Victory for housing estate cleaners as 10-day strike forces employers to increase wages and severance

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Hong Kong activist temporarily detained at Taiwan airport enroute to labour protests 2018-01-10 [The Free Press]

Hong Kong police union demands meeting with civil service and security chiefs amid ‘morale crisis’ 2018-01-07 [The South China Morning Post]

Victory for housing estate cleaners as 10-day strike forces employers to increase wages and severance 2018-01-07 [The Free Press]

Police union ‘extremely disappointed’ at jail sentence for retired cop Frankly Chu 2018-01-05 [HK Free Press]

Staff survey produces scathing reviews of outgoing HKU chief Peter Mathieson 2018-01-05 [HK Free Press]

Erwina’s case inspires local domestic migrant workers 2018-01-05 [Macau Daily Times]

‘Treating us as beggars’: Talks with striking cleaners collapse after firm offers HK$200 severance deal 2018-01-03 [The Free Press]

‘I’ve been tricked’: Housing estate cleaning workers strike over HK$1m in alleged outstanding payments 2017-12-29 [The Free Press]

'Take care on labor import case' 2017-12-28 [The Standard]

Chronically overlooked: Long hours and poor working conditions in Hong Kong’s service industries 2017-12-27 [The Free Press]

HKJA expresses concern over HK01's suspected suspension of June 4 reports 2017-12-25 [HKJA]

Journalists’ Association ‘extremely concerned’ over news site HK01’s handling of Tiananmen reports 2017-12-25 [HK Free Press]

Tortured helper Erwiana wins HK$809,430 civil claim against abusive Hong Kong employer 2017-12-23 [The South China Morning Post]

Unions march to protest job agency malpractices 2017-12-20 [Asia Times]

Spare me the crocodile tears, Hong Kong’s treatment of domestic workers is modern slavery 2017-12-20 [SCMP]

A Christmas miracle for domestic workers stranded in Hong Kong? 2017-12-20 [BBC]

Domestic workers march to demand stronger legal protection against abuse 2017-12-20 [SCMP]

Union group calls for 6 per cent pay rise amid increase in projected economic growth 2017-12-10 [The South China Morning Post]

Civil Society in Hong Kong Protest Against the Eviction of the Urban Poor in Beijing 2017-12-02 [HKCTU]

In Pictures. HK Migrants Pride: Domestic worker groups rally against discrimination, harassmet 2017-11-28 [HK Free Press]

Domestic helpers union stages rally outside Philippine consulate in Hong Kong over labour ban 2017-11-15 [The South China Morning Post]

11-11 Action holds Leighton Asia responsible for Occupational Accidents 2017-11-14 [BWI Global Union ]

Hong Kong: Unions and allies demand collective bargaining rights 2017-11-01 [IUF]

HK should follow mainland example on labour laws 2017-10-30 [The South China Morning Post]

A helper, a servant, or a slave? If only Hongkongers could see the way we treat domestic workers as others do 2017-10-16 [HKFP]

HKJA appalled at threat mails received by HKFP journalists 2017-10-11 [HKJA]

Should Hong Kong’s elderly care sector import foreign labour amid chronic manpower shortage? 2017-10-11 [SCMP]

Sacrifice of leaving child behind laid bare in British filmmaker’s The Helper documentary about Hong Kong’s foreign domestic workers 2017-10-09 [SCMP]

Film review: The Helper – Hong Kong foreign domestic workers’ lives and dreams revealed in heartfelt documentary 2017-10-09 [SCMP]

Minority residents ask Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam to address inequality concerns 2017-10-09 [SCMP]

Rule requiring domestic workers to live with employers faces legal challenge 2017-10-06 [HK Free Press]

Landmark 'slavery' court case: Domestic workers challenge compulsory live-in rule 2017-10-06 [MDT]

Domestic helper launches bid to end rule saying she has to live with her employer 2017-10-05 [The South China Morning Post]

Bus driver work shifts under review after fatal Hong Kong crash, labour chief says 2017-09-29 [SCMP]

Explain This: Are Hong Kong bus drivers dangerously overworked? 2017-09-27 [SCMP]

HKJA welcomes the government’s decision to lift its bar on digital only media 2017-09-21 [HKJA]

Workers pressured to resign. Fears of financial problems at charity 2017-09-19 [HK Standard]

Domestic helpers in Sheung Wan get highest pay in HK: survey 2017-09-18 [Ejinsight]

Joint Statement by HK Labour NGOs: Restore Meng Han’s Freedom, Stop all Surveillance Now 2017-09-18 [HKCTU]

We are part of Hong Kong society’: Domestic workers campaign for HK$5,500 liveable wage 2017-09-11 [HKFP]

Worker, 68, killed as concrete slab breaks loose at building 2017-08-30 [EJ Insight]

Workers union takes on “ableist” practices within Hongkong Post 2017-08-29 [HRD]

Cuts to annual leave and sent to chop down trees: marine workers decry treatment by management 2017-08-29 [The South China Morning Post]

Human Trafficking: Close and Often Enough 2017-08-25 [HKCTU]

When local and migrant domestic workers fight together 2017-08-25 [Open Democracy]

Construction union raises questions about gondola accident during Typhoon Hato 2017-08-25 [SCMP]

Airport union warns of worker shortage 2017-08-25 [HK Standard]

Post staff stage protest against disability discrimination at work 2017-08-24 [SCMP]

Tower Crane Operator Network: Solidarity Call from Up in the Air 2017-08-22 [BWI Global Union ]

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