European delegation investigates rule of law in Malta

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European delegation investigates rule of law in Malta 2018-01-15 [EFJ]

Industrial action by social welfare employees ‘risks getting worse’ 2018-01-13 [The Times]

‘The ball is in ALPA’s court’ - Konrad Mizzi says pilots’ union has been given final offer 2018-01-10 [The Independent]

UĦM orders industrial action 2018-01-10 [The Times]

180 to get workplace health and safety training 2017-12-21 [The Times]

Air Malta closes agreement with General Workers' Union 2017-12-21 [Today]

IFJ urges for an independent investigation into the killing of reporter Daphne Caruana Galizia 2017-12-08 [IFJ]

“How are we going to get the real news?” – Malta is left reeling following the brutal murder of a journalist 2017-11-02 [Equal Times]

Malta teachers to strike 2017-10-26 [Malta Independent]

International press freedom groups condemn killing of investigative journalist 2017-10-20 [EFJ]

IFJ and EFJ condemn murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia 2017-10-18 [IFJ]

Murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia must be investigated 2017-10-17 [NUJ]

Journalists unions condemn murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia 2017-10-17 [IFJ]

Car bombing kills Malta journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia 2017-10-17 [b92]

Daphne Caruana Galizia: Car bomb kills Maltese journalist who exposed Panama Papers link 2017-10-17 [ABC]

Second pillar pension in Malta 2017-09-23 [Voice of the Workers weekly]

As cabin crew mulls strike, minister warns of shutting down Air Malta 2017-09-17 [Today]

Malta HIV conference sets example for Europe unions 2017-09-14 [ITF]

Don’t touch sick leave, unions warn employers 2017-08-26 [The Times]

GWU registers industrial dispute with government on public sector employees 2017-08-19 [The Independent]

MTA enforcement officers to go on strike over collective agreement 2017-08-16 [Today]

Cooperatives guarantie that no one lets be left behind 2017-07-21 [Voice of the Workers weekly]

UHM registers trade dispute on behalf of court registrars 2017-07-10 [Malta Independent]

GO announces improved employee conditions 2017-07-02 [The Times]

GWU signs second collective agreement with Gasco Energy 2017-07-02 [TIM]

The inportance of the rule of law in a democratic society 2017-06-24 [Voice of the Workers weekly]

Unemployment and youths inactivity 2017-06-09 [Voice of the Workers]

Heirs of port worker who had been crushed to death awarded €776,000 in damages 2017-06-09 [Times of Malta]

Unions, social partners congratulate Labour Party for election win 2017-06-07 [Malta Independent]

Rise of the robots has Maltese workers worried about job security 2017-06-07 [Times of Malta]

Workers cooperatives 2017-05-28 [@voice of the workers]

Government, MAM, resolve differences 2017-05-26 [The Times]

Engineers are discriminated against - UHM 2017-05-17 [Malta Independent]

Journalist sued for defamation by prime minister 2017-05-16 [EFJ]

General Workers Union orders industrial action against Malta International Airport 2017-04-13 [Malta Today]

THE POWER OF PERSUASION AT THE PLACE OF WORK 2017-04-10 [Voice of the Workers]

Correctional Officers Union officials resign over vindictive transfers 2017-04-07 [Today]

‘Unions will bring down Air Malta’ - report by top management 2017-04-02 [The Times]

Broadcasting Autority chairperson succumbs to UHM presure and resigns 2017-03-28 [Malta Independent]

Broadcasting Authority employees step up industrial action 2017-03-23 [timesofmalta]

Work dress codes and religion at work 2017-03-23 [timesofmalta]

Wake up or lose your healthcare 2017-03-23 [Malta Today]

UHM increase industrial action at Broadcasting Autority 2017-03-22 [Malta Independent]

Broadcasting Authority employees hold symbolic protest outside parliament 2017-03-22 [Malta Today]

Maternal health is not just a women’s issue, but is also an issue of fundamental rights – President 2017-03-21 [independent]

Air Malta cabin crew industrial action lifted 2017-03-18 [timesofmalta]

Industrial action at BA to continue as employees refuse mediation 2017-03-17 [The Times]

While the minister talks of job cuts, Air Malta trains new part-timers 2017-03-16 [timesofmalta]

MUBE disappointed with BOV stand, says members treated disrespectfully 2017-03-14 [The Independent]

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