at Shandong’s iron ore mine 2015-09-23 [The Nation]

Workers strike at Shandong's iron ore mine 2015-09-20 [Reuters]

Maternal deaths to rise sharply as number of health workers who lost their lives in Ebola outbreak reaches 12% 2015-07-21 [Concord Times]

Women from Sierra Leone 'sold like slaves' into domestic work in Kuwait 2015-04-05 [Guardian]

Trades Union may strike in protest at president Koroma’s bad behaviour 2015-03-22 [The Telegraph]

Sierra Leone: miners brace for “catastrophe” 2015-01-29 [Equal Times]

Ebola support staff and members of burial team stage strike 2015-01-26 [Concord Times]

Nurse who contracted Ebola released from hospital 2015-01-26 [The Observer]

NUM strike upholds rights at Northam Platinum 2015-01-22 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Red Cross nurse dies from Ebola in Sierra Leone 2015-01-16 [AFP]

Nurse from Australia treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone airlifted to UK 2015-01-16 [ABC]

Scotland Healthcare worker diagnosed with Ebola after returning to Scotland from Africa 2014-12-29 [BBC]

Scotland Scottish nurse being treated for Ebola virus after arriving home from west Africa 2014-12-29 [Guardian]

Nurses strike over Ebola hazard pay amid lockdown 2014-12-26 [BDLive]

Doctors strike again over Ebola care 2014-12-10 [Associated Press]

Ebola crisis: doctors go on strike over inadequate equipment 2014-12-09 [The Guardian]

Doctors strike at main hospital in Ebola 2014-12-09 [The Mail]

Ebola victims’ bodies left in hospital doorway by protesting burial teams 2014-11-26 [The Guardian]

Strike Threatens to Close Ebola Clinic in Sierra Leone at the Worst Possible Time 2014-11-14 [VICE News]

Strike complicates Sierra Leone Ebola battle 2014-11-14 [Al Jazeera America]

Ebola crisis: Sierra Leone health workers strike 2014-11-14 [BBC]

Health workers strike at country's only Ebola clinic 2014-11-13 [Reuters]

Ebola crisis: Health workers strike 2014-11-13 [BBC]

Aggrieved dock workers display division 2014-11-10 [The Express]

Ebola crisis: Mr. Abbott, we can do more says Aust's biggest health union 2014-11-06 [ANMF]

Ebola contractor says only 10% of Sierra Leone staff will be Australians 2014-11-06 [Guardian]

Ebola crisis: Health workers demand clarity over number of Australian volunteers at Sierra Leone treatment centre 2014-11-06 [ABC]

UN worker dies from Ebola 2014-10-21 [Associated Press]

Teachers learning to cope with Ebola 2014-10-18 [Education International]

Bodies Of Ebola Victims Being Left In Streets As Burial Workers Strike 2014-10-10 [Inquisitr]

Ebola health workers in Sierra Leone go on strike - over pay and conditions 2014-08-31 [Daily Mirror]

Health workers strike at Sierra Leone Ebola hospital 2014-08-31 [Reuters]

Health workers have gone on strike at a major state-run Ebola treatment centre over pay and poor working conditions 2014-08-31 [ABC]

Ebola Claims Another Sierra Leone Doctor 2014-08-14 [NY Times]

Health Service Workers Union talks of death of frontline hospital workers like cleaners, dispensers and nurses dying from Ebola 2014-08-12 [Awareness Times]

West African health workers demand protection from deadly Ebola virus 2014-08-04 [Equal Times]

Dock Workers Aggrieved … Mass Resignation Looms 2014-07-05 [Express Media]

Dock Workers Union gets New President 2014-06-28 [Awoko]

Dock Workers Union say no election 2014-06-19 [Express Media]

The Courage to Speak 2014-03-15 [Think Africa]

Mining Boom Brings Rights Abuses 2014-02-19 [Human Rights Watch]

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