MVM workersʼ union plans demo, possible strike

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Academic freedom under threat in Hungary: the story of Lex CEU 2017-04-20 [Equal Times]

EI deeply concerned about impact of new legislation on academic freedom 2017-04-19 [Education International]

Budapest transit workers plan 8-day strike starting Saturday 2017-04-03 [Budapest Beacon]

MVM workersʼ union plans demo, possible strike 2017-03-29 [The Business Journal]


On IWD we remember Rosika Schwimmer founder of Hungarian unions organising women 2017-03-09 [Hungarian Free Press]

Gender wage gap narrows but room for improvement 2017-03-09 [Hungary Today]

Gender-based wage gap worst in Europe according to Eurostat 2017-03-09 [Budapest Beacon]

Study shows Govt-touted 'huge wage increases” for teachers are not so huge 2017-03-08 [Budapest Beacon]

Audi agrees to raise wages, union says 2017-02-13 [BBJ]

EPSU supports sacked waste company trade unionists in Hungary  ActNOW!  2017-02-12 [EPSU]

Tanítanék demonstrators demand new minister, education portfolio 2017-02-08 [Budapest Beacom]

Far-right party calls for a European Wage Union and a pay rise for Hungarians 2017-02-05 [Hungary Today]

Workers put jobs on the line to defend sacked union leader 2017-01-31 [IndustriALL]

Audi strike bellwether for Hungary labour pressure 2017-01-27 [Just Auto]

Audi workers strike at engine plant 2017-01-26 [Automotive News]

Workers at Audi's Hungarian arm set up strike committee 2017-01-24 [Reuters]

Antall József Center employees warned criticizing Olympics on Facebook could cost them their jobs 2017-01-20 [Budapest Beacon ]

Global unions back reinstatement of Hungarian union leader 2017-01-20 [IndustriALL]

Fornetti raises employeesʼ wages 2017-01-18 [Budapest Business Journal]

Equal pay in Hungary still a half century away, suggests report 2017-01-17 [Budapest Business Journal]

Flagrant violation of right to collective interest representation! 2017-01-16 [szakszervezet]

Hundreds of teachers and public education supporters protest, demand Minister's resignation and new Education Law 2016-12-21 [Budapest Beacon]

Civil servants pressured to deliver vouchers - which some say are designed to buy votes 2016-12-19 [Hungarian Free Press ]

Daimler to hike wages by over 20 percent at Hungary plant in next two years 2016-12-13 [Reuters]

Budapest garbage haulers to strike if demands not met 2016-12-13 [Budapest Beacon]

Pay-off day for labour’s lost 2016-12-06 [Budapest Times]

Strike could leave hundreds of thousands waterless 2016-12-01 [The Business Journal]

Mercedes workers held two-hour strike 2016-11-24 [Reuters]

Big protests as biggest opposition newspaper suddenly shut down 2016-10-11 [IFJ]

Voters get wage rises by blocking Arab migration 2016-08-10 [Breitbart]

Labor Woes May Trigger Wage Explosion, Minister Says 2016-08-08 [Bloomberg]

Municipal civil servants to strike for higher wages 2016-07-30 [The Budapest Beacon]

Labor shortage triggers better pay for student workers 2016-07-26 [Budapest Business Journal]

EC stands by equal pay proposal, Hungary opposes 2016-07-26 [Budapest Business Journal]

Bosses want Hungary to open doors to non-EU guest workers 2016-07-26 [TOL]

Secretary for education hints at more reforms, criticizes teachers 2016-06-24 [The Budapest Beacon]

Municipal employees hold two-hour strike 2016-06-24 [The Budapest Beacon]

Gvt promises health care workers wages to double until 2019 2016-06-18 [Hungary Today]

Teacher protests escalate into full-blown stoppage 2016-04-23 [The Times]

Teachers go on strike 2016-04-22 [The Economist]

Public school teachers in Hungary to hold one-day strike on Wednesday 2016-04-22 [Budapest Beacon]

Teachers Strike Against Centralization 2016-04-21 [Transitions]

Young Hungarian woman came to Iceland to earn a little money, found herself victim of wage theft 2016-04-15 [Iceland Magazine]

Teachers Union asks all Hungarians to show solidarity during next week's strike 2016-04-15 [Budapest Business Journal]

Gvt opposes proposed EU changes on seconded workers 2016-04-12 [Reuters]

Gvt in tactical retreat over plan to shutdown stores on Sunday 2016-04-12 [Hungarian Free Press]

Autoliv workers, management agree on wage rise, after strike 2016-04-08 [The Business Journal]

Audi workers' union reaches deal on 2016 pay increases 2016-04-05 [Reuters]

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