Comment: Staying safe at work means everyone working together

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Industrial action suspended at power plant near Kildare border 2017-04-28 [Leinster Leader]

DPER accused of running the health service 2017-04-28 [Medical Independent]

Dáil protest planned over Defence Forces pay 2017-04-28 [Irish Examiner]

Public Service Pay Commission close to finalising its report 2017-04-28 [Irish Times]

Minister plans public sector pay talks next month 2017-04-28 [RTÉ]

SIPTU staff at St Patrick’s Mental Health Services vote for strike 2017-04-27 [Irish Times]

Calls for minimum wage rise as jobholders seek food 2017-04-27 [Irish Examiner]

Comment: Staying safe at work means everyone working together 2017-04-27 [Irish Independent]

Shannon Group sets aside €1.3m for redundancy scheme 2017-04-27 [Irish Independent]

Public sector pay report to back keeping pension levy 2017-04-27 [Irish Independent]

Grassroots move within ASTI to bring end to industrial action in schools resisted by union leadership 2017-04-27 []

POA says cuts leading to rise in prison officer attacks 2017-04-27 [RTÉ]

Dublin Bus moves to prevent future sympathy strikes 2017-04-26 [Irish Times]

Big Start campaign gets council support 2017-04-26 [Clare Courier]

Reverse ‘punitive, consultant-bashing measure’ 2017-04-26 [Irish Medical Times]

Tech firm ordered to pay ex-director €105k 2017-04-26 [Irish Examiner]

Gender equality court case to be heard next week 2017-04-26 [Galway Independent]

'Workers need a right to disconnect', says IMPACT 2017-04-26 [Irish Tech News]

10.1% of workers on National Minimum Wage - CSO 2017-04-26 [RTÉ]

Industrial action could hit school sport events from September 2017-04-25 [Irish Examiner]

Minister: Public sector deal ‘must be affordable’ 2017-04-25 [Irish Examiner]

Gardaí reluctant to seek help to cope with stresses of job 2017-04-25 [Irish Times]

78% of nurses and midwives due to qualify in 2017 plan to work abroad 2017-04-25 [RTÉ]

Pensions, not pay, may be the thorny issue in talks 2017-04-25 [Irish Independent]

Northern Ireland Gold mine stops development after police refuse to provide anti-terrorism security 2017-04-25 []

SIPTU seeks meeting with Minister of State concerning Tara Mines future 2017-04-24 [SIPTU]

GRA urges less political influence in An Garda Síochána 2017-04-24 [RTÉ]

In-fighting and terrorism motion to make for lively GRA debates 2017-04-24 [Irish Examiner]

Public service staff could get 6% pay rise over three years 2017-04-24 [Irish Examiner]

‘Gig economy’ may damage workforce 2017-04-24 [Irish Examiner]

Compensation sought for unpaid rise 2017-04-24 [Irish Examiner]

Pickhandle Mary, the Irish activist who fought for workers’ rights in South Africa 2017-04-22 [The Irish Times]

SIPTU members ballot for industrial action in St Patrick’s Mental Health Services 2017-04-20 [SIPTU]

SIPTU agrees to attend WRC meeting concerning EPL dispute 2017-04-20 [SIPTU]

TUI Conference: Pay parity strike ballot passed 2017-04-20 [Irish Examiner]

Teachers wearing shinguards to ward off attacks from students 2017-04-20 [Irish Examiner]

Public servants to seek ‘return of what was taken away’ in pay 2017-04-20 [Irish Times]

Families protest over Defence Forces' pay and conditions 2017-04-20 [RTÉ]

ASTI conference debates school strike action from May 2017-04-20 [RTÉ]

Fujitsu workers to stage 48-hour strike over possible job cuts 2017-04-20 [irishnews]

ASTI the 'North Korea of trade union movement', claims delegate 2017-04-19 [Irish Independent]

Mabs firm in leap year pay cut breach 2017-04-19 [Irish Examiner]

Schools struggle to pay for heat and light, INTO conference hears 2017-04-19 [Irish Times]

Minister says messy compromise will not work for public pay 2017-04-19 [Irish Times]

ASTI criticised by own delegates for ‘zombie campaign’ 2017-04-19 [Irish Times]

End two-tier pay by autumn or face action, says teachers’ union 2017-04-19 [Irish Times]

ASTI convention debates industrial strategy 2017-04-19 [RTÉ]

RTÉ jobs cuts cost €70 million over the past six years 2017-04-18 [Irish Mirror]

Northern Ireland 'Tsunami' of initiatives causing despair across teaching profession, union warns 2017-04-18 [Belfast News Letter]

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