Union Leader Lee Young-joo Released from Prison

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Hyundai Motor union vows to sue company 2018-06-20 [JoongAng Ilbo]

KTX attendants cry foul at top court 2018-06-19 [K. Times]

Union Leader Lee Young-joo Released from Prison 2018-06-19 [ITUC]

[6.15] 'Pan-Korean Joint Statement of Trade Unions' 2018-06-18 [CINA]

'Specially employed workers' entitled to same rights as other workers, Supreme Court rules 2018-06-17 [Hankyoreh]

Gov't cracks down on 'illegal' migrant workers 2018-06-17 [K. Times]

'Real denuclearisation and the establishment of a lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula are up to us', says PSI affiliate KPTU 2018-06-15 [PSI]

KPTU Statement on UK-DPRK Summit 2018-06-14 [KPTU on Korea Policy Institute]

Oracle Korea workers continue to strike  ActNOW!  2018-06-13 [UNI Global Union]

Unions strike back at minimum wage fixes 2018-06-06 [K. Times]

KCTU and FKTU united against wage act amendment 2018-06-06 [Hankyoreh]

Cabinet to endorse revision to minimum wage act despite labor protests 2018-06-05 [Yonhap]

KCTU demands President Moon veto Minimum Wage Act amendment 2018-06-03 [Hankyoreh]

Samsung Electronics has its first labor union 2018-06-03 [JoongAng Ilbo]

Trade Union Leader Han Sang-gyun released from prison 2018-06-01 [CLC]

Little changes in Samsung’s anti-union attitude in spite of April pledge 2018-06-01 [The Hankyoreh]

KCTU launches protest against minimum wage bill 2018-06-01 [Yonhap]

Labor groups quit minimum wage commission 2018-05-31 [Yonhap]

[5.28] KCTU's 'general strike'... 2018-05-29 [CINA]

NUMW-Broadcasting Writers Local Union scores first Collective Agreement 6 months after its launch! 2018-05-29 [UNI Global Union]

[5.27] Migrant workers' rally in central Seoul... 2018-05-28 [CINA]

Revised bill on minimum wage draws mixed reactions 2018-05-25 [Yonhap]

Minimum wage to include bonuses, welfare benefits 2018-05-25 [The Times]

[5.24] KCTU in int'l solidarity... 2018-05-24 [CINA]

Prosecutors raid Samsung Electronics in probe into anti-union scheme 2018-05-24 [Yonhap]

Former South Korean trade union leader released from prison 2018-05-23 [PSI]

Former KTCU president Han Sang-gyun freed after two years and five months in captivity 2018-05-23 [hani]

Korean union leader Han Sang-gyun released from prison 2018-05-22 [IndustriALL]

Celebrated labor leader released from prison 2018-05-22 [Hankyoreh]

Union withdraws from minimum wage talks 2018-05-22 [Korea Times]

ITUC Welcomes release of Korean Trade Union Leader Han Sang-gyun 2018-05-22 [ITUC]

[5.21] Comrade Han Sang-gyun released from prison... 2018-05-21 [CINA]

Oracle Korea’s labor union to go on strike indefinitely 2018-05-21 [IT Times]

KCTU leader to be released from prison 2018-05-21 [Hankyoreh]

Han Sang Gyun Free at Last 2018-05-21 [BWI]

Oracle Korea union to prolong strike indefinitely 2018-05-19 [Korea Herald]

Han Sang Gyun to be Released 2018-05-19 [BWI]

Han Sang-gyun to be released from prison on parole 2018-05-19 [Labor Today]

Workers of the Galaxy, don’t unite says Samsung 2018-05-18 [The Economist]

KCTU leader to be released from prison 2018-05-18 [Hankyoreh]

Migrant farm workers enter without safety net 2018-05-17 [K. Times]

Workers Protest at Treatment by Global IT Giants 2018-05-16 [Chosun Ilbo]

GM contract workers storm press conference 2018-05-15 [JoongAng Ilbo]

Prosecutors raid Samsung Elec affiliate in labor union sabotage probe 2018-05-15 [Yonhap]

Incheon airport to remove irregular workers by 2020 2018-05-13 [K. Times]

L'Oreal Korea manager accused of abusing workers 2018-05-10 [The Times]

A bittersweet Parents’ Day for Tandy shoemakers 2018-05-08 [Hankyoreh]

GM Korea labor dispute may not be over yet 2018-05-06 [The Times]

[5.03] Joint Statement by KMWU and Birleşik Metal İş 2018-05-06 [CINA]

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