Solidarity with imprisoned union leader at Indonesian seafood giant BMI

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Solidarity with imprisoned union leader at Indonesian seafood giant BMI 2019-06-18 [IUF]

Арест председателя профсоюза на предприятии по переработке морепродуктов корпорации BMI 2019-06-05 [IUF]

Vicious escalation in anti-union aggression at Indonesian global seafood supplier BMI 2019-05-25 [IUF]

The Plight of Indonesia’s Homeworkers 2019-05-16 [The Diplomat]

El SPKA se moviliza en la campaña por el transporte público en Indonesia 2019-05-10 [ITF]

Taking on Gender-Based Violence at Work in Indonesia For more info 2019-05-10 [Solidarity Center]

Post May Day update and calls for international solidarity 2019-05-07 []

Indonesia: Statement from Catut Anarchist Library about #MayDay repression in #Bandung 2019-05-06 []

Police repression mars May Day protest rallies 2019-05-06 [Jakarta Post]

Workers Continue Fighting for Decent Wage 2019-05-05 [Tempo]

Home-based workers: One pay check for entire family 2019-05-03 [The Post]

SPKA mobilises in public transport campaign in Indonesia 2019-05-03 [ITF]

PSI workshop in Indonesia on strengthening women and youth leadership 2019-05-01 [PSI]

Hundreds of workers die from overwork following world's biggest single-day elections 2019-04-30 [HuffPost]

Labor unions propose joint team to revise waging regulation 2019-04-27 [Antara]

Workers Union: 500,000 Workers Mobilized in May Day 2019 2019-04-24 [Tempo]

Uber-Capitalism: Platform Mobility/Mobilizing Workers 2019-04-14 [LeftStreamed]

Indonesian university disbands student press over LGBTI story 2019-03-28 [IFJ]

Trade agreements put our right to water at risk 2019-03-22 [PSI]

Обманутые в Индонезии рабочие призывают Южную Корею вмешаться 2019-03-21 [IndustriALL]

Los trabajadores de la confección no pagados en Indonesia se dirigen a Corea del Sur 2019-03-21 [IndustriALL]

Les travailleurs du secteur de l’habillement privés de leurs salaires en Indonésie s’adressent à la Corée du Sud 2019-03-21 [IndustriALL]

Timor Leste, Indonesia strengthen relations in press freedom 2019-03-18 [IFJ]

Indonesia prepara sus elecciones generales mientras la región de Papúa Occidental sigue sufriendo represión 2019-03-12 [Equal Times]

As Indonesia prepares to head to the polls, the crackdown in West Papua continues 2019-03-12 [Equal Times]

Alors que l’Indonésie s’apprête à aller aux urnes, la répression continue en Papouasie occidentale 2019-03-12 [Equal Times]

コカ・コーラ・インドネシア労働者達は、迫害された組合リーダー達への信頼を再確認 2019-03-06 [IUF]

Union threat to scupper agreement with Jakarta 2019-03-03 [The Australian]

Several journalists attacked at Jakarta rally 2019-02-26 [IFJ]

Trabajadores y trabajadoras de Coca-Cola Indonesia ratifican su confianza en los dirigentes sindicales victimizados 2019-02-13 [UITA]

Die Beschäftigten von Coca-Cola Indonesien bekräftigen erneut ihr Vertrauen in die schikanierten Gewerkschaftsführer 2019-02-13 [IUL]

Workers at Coca-Cola Indonesia again confirm their confidence in victimized union leaders 2019-02-13 [IUF]

Campaigners still seek full remedy for Indonesian workers 2019-02-13 [ecotextile]

Mother of Indonesian maid tortured to death in Malaysia calls for justice 2019-02-13 [ST]

Empowered Domestic Workers 2019-02-02 [Tempo]

Indonesian Uber drivers fight back with anarcho-syndicalism 2019-02-01 [Black Rose]

インドネシア:反組合的な解雇に抵抗するコカ・コーラ労働者達が同社本社に対する闘いに着手 2019-01-30 [IUF]

Remembering Ging Ginanjar, Founder of AJI Indonesia 2019-01-29 [IFJ]

Outcry after Indonesian journalist killer receives pardon 2019-01-28 [IFJ]

318 Anggota Satpol PP Riau Jadi Peserta BPJS TK 2019-01-22 [riaupos]

Pertamina Tunda Pertemuan Dengan Perwakilan Serikat Pekerja Awak Tangki Mobil (SP-AMT) 2019-01-22 [RMOL]

Who benefits from economic nationalism? 2019-01-22 [JP]

Hong Kong needs more foreign domestic workers, including from Indonesia 2019-01-22 [antaranews]

Dipecat Sepihak, Buruh PT BCS Ngadu ke Walikota Cilegon 2019-01-22 [bantennews]

Masih Relevankah Sistem Outsourcing di Tanah Air? 2019-01-22 [Bisnis]

Kamu Pekerja Perempuan, Sudahkah Kamu Mendapatkan7 Hak Ini di Tempat Kerjamu? 2019-01-21 [Tribunnews]

Ombudsman minta BPJS Ketenagakerjaan lindungi pekerja sosial 2019-01-20 [antara]

Polisi telusuri izin pengolahan plastik yang tewaskan pekerja 2019-01-20 [antaranews]

Di-PHK Sepihak, Ratusan Pekerja PT Ceramics Industry Surabaya akan Tempuh Jalur Hukum 2019-01-20 [Tribunnews]

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