30,000 nurses on strike

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MBIE/IRD staff due to strike again Monday afternoon, Wellington bus drivers take action 2018-07-23 [Fairfax media]

Mike Treen reports as Gaza flotilla sails from Scicily 2018-07-23 [The Daily Blog]

Free speech-give us a break! 2018-07-23 [John Minto]

Hutt Valley bus drivers could continue industrial action for weeks-union 2018-07-23 [Radio New Zealand]

Wellington bus drivers to strike over unsafe 14-hour working days 2018-07-23 [Fairfax media]

Union contacts police, saysWellington bus drivers shifts in breach of the law 2018-07-20 [NZ Herald]

they started kicking and punching me-Auckland Transport reviewing safty proceedures following increase in attacks on bus drivers 2018-07-20 [TVNZ]

Wellington bus network overhaul: Ministry admitts role in securing jobs for the unemployed 2018-07-20 [Radio New Zealand]

Chilling impact of poverty on child health 2018-07-20 [ASMS-Toi Mata Hauora]

Migrant nurses face racism daily 2018-07-20 [NZ Herald]

Strike action-July 23rd-what's happening 2018-07-19 [PSA]

Council of trade unions agrees MSD should only promote decent jobs 2018-07-19 [NZCTU]

The hourly rate is less than the minimum wage 2018-07-19 [Radio New Zealand]

McDonalds accused of racist hiring practices 2018-07-18 [Unite Union]

Union leader Mike Treen to join ship trying to break Israel's seige of Gaza 2018-07-18 [Unite Union]

Stricter rules urged as forestry dealths rise again 2018-07-18 [Radio New Zealand]

DHB Meca update 2018-07-18 [NZNO]

Four-day working week trial at Perpetual Guardian a success, boss wants to make it permanant 2018-07-18 [NZ Herald]

Richard Wagstaff: Is capitalism acting responsibly for New Zealand? 2018-07-18 [NZ Herald]

DHBs and nurses union work through pay negotiations 2018-07-17 [Radio New Zealand]

LSG Skychefs decision important legal victory 2018-07-16 [Etu union]

Wellington bus drivers face 14-hour days under city's new public transport network 2018-07-16 [Fairfax media]

ACC medical advisors start rolling strikes tomorrow 2018-07-16 [ASMS-Toi Mata Hauora]

More support and facilities needed for breast-feeding senior doctors 2018-07-16 [ASMS-Toi Mata Hauora]

Newshub Nation Union Panel 2018-07-16 [Newshub]

Rail workers slam Kiwirail as 'green-washing hypocrites' 2018-07-16 [RMTU]

One out, all out 2018-07-14 [Otago Daily Times]

Govt urged to step in over possible job cuts at Warehouse 2018-07-14 [Radio New Zealand]

Demolition plans upset maritime union 2018-07-14 [The Times]

Nurses commended for professionalism during strike, now up to DHB's to show commonsense 2018-07-13 [ASMS-Toi Mata Hauora]

Nurses on strike: working in Whanganui isn't safe 2018-07-13 [The Herald]

First Union: `Performance pay in shambles’ 2018-07-13 [The Times]

30,000 nurses on strike 2018-07-12 [PSI]

Teachers and nurses to hold first mass strike in a generation 2018-07-12 [Education International]

 VIDEO  Striking nurses: 'This isn't just about the money' 2018-07-12 [Stuff]

Hospitals at a crawl as nurses strike 2018-07-12 [The Times]

Nurses striking across the country 2018-07-12 [Fairfax media]

Nurses 'excited, staunch' about strike 2018-07-12 [Radio New Zealand]

Nurses' strike to disrupt health services nationwide 2018-07-10 [The Straits Times]

 VIDEO  Nurses' Organisation ordered into facilitation with DHBs ahead of Thursday's strike 2018-07-10 [Stuff]

Nurses' strike spotlights fiscal challenge for government 2018-07-10 [Reuters]

Nurses to vote on latest pay offer, strike action still possible 2018-07-09 [Radio New Zealand]

'We're not asking to be millionaires': nurses' pay offer vote expected to be close 2018-07-09 [Stuff]

Teachers and nurses to hold first mass strike in a generation 2018-07-09 [The Guardian]

4000 Government employees striking nationwide 2018-07-09 [Stuff]

Workers strike as message falls on deaf ears 2018-07-09 [The Herald]

Ian Powell to step down from Doctor's Union 2018-07-07 [Radio New Zealand]

Hoyts workers told they will face lockout if they strike for better pay 2018-07-07 [NewsHub]

Big pay rise for supermarket distribution centre workers 2018-07-07 [Stuff]

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