‘Christmas barrels’ stuck as port workers strike

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Ministry confirms joint bargaining policy at JISCO/Alpart 2019-04-16 [The Observer]

Construction workers get new wage rates; unions want wider coverage 2019-04-05 [The Observer]

JCTU supports proposal from opposition leader regarding contract workers 2019-03-17 [RJR]

Unions criticise private sector's position on IDT awards 2019-03-04 [The Observer]

Workers to relocate from Oceana hazard ‘in months’, says Clarke 2019-02-09 [The Gleaner]

Construction workers, master builders to sign new wage pact 2019-02-05 [The Observer]

BITU rejects 'generalised' allegations of corruption among Dunn's River workers 2019-01-04 [The Observer]

Windalco production workers agitated over unpaid retroactive wages 2018-12-28 [RJR]

Mr Dwight Nelson will be remembered by the hewers of wood and drawers of water 2018-12-27 [The Observer]

Nelson hailed for service to J'can working class 2018-12-25 [The Observer]

'Gov't and Police Federation sign wage agreement' 2018-12-15 [Gleaner]

Meetings underway to end workers' strike at KFTL 2018-12-08 [RJR]

‘Christmas barrels’ stuck as port workers strike 2018-12-08 [The Gleaner]

JCTU joins chorus against Scotia's transitional changes 2018-11-29 [The Observer]

BITU says Scotiabank dispute could become regional 2018-11-23 [The Observer]

PCS reacts to Amber Rudd Home Office comments 2018-11-02 [PCS]

Minister urged to press Jamaica over wage deductions of migrant workers in Canada 2018-10-01 [National Newswatch]

'Enough is enough' - Operations halted at New Day bauxite plant as workers protest 2018-09-25 [The Daily Observer]

Windalco workers to continue strike Tuesday after failed meeting with management 2018-09-25 [RJR]

'Gov't, nurses sign new wage agreement' 2018-09-13 [Jamaica Observer]

'Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) , gov't sign wage deal' 2018-09-12 [Gleaner]

Montego Bay Metro Workers Back On Strike 2018-09-07 [Irie FM]

MoBay Metro workers return to work 2018-09-06 [The Gleaner]

Troja Primary School workers on strike 2018-09-04 [Irie FM]

Montego Bay Metro bus service workers on strike 2018-09-04 [The Loop]

MoBay Metro workers strike, leaving students stranded 2018-09-04 [The Observer]

HEART Trust/NTA and unions sign salary agreement 2018-08-18 [Loop]

Union concerned about how Dunns River management is conducting audit 2018-08-15 [Irie]

JALGO collaborates with Solar Head of State to promote renewable energy in Jamaica 2018-07-27 [PSI]

House to debate minimum wage next Tuesday 2018-07-22 [The Observer]

Domestic workers wanted! - Labour ministry survey finds strong demand locally and overseas for low-skilled workers 2018-07-15 [The Gleaner]

Normality returns to New Day bauxite plant 2018-07-09 [The Observer]

Petrojam workers demand removal of GM and HR manager 2018-07-06 [The Observer]

Windalco workers reject new contract offer 2018-06-23 [RJR]

Some CHEC workers sign up for union representation 2018-06-12 [RJR]

Phillips celebrates the contribution of workers in Labour Day message 2018-05-24 [The Observer]

Current labour climate hostile to union growth 2018-05-24 [The Gleaner]

Drivers, Mechanics, Auto Body Personnel Engaged By The Jamaica Fire Brigade Reporting Sick 2018-05-12 [NWU]

Politicians squabble while health professionals stress over ‘sick’ hospital 2018-04-22 [The Gleaner]

Dirty deal! - NSWMA boss vows to clean up working conditions for garbage collectors 2018-04-15 [The Gleaner]

Failing sugar industry worries officials 2018-04-15 [The Observer]

Pension Scheme for Tourism Workers by Mid -2018 2018-03-20 [jis.gov]

'Teachers reject latest pay offer' 2018-03-20 [Jamaica Observer]

'JTA rejects government's latest wage offer' 2018-03-19 [Radio Jamaica]

'Public sector teachers get new wage offer' 2018-03-16 [Radio Jamaica]

Shaw withdraws proposal for 4-year negotiating cycle 2018-03-15 [The Gleaner]

'Gov't not trampling on rights of workers, says financial secretary' 2018-03-15 [Jamaica Observer]

''Sick' teachers expected back at work today' 2018-03-15 [Jamaica Observer]

'New budget figures include billions for public sector back pay' 2018-03-14 [Jamaica Observer]

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This month in labour history

23-04-1938 The Poor Man's Improvement and Land Settlement Association presents its petition to the Governor of the island, protesting "landlords who are sucking out our vitalities." [more]

29-04-1938 1000 labourers working on the construction of a large sugar factory on the Frome estate in Jamaica went on strike for more pay. It triggered a wave of strikes across the island which faced heavy repression from British police. [more]