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BWI youth activists lead the Amsterdam May Day march 2019-05-03 [BWI]

Union workers to extend strike at Shell's Pernis refinery: spokesman 2019-04-17 [Euronews]

Strikes impact Shell's Pernis oil refinery but extent unclear 2019-04-16 [Reuters]

Strike To Hit Production At Europe’s Largest Oil Refinery 2019-04-09 [Oil Price]

Amsterdam sex workers angry at ban of red light district tours 2019-04-03 []

Some Amsterdam sex workers angry at red light district tours ban 2019-04-03 [FOX]

New victory for Ryanair workers as labour authority rules on Eindhoven base closure 2019-03-25 [ITF]

Ryanair likely to appeal ruling on Eindhoven base 2019-03-23 [The Irish Times]

Workers at Dutch Pernis refinery give Shell one week to avert strikes 2019-03-23 [Reuters]

Ryanair can’t fire staff 2019-03-21 [The News]

European education union leaders in solidarity with Dutch colleagues 2019-03-18 [Education International]

'I love sex. I like to make money': What sex workers really want 2019-02-08 [CNN]

Court confirms food delivery couriers are workers with collective rights 2019-01-28 [IUF]

Union calls on members to back photojournalists’ campaign 2019-01-24 [NUJ]

Turkey deports Dutch journalist without explanation 2019-01-18 [EFJ]

Photojournalists on strike to demand decent rates 2019-01-14 [IFJ]

Over 300 frilansfotografer ut i streik 2019-01-14 [Journalisten]

England Industrial Action Ballot Threatened at 'Outrageous' Greater Anglia 2019-01-10 [TSSA]

Photojournalists on strike for a payrise to counter inflation, falling tariffs and ignored authors’ rights 2019-01-10 [EFJ]

Renault union calls for more transparency over Dutch holding 2018-12-28 [Reuters]

NVJ adopts plan for equal treatment of freelance & staff journalists 2018-12-24 [EFJ]

New agreement follows strikes at JDE Netherlands 2018-12-13 [IUF]

Bilavtale etter streik 2018-12-09 [LO]

Nye streiker i metall 2018-12-04 [LO]

Netherlands supreme court hands down two important rulings for road transport workers 2018-11-26 [ITF]

FNV and NGG members strike Jacobs Douwe Egberts in the Netherlands and in Germany 2018-11-24 [IUF]

Supreme court hands down two important rulings for road transport workers 2018-11-24 [ITF]

Negotiations over new Dutch pensions agreement collapse 2018-11-21 [IPE]

Ryanair fires cabin crew stationed at Eindhoven, union says 2018-11-07 [The Times]

New ‘Source Protection Act’ finally enters into force 2018-10-05 [EFJ]

Agency workers at airport to get up to €50,000 each, judge rules 2018-09-28 [Staffing Industry News]

Unions call for Dutch probe into Ikea labor policies 2018-09-28 [The Sun-Times]

Ryanair scraps flights at Eindhoven airport, as crew and pilots strike 2018-09-28 [Dutch News]

Unions call for Dutch probe into Ikea labor policies 2018-09-27 [StarTribune]

Dutch Ryanair pilots opt to join Friday’s strike, major disruption expected 2018-09-25 [Dutch News]

Workers struggle to save their pensions 2018-09-21 [BWI]

Postmen and women to go on strike in protest at ‘sort mail while you walk’ plan 2018-09-20 [Dutch News]

Red is still the colour of primary education! 2018-09-13 [Education International]

Angry teachers call for nationwide strike of the public sector 2018-09-06 [I Am Expat]

Teachers call for a nationwide government services strike 2018-09-06 [The Times]

Primary school teachers call for nationwide public sector strike 2018-09-06 [Dutch News]

Schiphol security staff strike called off after late night agreement 2018-08-30 [Dutch News]

Bonaire hospital strike prohibited 2018-08-29 [The Herald]

Schiphol to fight security strike in court 2018-08-29 [The Times]

IKEA contractor loses Dutch court case 2018-08-24 [ITF]

Security staff at Schiphol urged to strike on September 4 2018-08-22 [Dutch News]

Dutch pilots threaten to strike 2018-08-21 [The Herald]

Women in Amsterdam’s red-light district say safety for worldwide sex workers lies in legalization, normalization 2018-08-11 [The Globe and Mail]

Ryanair heading to court to stop Dutch pilots from joining strikes in four other countries 2018-08-09 []

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