Inter-American Court Confirms Workers’ Right to Union Representation

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Ford offers buyouts to 15,000 workers 2017-06-10 [LATimes]

ITF inspector helps end stranded crew ordeal 2017-06-07 [ITF]

Ford to cut 1,400 salaried jobs in North America, Asia 2017-05-19 [The Himalayan Times/AP]

Colorado US: helping former prisoners rebuild their lives after incarceration 2017-03-28 [Equal Times]

ITF urges union solidarity for US XPO workers 2017-03-07 [ITF]

CETA: backward step for the environment, global inequalities and workers' rights 2017-02-20 [PSI]

Machinists Union face crucial vote at Boeing in the US South 2017-02-09 [IndustriALL]

Unions push new NAFTA to protect workers, raise incomes 2017-01-09 [Workday]

Workers’ rights discussed at Tri National Conference in Toronto 2016-12-21 [UFCW]

Santa Rosa Durham drivers ratify first CBA but NEX battle continues 2016-10-27 [ITF]

New contract to benefit thousands of UPS pilots 2016-09-02 [ITF]

Being a Mexican migrant worker and female, a recipe for double discrimination 2016-08-26 [Equal Times]

New York Zara Workers Unionize For First Time In US 2016-08-02 [BuzzFeed]

Inter-American Court Confirms Workers’ Right to Union Representation 2016-07-12 [ITUC]

USW Demands Canada, U.S., Mexico Act on Global Steel Over-Production 2016-07-01 [USW]

Continental social movements unite to challenge Three Amigos, fight TPP 2016-06-30 [CUPE]

Unions condemn XPO disciplinary following AGM 2016-06-09 [ITF]

Ontario Financial Accountability Office finds health care funding is falling short For more info 2016-05-19 [OCHU]

National Express agrees to meet unions after AGM protests 2016-05-18 [ITF]

US and Europe unions protest over XPO anti-worker actions 2016-05-18 [ITF]

Loud opposition by unions to secretly negotiated trade and investment agreements 2016-05-08 [Education International]

The Chicago Teachers' Union Strike: An Interview with a Teacher 2016-04-05 [tnlabour]

TTIP negotiations ‘On the wrong course’, say EU and US union leaders 2016-03-24 [USI]

Ontario Ontario hospital length of stay in rapid decline, Canadian average now 21% longer For more info 2016-03-16 [OCHU/CUPE]

National Express shareholders call for workplace rights review 2016-03-10 [ITF]

Ontario Rally at Kingston General to protest Compass’ management of housekeeping at the hospital For more info 2016-03-04 [OCHU/CUPE]

Ontario Ontario loses 19,000 public sector jobs, while rest of Canada gains 73,000 For more info 2016-03-02 [OCHU/CUPE]

ATU Shows Solidarity with Striking Barcelona Metro Workers 2016-02-24 [Mass Transit]

Ontario Health care declining as share of economy and as share of government program spending For more info 2016-02-16 [OCHU/CUPE]

Anti-TPP movement converges in Mexico City 2016-01-31 [CUPE]


Phoenix bus strike ended by ATU and Transdev settlement 2016-01-22 [ITF]

Ontario Liberal government has turned its back to patient hardship and suffering in northern Ontario For more info 2016-01-21 [OCHU/CUPE]

‘Monumental’ decision makes way for organising in the ‘gig economy’ 2016-01-13 [Equal Times]

Ontario 37 health care findings by the Auditor General: Performance Problems For more info 2015-12-16 [OCHU/CUPE]

Ontario Federal government must restore Local Programming Improvement Fund to help keep CHCH afloat: Hamilton hospital staff For more info 2015-12-16 [OCHU/CUPE]

PROFILE: United Students Against Sweatshops union allies in action 2015-12-09 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Ontario Ontario overestimates deficit -- for the sixth year For more info 2015-11-27 [OCHU/CUPE]

Ontario How much must provincial funding for Ottawa hospitals increase just to reach the average in the rest of Canada? For more info 2015-11-26 [OCHU/CUPE]

Ontario One time funding infusion for NBRHC is not enough, demonstration planned for November 9 For more info 2015-11-09 [OCHU/CUPE]

Ontario Ontario hospital funding down 12% in three years For more info 2015-11-05 [OCHU/CUPE]

Ontario Kingston General Hospital sees large spike in costly patient readmission rates as Liberal cuts deepen For more info 2015-09-30 []

Ontario Brockville hospital sees spike in costly patient readmission rates as Liberal cuts deepen For more info 2015-09-30 [OCHU/CUPE]

Ontario The long series of failures of private clinics in Ontario For more info 2015-09-23 [OCHU]

Taxi drivers rise up against Uber in Brussels and New York 2015-09-15 [ITF]

Ontario Ontario hospital readmissions spike rapidly, ER visits up, as hospital inpatient care falls far behind rest of Canada For more info 2015-09-10 [OCHU/CUPE]

Unions applaud crew and firefighter action over BA2276 evacuation 2015-09-09 [ITF]

Ontario Rapid changes and cuts to Ontario hospital services For more info 2015-08-19 [OCHU]

Ontario Surgery Cuts at Trenton only the start, as the Health Care Tomorrow project prepares the ground for the closure of hospital services in smaller communities, union charges For more info 2015-08-14 [OCHU/CUPE]

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