SIPTU members back new public service pay agreement

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The end of the au pair? 2017-08-20 [Sunday Independent]

Union warns permanent O'Connell Street traffic restrictions could hit jobs 2017-08-20 []

UHL nurses denied meeting with management over persistent overcrowding 2017-08-19 [Clare FM]

Exit deal on offer to RTÉ staff is not as generous as last time 2017-08-19 [Irish Independent]

Trade unions want vacant house tax in place from January 1st 2017-08-19 [Evening Echo]

SIPTU launches public awareness campaign on Dublin Fire Brigade crew shortage 2017-08-19 [SIPTU]

Northern Ireland Belfast City Hospital staff suspended over C. diff outbreak 2017-08-17 [BBC]

Dublin dockers preservation piece 2017-08-17 [NewsFour]

Contractors warn of possible lay-offs as crane drivers' dispute escalates 2017-08-17 [Irish Times]

Garda overtime up by 57% as force feels the pressure 2017-08-17 [Irish Times]

Northern Ireland Stay in single market to avoid return of Northern Irish 'borders of the past', says TUC 2017-08-17 [TUC]

RBS preparing to cut nearly 900 IT jobs, says union 2017-08-16 [Guardian]

Number of work-related deaths falls by 20% 2017-08-16 [Irish Examiner]

€5k for cleaner fired over unpaid chocolate 2017-08-16 [Irish Examiner]

Twenty people killed in farm accidents last year 2017-08-16 [Irish Times]

Government begins public consultation on gender pay gap 2017-08-15 [Irish Times]

Defence Forces family left homeless by local landlords 2017-08-15 [Irish Times]

Workers ‘leave it too late’ to check pension terms 2017-08-14 [Irish Examiner]

Air Corps official denies documents destroyed 2017-08-14 [Irish Examiner]

Number of teachers on a career break up a third in five years 2017-08-14 [Irish Times]

SVP trying to bully charity's staff out of  jobs, says union 2017-08-12 [Irish Independent]

HSE mulls Grace staff probes 2017-08-12 [Irish Examiner]

Public sector pay: SIPTU all but closes the deal 2017-08-12 [Irish Times]

Locum junior doctors to have salaries cut from September 2017-08-12 [Irish Times]

SIPTU members support Public Service Agreement by large majority 2017-08-11 [SIPTU]

Staff ‘frequently injured’ at Chapel View residential centre 2017-08-11 [Irish Examiner]

Northern Ireland Modern slavery 'significant problem' 2017-08-11 [BBC]

Row over English teachers’ pay 2017-08-11 [The PIE News]

New fire service forum to meet this month 2017-08-11 [Galway Independent]

NBRU warns Govt about privatising more Dublin bus routes 2017-08-11 []

Northern Ireland Woman awarded £9,000 in sex discrimination settlement 2017-08-11 [Irish Times]

SIPTU accepts new public service pay deal by 76% 2017-08-11 [Irish Times]

SIPTU members back new public service pay agreement 2017-08-10 [RTÉ]

Operator for 10% of Dublin Bus routes to be announced 2017-08-10 [RTÉ]

Gender pay gap issue is not just about RTÉ salaries, says minister 2017-08-10 [Irish Independent]

Deliveroo says new software boosts earning power for riders 2017-08-10 [Irish Times]

Ted Walsh: No pay gap in horse racing industry 2017-08-10 [Irish Examiner]

Northern Ireland Mother accepts settlement over pregnancy discrimination 2017-08-10 [BBC]

Tackling precarious employment in higher education 2017-08-09 [SIPTU]

Government departments to work together to tackle gender pay gap 2017-08-09 [Irish Examiner]

Concern over lack of uptake of paternity leave scheme 2017-08-09 [RTÉ]

Man awarded €15,000 for unfair dismissal by Boyne Valley Group 2017-08-09 [Irish Times]

SIPTU claims its members were 'threatened with physical attack' during GAA train violence 2017-08-09 [The Journal]

SIPTU members expected to back public service pay deal 2017-08-09 [Irish Times]

Government to launch public consultation on gender pay gap 2017-08-09 [Irish Times]

Plans to review teaching quality in universities ‘exasperating’ 2017-08-09 [Irish Times]

Deal on pay is set to pass with SIPTU backing 2017-08-08 [Irish Independent]

No one jailed in 10 years over health and safety deaths 2017-08-08 [Irish Examiner]

Engineer sacked after waking from nap and giving boss ‘the finger’ 2017-08-07 [Irish Times]

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This month in labour history

15-08-1913 Dublin newspaper boys attack delivery vans after 40 of their colleagues are sacked for organising at the Irish Independent. [more]

26-08-1913 Members of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union in Dublin go on strike for union recognition. The response of the employers is a city-wide lock-out. [more]

28-08-1913 Jim Larkin is arrested for 'seditious speaking' on the third day of the Dublin transport strike, but released later in the day. [more]

29-08-1913 Jim Larkin burns a government proclamation banning public gatherings, in front of a meeting of 10,000 workers [more]

30-08-1913 James Connolly is sentenced to three months in prison for incitement, as the Dublin strike continues. [more]

30-08-1913 Two workers, John Byrne and James Nolan, are beaten by police in separate attacks, and both die of their wounds in hospital. [more]