Maid abuse: 'How my boss threatened me with acid in Oman'

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Landmark paternity ruling for dads in Oman 2018-07-31 [timesofoman]

11 stranded Nepali workers rescued from Oman 2018-03-07 [The kathmandu post]

Gvt slams rights group report on maid conditions 2017-12-25 [Gulf News ]

Maid abuse: 'How my boss threatened me with acid in Oman' 2017-11-15 [BBC]

HRW submission on discrimination against women workers in Oman 2017-10-13 [HRW]

Registering domestic workers online a first for Oman 2017-10-13 [Times of Oman]

500 Labour law violators held in Oman 2017-10-13 [Times of Oman ]

Health cover for Oman’s private sector workers to be mandatory, conference told 2017-09-29 [Arab News]

Domestic workers from Uganda stuck between poverty wages at home and extreme exploitation abroad 2017-06-21 [Equal Times]

Workers in Oman advised to spend Eid salary wisely 2017-06-19 [Times of Oman ]

4400 workers arrested for labour law violation in Oman 2017-05-02 [timesofoman]

LLabour Law violators held in Oman 2017-04-18 [timesofoman]

MMore than 500 arrested for violating Labour Law 2017-04-10 [timesofoman]

Illegal workers arrested and deported 2017-04-09 [Times of Oman]

Number of factories in GCC increases, labour force doubles: GOIC report 2017-03-20 [muscatdaily]

477 arrested for labour law violations 2017-03-13 [Times of Oman]

Dozens of Indian workers stranded in Oman, not paid for months 2017-02-06 [Times of Oman]

The new wage database making sure workers not earning too much 2017-01-30 [Migrant Rights]

Omanization in private sector targeted in forthcoming labor law 2017-01-17 [Albawaba]

Court to speed up resolution of labour disputes 2017-01-15 [The Times]

More workers in Oman airing complaints online 2016-12-28 [Times of Oman]

Dedicated labour dispute court system for Oman: Tanfeedh 2016-11-28 [Time of Oman]

Haya Water reaches pact with striking workers 2016-11-10 [The Daily]

Haya Water employees strike work on Sunday 2016-11-07 [The Daily]

Haya Water employees strike over ‘mistreatment’ 2016-11-07 [The Gulf News]

Agreement reached after workers strike 2016-11-07 [The Times]

400 employees of Haya Water on strike 2016-11-06 [The Daily]

Trade unions await fund for out-of-job workers 2016-10-01 [The Times]

Expat workers stranded without salary in Oman 2016-09-11 [Times of Oman]

13,000 labour law violations in Oman in 8 months 2016-09-03 [Times of Oman]

Delay in resolving labour disputes hurts employees 2016-08-07 [Zawya]

Journalists Arrested for Criticizing Judiciary 2016-08-06 [Human Rights Watch]

300 nurses to lose job 2016-08-02 [TNN]

HRW says domestic workers 'trapped' in Oman 2016-07-23 [Middle East Eye]

Domestic Workers Trafficked, Trapped 2016-07-13 [Human Rights Watch]

Budget carriers in stiff competition as migrant workers leave 'by the thousands' 2016-06-19 [al Bawaba]

AlSawadi Beach Resort closes leaving workers struggling to survive as wages go unpaid 2016-05-03 [Muscat Daily]

Trade union rescues 30 workers stranded at resort 2016-05-03 [Times of Oman]

Workers’ union celebrates new headquarters 2016-05-02 [The Times]

Housemaid stranded in Oman after manpower agency keeps passport 2016-03-28 [Muscat Daily]

More than 60 workers go on strike over non-supply of food, late salaries 2016-03-28 [GDN Online]

Unpaid Indian workers in Oman get help from their diplomats 2016-03-24 [Gulf News]

Private sector workers worry for their benefits 2016-02-25 [The Times]

Expat Workers in Oman to Be Denied Re-Entry for 2 Years 2016-02-15 [expatriate]

Ministry of Finance indefinitely stops bonuses for gov't employees 2016-01-01 [ArabianBusiness]

Bonus freeze for government employees 2015-12-30 [The Daily]

New rules set to create 33,000 jobs for Omanis 2015-12-29 [Times of Oman]

I55 labour law violaters arrested 2015-12-29 [Muscat Daily]

Favoring Middle East ally, U.S. glossed over Omani record of forced labor and people-trafficking 2015-12-25 [Reuters]

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