Mine workers vote to approve June nationwide strike

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Workers arrested after a protest at SiderPerú Gerdau 2017-06-13 [IndustriALL]

Mine workers to begin nation-wide strike on July 19 -union leader 2017-06-10 [NASDAQ]

Endemic corruption sweeps Peru, from the public service to the presidency 2017-05-24 [Equal Times]

Miners to go on strike in June 2017-05-08 [Mining Journal]

Workers at Peru's Cerro Verde copper mine threaten fresh strike 2017-05-06 [Reuters]

Mine workers vote to approve June nationwide strike 2017-05-06 [Reuters]

Votorantim zinc smelter workers in Peru call off planned strike 2017-04-29 [Reuters]

Copeinca workers threaten to deepen strike 2017-04-27 [FIS]

Southern Copper workers back at work after two-week strike 2017-04-25 [Reuters]

Cajamarquilla zinc refinery workers planning to down tools May 3 2017-04-22 [BNA]

Southern Copper workers mark 10 days on strike 2017-04-20 [Reuters]

2,000 Peru Miners Strike for Health Care, Workplace Rights For more info 2017-04-17 [Solidarity Center]

Two thousand miners at Southern Peru on indefinite strike 2017-04-13 [IndustriALL]

Peru flooding: trade unionists desperately need your help For more info  ActNOW!  2017-04-13 [Banana Link]

Southern Copper workers to continue Peru strike after talks fail 2017-04-12 [Mining Weekly]

Union: Southern Copper strike curtailing operations by 80% 2017-04-11 [BNA]

Southern Copper workers demand profit share to avoid strike 2017-04-05 [NASDAQ]

Workers to end strike at Peru's top copper mine Cerro Verde 2017-03-31 [Reuters]

No end in sight for Cerro Verde strike as talks fail 2017-03-25 [BNA]

Union at Peru mine Cerro Verde says it to restart strike Friday 2017-03-21 [Reuters]

The guardians of the Andean potato 2017-03-20 [Equal Times]

Workers at Freeport’s Cerro Verde copper mine to go on indefinite strike 2017-03-18 [Mining]

Strike at Peru's Cerro Verde drags on as talks collapse 2017-03-17 [BNA]

More Than 1000 Miners Strike in Peru over Wages and Conditions 2017-03-12 [TeleSUR]

Strike hits output at top Peru copper mine Cerro Verde -union 2017-03-11 [Reuters]

Strike halts output at Peru's top copper mine Cerro Verde 2017-03-10 [Reuters]

Workers at Peru's Cerro Verde mine to strike for five days 2017-03-06 [Daily Mail]

Workers at Cerro Verde mine to strike for five days 2017-03-06 [NASDAQ]

A wall separating the rich from the poor in Lima 2017-02-03 [equal times]

Workers At Peru's Camisea Gas Fields Call Off Strike 2016-12-29 [Reuters]

Natural gas workers plan strike 2016-12-19 [LNG Industry]

Natgas workers plan strike that could disrupt LNG exports 2016-12-16 [Reuters]

Peru Unions & Allies Launch Effort for Export Workers For more info 2016-12-13 [Solidarity Center]

Strike looms at Peru’s Camisea gas operations 2016-12-13 [Argus]

Lima: Indigenous community say they’ve been ‘abando 2016-11-18 [Equal Times]

Month-long strike at iron ore mine ends 2016-10-08 [Steel Orbis]

Peru mine workers go on indefinite strike 2016-09-23 [IndustriALL]

Strike halts production of iron ore at Chinese mine 2016-09-23 [Reuters]

Iron ore workers commence indefinite strike 2016-09-14 [Steel Orbis]

The IFJ and its affiliate commemorate two missing journalistS 2016-09-02 [IFJ]

Peru Snubs Trade Deal with U.S. 2016-08-09 [Lifezette]

Workers at Chinalco's copper mine in Peru start strike – union 2016-06-01 [Mining Weekly]

Workers at Toromocho copper mine plan strike May 31 2016-05-26 [The Daily Mail]

Largest labor union backs Pedro Pablo Kuczysnki 2016-05-20 [Reports]

Peru expels UNI advisor from the country  ActNOW!  2016-05-16 [UNI]

International union movement united in solidarity for Orhan Akman  ActNOW!  2016-05-14 [UNI Global Union]

UNI supports union organiser Orhan Akman in fight against expulsion  ActNOW!  2016-05-10 [UNI Global Union]

Global unions protest Peru’s expulsion of union adviser 2016-04-19 [ITF]

Agro-export company TALSA dismisses whole union committee – your support needed For more info 2016-04-19 [Banana Link]

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