History of the labour movement in Malaysia

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The last breath of the labour movement? 2017-11-19 [MalaysiaKini]

How the British suppressed the Malayan labour movement 2017-11-18 [MalaysiaKini]

Get rid of discriminatory hijab ban for hotel workers, says civil society group 2017-11-12 [Insight]

Overwhelming support for STIEU paves way for union at Ikut Maju 2017-11-06 [BWI]

MTUC tells private firms not to resist 90 days maternity leave 2017-10-29 [FMT]

Eight factory workers killed in Malaysia road accident 2017-10-25 [The Kathmandu Post]

History of the labour movement in Malaysia 2017-10-16 [Aliran]

MTUC slams Treasury boss over remarks about poor Malaysians 2017-10-06 [FMT]

Debate workers issues before GE 2017-10-06 [FMT]

Retrenched MAS workers want their day in court 2017-09-29 [Malaysiakini ]

Cabin crew at Malaysia airlines sacked for being overweight 2017-09-24 [The Telegraph]

Shangri-La workers win 13-year fight to restore collective bargaining rights 2017-08-07 [IUF]

Why isn’t government contributing to EIS? Workers union asks 2017-08-03 [Yahoo]

Contract staff at govt hospitals urged to join union 2017-08-02 [The Daily Star]

Number of Detained Migrant Workers in Malaysian Crackdown Tops 5,000 2017-07-30 [RFA]

Semiconductor maker signs collective agreement with workers union 2017-07-26 [The Star]

Hotel workers win back service charge, defend wage rights 2017-07-26 [IUF]

Cocoa Board lays off a third of workers 2017-07-24 [Insight]

GSG Malaysia organises Woman Leadership Development Training 2017-07-09 [GEFONT]

Union claims HSBC Malaysia forcing staff to leave via VSS 2017-07-07 [Yahoo]

Government should allow taxi drivers to establish union - Perjiwa 2017-07-03 [Astro Awani]

28 Nepalis rescued and sent back home from Malaysia 2017-06-20 [The Himalayan Times]

51 stranded Nepali migrants in Malaysia rescued 2017-05-27 [The Himalayan Times]

MTUC proposes 13 reforms to achieve socio-economic justice 2017-04-30 [Kini]

Retrenchment fund focus of May Day rally by 15 NGOs, PSM 2017-04-20 [freemalaysiatoday]

Use of private jet: A new method of transporting undocumented Indonesian workers abroad 2017-04-18 [JP]

Level of health among Malaysian employees worrying 2017-04-17 [theborneopost]

IFJ welcomes decision to force Gvt to pay compo to cartoonist 2017-04-13 [IFJ]

Domestic workers rescued 2017-04-13 [Khmer Times]

Deported undocumented Filipino workers return from Malaysia 2017-04-11 [Al Jazeera]

Two online systems to recruit foreign workers set up Read more: https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/378698#ixzz4dwOYV7SO 2017-04-11 [Malaysia Kini]

‘Human rights abuses should not go unpunished’ 2017-04-10 [Malaysia Kini]

Foreign workers skipping M'sia: Difficult, dirty and dangerous (3D) jobs in the country 2017-04-10 [The Star]

Illegal N. Korean workers in Sarawak deported 2017-04-03 [ST]

Report: No trace of 176 N Korean workers in Sarawak 2017-03-30 [Malaysiakini]

Where are Sarawak’s North Korean workers? 2017-03-30 [FMT]

Unemployment among graduates needs to be sorted out fast 2017-03-25 [The Star]

Legal battle halts sending workers to Malaysia 2017-03-25 [thefinancialexpress-b]

A step towards growing Malaysia's skilled workforce 2017-03-25 [The Star]

Malaysia Employment Insurance Scheme a brave move by the government to help workers 2017-03-25 [malaysiandigest]

Employment Insurance System only for laid off workers 2017-03-25 [freemalaysiatoday]

MTUC voices support for insurance scheme for private sector employees 2017-03-24 [NST]

MTUC backs Putrajaya’s EIS scheme, wants rates to be increased 2017-03-24 [themalaymailonline]

Nepali migrant workers in Malaysia bearing brunt of exploitation 2017-03-23 [myrepublica.com]

Cabinet gives nod to insurance bill for retrenched workers 2017-03-21 [freemalaysiatoday]

Indonesia boosts efforts to protect migrant workers in Malaysia 2017-03-21 [JP]

A trade union activist now fights to save forests 2017-03-18 [Star2]

Wrongfully’ sacked workers union president turns to Suhakam for help 2017-03-18 [FMT]

Railwaymen's Union threatens to picket in Liow's constituency 2017-03-17 [Malaysia Kini]

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