Dismissed FineTek workers start 3rd month of ongoing sit-in to guarantee employment status

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KCTU will participate in Tripartite Commission 2018-01-21 [Hankyoreh]

Moon calls for labor support for changes in economic, labor policies 2018-01-19 [Yonhap]

KCTU closer to tripartite talks 2018-01-19 [K. Times]

Statement by DPRK Journalists Union condemns conservative outlets for ‘disgusting slander’ 2018-01-19 [NK News]

Yonsei University cleaning workers take over school’s main building 2018-01-17 [Hankyoreh]

Mail carriers to get 5-day workweek 2018-01-17 [K. Times]

Hyundai Workers OK Wage Pact; Tentative Deal at Kia 2018-01-17 [WardsAuto]

Moon to meet union leaders to discuss wage hike, labor policy 2018-01-17 [Yonhap]

Hyundai Motor labor union members approve wage deal 2018-01-16 [Reuters]

In Korea’s multi-million-dollar music industry, labour exploitation is the norm 2018-01-16 [Equal Times]

Hyundai workers approve 2nd tentative wage deal 2018-01-16 [Yonhap]

Dismissed FineTek workers start 3rd month of ongoing sit-in to guarantee employment status 2018-01-15 [The Hankyoreh]

[1.15] S.K. Labour News 2018-01-15 [CINA]

Paris Baguette settles labor dispute 2018-01-11 [K. Times]

Former MBC chiefs indicted for labor abuses 2018-01-11 [Yonhap]

Hyundai Motor union, management reach 2nd tentative wage deal 2018-01-10 [K. Herald]

GM Korea Union Accepts New Wage; Hyundai, Kia Still in Limbo 2018-01-10 [Ward's Auto]

Hyundai workers stage 5-day partial strike for higher wages 2018-01-10 [Yonhap]

South Korea: Prominent union leader Lee Yeong-Ju detained after protest 2018-01-09 [IndustriALL]

Plane cleaners strike against Korean Air causing flight delays 2018-01-09 [K. Times]

Let's First Change the Illegal Status of KTU 2018-01-09 [Kyunghyang Shinmun]

Businesses lay off workers after minimum wage increase 2018-01-07 [JoongAng]

USW Condemns S. Korean Government Union Busting 2018-01-05 [Daily Telegraph]

Fired government employees rally for reinstatement 2018-01-04 [Hankyoreh]

Hyundai union set to restart strike over wages 2018-01-04 [JoongAng Ilbo]

Perceptions of migrant workers worsen: survey 2018-01-03 [The Herald]

Two Days After Minimum Wage Hike, Opinions Mixed 2018-01-03 [Bizwire]

Hyundai Motor workers to resume strikes for higher pay 2018-01-03 [Yonhap]

Will working hours go down this year? 2018-01-02 [The Times]

Release comrade Han Sang-gyun! (#9) 2018-01-02 [CINA]

Korean Air plane cleaners go on strike 2018-01-01 [K. Times]

Korean Air plane cleaners go on strike 2017-12-31 [The Times]

Hyundai Reaches No Wage Deal; Fullscale Strike Looms for Jan. 2 2017-12-30 [Ward's Auto]

Ex-rail union leader elected new chairman of KCTU 2017-12-29 [Yonhap]

Hyundai Motor Union nixes deal 2017-12-28 [Steel Guru]

Hyundai Motor union nixes deal 2017-12-25 [JoongAng]

Unionized workers at Hyundai Motor reject tentative wage deal 2017-12-23 [Yonhap]

Hyundai Workers in Korea to Vote on Contract Offer 2017-12-21 [Ward]

Moon urges unionists to join reform drives 2017-12-21 [K. Times]

Hyundai Motor union reaches tentative wage deal 2017-12-21 [JoongAng Ilbo]

'KCTU hunger strike calls for release of imprisoned labor leader' 2017-12-19 [CINA]

[12.17] Migrant workers' rally... 2017-12-18 [CINA]

SNUH to regularize 1,600 irregular workers 2017-12-15 [K. Times]

An urgent signature campaign 2017-12-14 [KCTU]

Cort-Band celebrates 10th anniversary of fighting for labor rights 2017-12-12 [Hankyoreh]

Hyundai contractors beg union to stop strike 2017-12-12 [JoongAng Ilbo]

Migrant workers make 64% of Korean workers' pay 2017-12-11 [K. Times]

Union membership rate inches up to 10.3% 2017-12-10 [The Hankyoreh]

Shinsegae adopts 35-hour work week 2017-12-10 [CINA]

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