Media named in alleged plot to ‘overthrow’ Duterte administration

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Is Duterte Drumming Up a Red Scare in the Philippines? 2019-05-16 [The Diplomat]

Media named in alleged plot to ‘overthrow’ Duterte administration 2019-05-16 [IFJ]

Meet the women succeeding in the fishing industry 2019-05-14 [Equal Times]

Fast guide: Pro-worker senatorial bets 2019-05-11 [Bulatlat]

Filipino Labor union leader seeks U.S. support 2019-05-06 [Star Advertiser]

Feminist groups call for a women’s strike 2019-05-06 [Bulatlat]

TUCP slams wage hike rejection 2019-05-05 [The Standard]

Prostrate workers and the vanishing trade unions 2019-05-04 [The Times]

Labor Day rallies to demand pay hike, end to contractualization 2019-05-01 [Inquirer]

Workers, protesters demand Canadian PM to resolve garbage issue 2019-05-01 [The Bulletin]

BIR employees form first labor union after more than 115 years 2019-04-30 [The Bulletin]

What Happens When Call Center Jobs Are Shipped Abroad and Workers Try to Organize? 2019-04-30 [UNI Global Union]

France Castro of the Philippines set to receive Arthur Svensson Prize 2019 2019-04-30 [ITUC]

TUCP seeks P710/day across-the-board wage hike 2019-04-29 [The Inquirer]

Cebu Pacific cabin crew establish new union 2019-04-22 [Business World]

ACT Party-list's Castro wins international award for work on trade union rights 2019-04-16 [ABS-CBN]

Top human rights award goes to education leader 2019-04-16 [Education International]

France Castro is awarded the Arthur Svensson Prize 2019-04-15 [Svensson foundation]

No signs of softening as Sumifru workers vow to carry on the fight for rights 2019-04-14 [Today]

Labor groups seek protection of female OFWs 2019-04-14 [The Nation]

Stop governmental harassment of education trade unionists 2019-04-10 [EI]

Young workers at risk of injuries and deaths, says ILO study 2019-03-31 [The Mirror]

Maria Ressa arrested again on arrival in the Philippines 2019-03-29 [IFJ]

Laid-off cement workers take action in Davao 2019-03-28 [BWI]

Time to shine a bright light on and act in the Philippines 2019-03-27 [BWI]

Center for Trade Union and Human Rights: Free Eugene Garcia 2019-03-24 [Sun Star]

Young workers in the Philippines building power in four steps 2019-03-21 [ITF]

Philippines’ radio station harassed by local officials 2019-03-20 [IFJ]

Nurses Association supports UST union 2019-03-19 [The Bulletin]

Labor groups: TV sketches about 'paid' striking workers not funny 2019-03-18 [The Star]

Local fishermen: caught between the pros and cons of traceability 2019-03-15 [Equal Times]

Women decry weak implementation of laws 2019-03-11 [The Inquirer]

Duterte’s misogyny and its effect on women slammed 2019-03-10 [Today]

Labor in the age of Duterte: The Pacific Plaza strike 2019-03-06 [Rappler]

From exploited to empowered – my journey as a domestic worker 2019-03-05 [ILO]

Expanded maternity leave becomes law in the Philippines 2019-02-26 [IndustriALL]

Journalist and family named on hit list 2019-02-26 [IFJ]

Unions help win extended maternity leave 2019-02-26 [IUF]

The Philippines Enacts UHC and EML law 2019-02-22 [PSI]

IFJ affiliates condemn Maria Ressa arrest 2019-02-18 [IFJ]

Anonymous lists put journalists’ lives in danger 2019-02-18 [IFJ]

Phillipine journalist and Time Person of the Year arrested on libel charge 2019-02-13 [Fairfax Media]

Alliance of Concerned Teachers asks for substantial pay hike 2019-02-11 [Manilla Bulletin]

Urgent Action Appeal : Philippine’s teacher union under threat  ActNOW!  2019-02-11 [AEU]

The 105-day maternity leave ‘law’ 2019-02-09 [The Standard]

Labor to campaign vs anti-worker candidates 2019-02-08 [The Sun-Star]

20M workers at risk as security of tenure bill nears own 'endo' 2019-02-08 [The Star]

Timberland workers in the Philippines strike over union busting 2019-02-06 [IndustriALL]

TUCP welcomes Chinese workers 2019-02-05 [The Bulletin]

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This month in labour history

1-05-1903 he first May Day demo took place in the #Philippines organised by the Unión Obrera Democrática Filipina, the country's first true labour union which formed the previous year. In 1908, the government agreed to designate 1 May Labour day [more]