The labour union and the MSAR Government discuss possible amendments to the current labour law

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HUMAN RIGHTS | MODERN DAY SLAVERY ‘VERY MUCH ALIVE’ 2017-03-21 [macaudailytimes]

Local domestic workers union members eye new opportunity in Japan 2017-02-04 [Macau Daily Times]

The labour union and the MSAR Government discuss possible amendments to the current labour law 2016-11-02 [The Business Daily]

Courts apply Macau Labor Law to Hong Kong work relationship 2016-04-30 [Lexology]

SME's mull 3% to 5% pay hike next year 2015-12-25 [Macau Business Daily]

Non-resident workers increase 10.7 per cent year-on-yea 2015-12-25 [Macau Business Daily]

Casinos hire robot dealers to replace workers 2015-12-18 [Financial Review]

Trade unions form gaming federation 2015-12-10 [The Daily Times]

Union urges Macau government to have ‘solid plan’ for labour law changes 2015-09-10 [The News]

FMG: Jimei fires 20 workers and will fire more 2015-08-25 [The Business Daily]

Thousands of junket employees’ jobs under threat from casino smoke ban 2015-07-06 [Macau Business Daily]

Women’s Association petitions for 90-day maternity leave 2015-07-06 [Macau Daily Times]

Minimum wage for cleaning and security staff approved 2015-07-06 [Macau Daily Times]

‘War on smoking’ bill seeks Macau Legislative Assembly approval 2015-07-01 [Macau Business Daily]

No break for casinos as gov’t plans full smoking ban 2015-07-01 [Macau Daily Times]

Workplace insurance win for Macau workers 2015-06-16 [Macau Business Daily]

Construction workers at new Parisian casino resort protest sackings 2015-05-31 [Macau Business Daily]

More Chinese construction workers at Parisian casino site protest compensation and pay 2015-05-31 [Macau Daily Times]

Gaming workers lobby for trade union law 2015-05-31 [Macau Business Daily]

Casino workers against smoking lounges: legislator 2015-05-25 [GGR Asia]

More support for low-paid civil servants 2015-05-13 [Macau Daily Times]

Two Hong Kong journos barred from Macau to cover May Day protests 2015-05-01 [Macau Daily Times]

May Day job security tops concerns 2015-05-01 [Macau Daily Times]

Macau casino workers plan Labour Day protests 2015-04-25 [GGRAsia]

Govt wants casinos to provide transport for their migrant workers 2015-04-17 [Macau Daily Times]

Paper trail pursuit 2015-04-17 [Macau Business Daily]

American union questions undocmented Cotai land deal 2015-04-17 [Macau Daily Times]

Minimum wage bill: Final approval by mid-August 2015-03-18 [The Business Daily]

Gaming unions collecting signatures for full smoking ban 2015-02-02 [Macau Business Daily]

Workers union questions non-resident workers quota scheme 2015-01-30 [Macau Daily Times]

MIGRANT WORKERS | A temporary home that becomes permanent 2015-01-16 [Macau Daily Times]

6000 construction workers evacuated from Macauc hotel resort building site 2015-01-10 [Macau Daily Times]

Six casinos set to increase employee wages after protests 2015-01-06 [SBC]

After Hong Kong union worker activism could be on rise in Macau 2014-10-18 [The Diplomat]

Unionists Say Police Questioned Them After Protests 2014-10-12 [Las Vegas]

Casino Dealers Walk Off Job in Continuing Labor Unrest 2014-10-04 [VoA]

Single mom leads protests on working conditions in Macau's casinos 2014-09-03 [Washington Post News Service]

Single Mom Fights Billionaires With Macau Casino Protests 2014-09-02 [Bloomberg]

Casino dealers take industrial action for first time 2014-08-31 [The Times]

Casino workers plan industrial action to push for higher pay 2014-08-30 [The South China Morning Post]

Casino Shares Slump on Concerns of Workers’ Strike 2014-08-29 [Bloomberg]

Casino Workers Protest to Demand for Better Pay 2014-08-26 [Bloomberg]

Thousands of Casino Workers Protest for Better Pay 2014-08-25 [Bloomberg]

Casino Workers Want Better Pay 2014-08-13 [Casino]

Gaming workers have protested conditions at Sands and Galaxy. Now its SJM’s turn 2014-08-11 [The Business Daily]

Gaming strike coming? 2014-08-08 [The Business Daily]

Casino workers demand bigger share of the winnings 2014-08-06 [The Global Post]

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