Teachers Hold 1-Day Strike to Oppose Education Cuts

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Labor unions file pension lawsuit against Puerto Rico 2018-11-16 [WSAU]

Unions file lawsuit against Puerto Rico over worker pensions 2018-11-16 [News 1130]

Puerto Ricans want a clean and just energy future 2018-10-05 [Equal Times]

Teachers Hold 1-Day Strike to Oppose Education Cuts 2018-08-17 [Democracy Now]

Labor union urges Puerto Rico govt to stand firm against layoffs, salary cuts 2018-08-09 [Caribbean Biz]

Judge declines to issue injunction in flap over union fees 2018-07-28 [Caribbean Business]

Labor leaders mulling legal options after order stops union-due collections 2018-07-13 [Caribbean Business]

Puerto Rico: The Teacher Uprising the Media Is Ignoring 2018-05-25 [Labor Notes]

The Teacher Uprising the Media Is Ignoring 2018-05-15 [Labour Notes]

May Day Turns Violent In Puerto Rico with Tear Gas and Stampedes 2018-05-03 [Paper]

AFT: Basta! Enough with the School Closures. Stand With Puerto Rico Teachers And Parents 2018-04-23 [AFT]

President of the Puerto Rico Teachers Association Denounces Privatization of Public Schools 2018-04-16 [Diane Ravitch]

Teachers Demand an End to School Closures and Privatization 2018-04-12 [Truth Out]

Teachers Denounce Closing of 283 Public Schools 2018-04-09 [TeleSUR]

Building Bridges: Oscar López Rivera on U.S. Colonialism After Hurricane Maria For more info 2018-03-21 [WBAI Radio]

Building Bridges: Puerto Rico Unions Fight Privatization of Schools and Public Power Company For more info 2018-02-21 [WBAI Radio]

Electricity Union Workers Accuse Federal Government Of Hoarding Needed Reconstruction Materials 2018-01-17 [Blavity]

Building Bridges: PR Crisis, Luis Rosa Perez, former political prisoner & Prof. Rafael Bernabe For more info 2017-11-22 [WBAI Radio]

Puerto Rico Loses Most Workers in 21 Years After Hurricane 2017-11-18 [Bloomberg]

Unions Continue Aid Efforts In Puerto Rico 2017-11-06 [Workers Independent News]

Amid water crisis, unions step in where Trump is failing 2017-10-26 [Huff Po]

Partnership Brings Relief to Puerto Rico 2017-10-18 [AFL-CIO]

U.S. mail carriers emerge as heroes in Puerto Rico recovery 2017-10-17 [Reuters]

Hundreds Of Union Volunteers Working Daily To Help Puerto Rico In Still Desperate Conditions 2017-10-17 [Workers Independent News]

Nurses Demand Congress Act to Avert Further Public Health Calamity in Puerto Rico 2017-10-12 [Common Dreams]

Puerto Rican Teamsters Strike Stories are Bogus 2017-10-11 [Fact Check]

Filling Gap Left By Trump, Nurses and Labor Unions Join Puerto Rico Relief Efforts 2017-10-08 [Common Dreams]

Teamsters Hit the Ground Running to Assist With Disaster Relief in Puerto Rico 2017-10-08 [Teamsters]

Building Bridges: Puerto Rico: Trapped Amidst the Perilous Winds of Colonialism and Hurricanes For more info 2017-10-04 [WBAI Radio]

 VIDEO  330 workers show up to restart Puerto Rico clothing factory 2017-10-04 [CNN]

Fake news posts blame Puerto Rico's truck drivers for refusing to ship relief supplies 2017-10-04 [PolitFact]

Reports that truck drivers are on strike in Puerto Rico are false -- Teamsters have asked mainland truckers to distribute supplies in the U.S. territory 2017-10-03 [Snopes]

Teamsters Denounce Fake News Reports by Right-Wing Media of Strike by Union Truck Drivers in Puerto Rico For more info 2017-10-03 [Teamsters]

Teamsters Sending Truckers To Puerto Rico To Help Distribute Humanitarian Aid 2017-10-01 [Workers Independent News]

 VIDEO  Teamsters organize truckers to move supplies in Puerto Rico 2017-09-30 [CNN]

AFSCME to Trump, Congress: Provide Hurricane Relief to Puerto Rico Now 2017-09-30 [AFSCME]

Fact-Checking Inaccurate News About the Jones Act 2017-09-30 [AFL-CIO]

Teamsters Recruiting Volunteer Members To Assist Puerto Rico With Transporting Vital Supplies From Port, Sanitation And Other Areas 2017-09-30 [Teamsters]

Underwater in Puerto Rico: Islanders Struggle With Debt While Desperate for Hurricane Relief 2017-09-29 [Truth Out]

Please Help Puerto Rican Teachers and Their Communities Survive Hurricane Devastation 2017-09-28 [Gadflyonthewallblog]

Hundreds of Puerto Ricans protest, decry austerity measures 2017-08-31 [The National Post]

Protesting Cuts, Puerto Ricans Launch ‘Day Against the Bank’ 2017-06-03 [teleSUR]

Building Bridges: Fighting the Debt Crisis in Puerto Rico For more info 2017-05-17 [WBAI Radio]

Workers in Puerto Rico Shut Down Biggest Walmart 2016-09-09 [TeleSUR]

New York Building Bridges: US Imposing Junta to Rule Puerto Rico For more info 2016-07-13 [WBAI Radio]

Protect Puerto Rico's Retirees! 2016-05-10 [PSI]

Building Bridges: : Puerto Rico Drowning in Debt with University of Puerto Rico Prof. Rafael Bernabe Riefkohl, Working People's Party spokesperson For more info 2016-05-03 [WBAI Radio]

Baseball Worried about Zika, MLB players question Puerto Rico games 2016-04-22 [Yahoo Sports]

Buildng Bridges: Puerto Rican Teachers Union Fights Austerity For more info 2015-12-31 [WBAI Radio]

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