Guest workers': the North Korean expats forced to feed the regime

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Workers Forced to Get Cash Cards 2017-07-21 [Radio Free Asia]

In Russia the North Koreans Work ‘Basically in the Situation of Slaves’ 2017-07-14 [New York Times]

Guest workers': the North Korean expats forced to feed the regime 2017-07-05 [Guardian]

Dispatched laborers endure 12 hours of hard work without rest 2017-06-28 [DailyNK]

North Korea on a dead end road 2017-06-19 [Equal Times]

Probe into mysterious death of two North Korean workers in Moscow 2017-06-03 [NewsWeek]

Rice-planting season spells more forced labor for residents 2017-05-30 [DailyNK]

Railroad Workers Jailed For Criticizing Missile Launch 2017-04-09 [RFA]

Illegal N. Korean workers in Sarawak deported 2017-04-03 [ST]

North Korean 'slaves' used to build World Cup stadium 2017-04-01 [Josimar]

Report: No trace of 176 N Korean workers in Sarawak 2017-03-30 [Malaysiakini]

Where are Sarawak’s North Korean workers? 2017-03-30 [FMT]

Sanctions have tragic unintended effect on Chagang Province 2017-03-15 [DailyNK]

Malaysia to deport 50 North Korean workers 2017-03-15 [ST]

Women in Military and Construction Units Suffer Rights Abuses 2017-03-13 [RFA]

140 of 176 North Korean workers in Sarawak without work permit 2017-03-09 [Borneo Post]

Video of N. Korea’s child slaves... 2017-02-23 [OFK]

North Korean university seeks English teacher 2017-02-23 [JP]

End rampant child labour, says Human Rights Watch 2017-02-14 [Human Rights Watch]

Regime resorts to child labor in jewel factory 2017-02-12 [DailyNK]

Child laborers pushed to max in North Korean wig factories 2017-02-04 [Daily NK]

Unspeakable conditions for N. Korean laborers in Russia 2017-02-04 [Daily NK]

Workers exported to earn money for the state 2017-02-02 [ETI]

Child laborers pushed to max in wig factories 2017-01-30 [DailyNK]

Silk, steam and slogans: Inside a North Korean factory 2017-01-17 [Associated Press]

Over 300 workers feared dead from fisheries campaign 2016-12-30 [DailyNK]

Kim's slave armies: North Koreans 'sold to Europe to work then stripped of pay' 2016-11-17 [Daily Star]

International community turns attention towards NK overseas workers 2016-11-17 [Daily NK]

The paradox of industrial relations in NK 2016-10-06 [NewFocus]

NK has up to 400,000 slave workers 2016-10-05 [K. Times]

At least 40 N. Korean overseas workers dead amid worsening work conditions 2016-09-20 [Yonhap]

Pyongyang residents opt out of opportunities abroad 2016-08-14 [DailyNK]

Construction workers fed crystal meth to speed up building projects 2016-08-12 [Huffington Post]

Kim Jong-un's slave state demands robust action by Europe 2016-08-10 [Left Foot Forward ]

Brokers paid by regime to find jobs for North Koreans in China 2016-08-08 [Radio Free Asia]

Drugs fuel work surge at P.Y. building site 2016-08-05 [RFA]

N. Korean laborers subject to intense controls in China 2016-08-02 [DailyNK]

Regime said to have executed 6 officials over restaurant workers' defection 2016-07-30 [IB Times]

Under international pressure, Malta starts denying visas to exploited North Korean workers 2016-07-30 [Malta Today]

More ‘loyal’ NKorean workers escape: reports 2016-07-30 [AA]

Pyongyang Executes Six Officials After Workers Escape From China to S Korea 2016-07-30 [Sputnik]

Malta deports NK slave workers 2016-07-28 [K. Times]

Laborers risk death for a chance to earn cash 2016-07-27 [DailyNK]

3-4 People die in labor camps every day 2016-07-19 [Chosun Ilbo]

Labor Under 'Harsh Conditions' on Construction in Pyongyang 2016-07-18 [RFA]

Laborers take on extra work to pay bribes 2016-07-14 [DailyNK]

Obama administration asks other nations to curb use of North Korean workers 2016-07-12 [Reuters]

Lucrative Labor Exports Come Under Pressure 2016-07-12 [WSJ]

N.K. sends 800 agents to areas bordering China to monitor its workers 2016-07-11 [Yonhap]

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