Lola and Her Tormentor

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Lola and Her Tormentor 2017-05-25 [The Atlantic]

Arab countries’ teacher union leaders commit to defend human rights and quality public education 2017-05-12 [Education International]

Electricity unions in Middle East and North Africa create network 2017-05-11 [IndustriALL]

Oil and gas union network in Middle East and North Africa grows in strength 2017-04-25 [IndustriALL]

Sri Lanka battles labor shortage amid massive construction boom 2017-04-20 [kuwaittimes]

The Arab world needs to admit: It's racist 2017-04-08 [Middle East Eye]

Journalists unions launch new drive to establish media freedom mechanism 2017-04-08 [IFJ]

People are selling maids online in the Arab world and it's not OK 2017-04-03 [Stepfeed]

Successes for Algerian unions 2017-03-28 [ITF]

Raising Arabic female teachers’ voices 2017-03-22 [Education International]

Unions in the Middle East and North Africa see growing participation of women 2017-03-08 [IndustriALL]

Closing the Gulf's gender gap 2017-03-07 [Arab Business]

IndustriALL launches MENA youth network 2017-02-08 [IndustriALL]

Gulf Countries and Forced Labour 2016-12-13 [ITUC]

“The Middle East will bring an the end to the EU” 2016-11-15 [Equal Times]

SL women employed as domestic workers in the Middle East: The bigger picture 2016-10-18 [Newsfirst]

UNRWA workers on strike in four countries over low wages 2016-09-19 [al Bawaba]

ILO launches safe migration project 2016-09-12 [Trade Arabia]

ATUC organising training workshop for young unionists 2016-09-11 [ATUC]

Why Layoffs Are Dire for Foreign Laborers in Gulf 2016-08-06 [Bloomberg]

Trade unions in the Middle East 2016-06-18 [Eric Lee]

Escaping the Heat Into the Fire - Migration of Ethiopian Women Domestic Workers to Middle East Countries 2016-06-18 [Pambazuka News]

NK Sends Active-Duty Soldiers to Work in Kuwait, Qatar 2016-06-16 [RFA]

Arab Teachers’ Unions role in securing refugee children’s rights cannot be underestimated 2016-05-31 [Education International]

Ambet Yuson inaugurated the Africa and Middle East Regional Office in Johannesburg 2016-05-14 [BWI Global Union]

State-owned subsidised Gulf Airlines threatening the jobs of European cabin crews: Union 2016-05-11 [Irish Times]

Union for European Cabin Crews engage in coalition for Fair Competition in Aviation 2016-05-11 [eurECCA]

Regional conference adopts Arab Declaration for media freedom 2016-05-06 [IFJ]

East African domestic workers unions demand more protection for workers heading to Gulf states 2016-04-30 [Migrant Rights]

NGOs Send Letter to President Obama calling for discussion of human rights at GCC Summit For more info 2016-04-19 [ADHRB]

Why has the World Forgotten Islamic State's Female Sex Slaves? 2016-04-15 [Human Rights Watch ]

How many more Abdul Sattars? Gulf countries are not dream destinations for Indian workers 2016-03-24 [The NEWSminute]

MENA unions condemn EU deal to send back refugees to Turkey 2016-03-22 [BWI]

Arab YouTube star appointed by UN to fight for gender equality 2016-03-08 [Al Arabiya]

Arab Region Universities Tackle Workplace Gender Gap 2016-03-08 [US News and World Report]

Between democracy and ISIS: Five years since the Arab Spring 2016-02-20 [+972 Magazine]

IFJ and UNESCO launch new curriculum on journalism safety 2016-02-16 [IFJ]

Justice for South Asian Migrant Workers in the Gulf Requires a New Kind of Solidarity 2016-02-12 [In These Times]

Algeria: human and trade union rights activists under pressure 2016-01-28 [Equal Times]

Arab cartoonists hope to prove the pen is mightier than the sword 2016-01-15 [Equal Times]

IFJ concerned leading news website blocked in 3 Arab countries 2016-01-12 [IFJ]

Empowering Women, Building Leaders in the Arab Maghreb For more info 2016-01-06 [Solidarity Center]

Unemployed Syrian Refugees in Lebanon and Jordan: A Case of Adding Salt to the Wound 2015-12-28 [Egyptian Streets]

Gulf Countries: Bid to Protect Migrant Workers Construction Firms Should Adopt New Guidelines 2015-12-23 [Human Rights Watch]

Working Abroad - Facing Abuse 2015-12-23 [Human Rights Watch]

Over 35.6 pct of workers in Arab states migrants 2015-12-22 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Arab union leaders committed to fight privatisation of education 2015-12-16 [Education International]

Migrant worker issues in MENA overshadowed by European refugee crisis: report 2015-12-11 [Albawaba]

Arab Journalists Union to Review in Khartoum Situations of Press Freedoms, Political Developments in Arab World 2015-11-27 [Sudan Press Agency]

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