Labour union demands better safety for miners

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Labour union demands better safety for miners 2018-06-10 [The New Times]

Illegally dismissed SYPELGAZ trade union members to return to court on June 4 2018-05-28 [PSI]

Labour Day to Be Marked in Rubavu District 2018-05-01 [The New Times]

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Spotlight Shone on Managers Over Breach of Labour Laws 2017-01-24 [New Times ]

There’s still some way to go before Kigali’s street vendors secure decent work 2016-11-02 [Equal Times]

Workers Union Call for Minimum Wage 2016-08-19 [Focus]

Occupational risks: Drawing attention to the plight of casual labourers 2016-05-05 [The New Times]

6.5 Percent of Domestic Workers Under 16 - Study 2015-12-24 [New Times]

Gender equality is now better in Rwanda than in the US 2015-11-24 [Quartz]

Union in Rwanda takes lead on East African northern corridor labour issues 2015-09-27 [ITF Global Union]

Parliament set to extend 100% maternity leave 2015-08-27 [Equal Times]

Parliament set to extend 100% maternity leave 2015-08-25 [Equal Times]

Rwanda’s parliament set to extend 100% maternity leave 2015-08-25 [Equal Times]

Journalists union members, civil society activists seek refuge in Rwanda 2015-06-28 [AFP]

Full Pay for Maternity Leave Resumes in July 2015-03-27 [The New Times]

How Employees, Employers Will Contribute to the Maternity Fund 2015-03-25 [The New Times]

Expedite Approval of New Minimum Wage Law - National Labour Council Says 2015-01-27 [allAfrica]

Struggle for Power Threatens to Tear Apart Workers Union 2015-01-16 [allAfrica]

Over 700 Gatsibo Road Workers Demand Payment 2015-01-01 [The New Times]

ILO Urges Africa Governments On Labour Laws 2014-11-20 [allAfrica]

Trade Unions, Employers Urged to Engage in Wage Talks 2014-07-14 [allAfrica]

How Rwandan Women are Building their Lives and the Fashion Industry 2014-06-25 [Inter-Press Service]

When Illegal Dismissal of Teachers Targets Trade Unions 2014-06-03 [allAfrica]

Journalists Train in Labour Rights 2014-03-31 [New Times]

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