Protesters urge Hong Kong gov’t to regulate domestic worker labour conditions on Int’l Women’s Day

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Two Filipino domestic workers cannot stay in Hong Kong despite children having resident status, top court rules 2019-04-06 [The Free Press]

Helpers giving more than they are getting 2019-03-21 [The South China Morning Post]

Surviving is Not Living: Defending the Dignity of Workers with Living Wage 2019-03-11 [HKCTU]

Foreign domestic workers contribute to Hong Kong economy but lack access to basic financial services 2019-03-11 [Global Voices]

Protesters urge Hong Kong gov’t to regulate domestic worker labour conditions on Int’l Women’s Day 2019-03-09 [The Free Press]

Int’l Women’s Day: Hong Kong is not a welcoming city for women, working women or working mothers 2019-03-09 [The Free Press]

‘I feel lost’: Fired cancer patient exposes plight of Hong Kong’s domestic workers 2019-03-09 [The Free Press]

Hong Kong-based grassroots news website blocked in China 2019-03-06 [IFJ]

Public hospital staff demand raise and threaten strike 2019-03-05 [The Free Press]

Cathay Pacific pilots overwhelmingly reject airline’s offer, meaning five-year industrial dispute will linger on 2019-02-02 [The South China Morning Post]

Hong Kong needs more foreign domestic workers, including from Indonesia 2019-01-22 [antaranews]

Hong Kong minimum wage to jump to HK$37.50, in biggest rise since it was introduced 2019-01-10 [SCMP]

 VIDEO  New campaign urges Hong Kong employers to improve relations with domestic workers through pledge 2018-12-22 [The Free Press]

Government must guarantee Right to Information in new legislation 2018-12-20 [IFJ]

Sexual harassment in the sky: Hong Kong flight attendants fight back 2018-12-09 [The Standard]

‘Salt to the wound’: NGOs decry early release of employer jailed for torturing domestic worker Erwiana 2018-11-23 [The Free Press]

Minimum wage workers to be paid HK$3 an hour more, and no one is happy about the increase 2018-09-28 [The South China Morning Post]

Labour rights group denies mainland Chinese media report claiming it helped organise Jasic Technology strike 2018-08-28 [The South China Morning Post]

Online blacklist of rogue Hong Kong job agencies to help domestic workers 2018-08-11 [The South China Morning Post]

How to save Hong Kong maids from loan sharks 2018-08-11 [The South China Morning Post]

Domestic helpers reveal hunger horror stories in appeal to increase food allowance 2018-08-08 [The South China Morning Post]

A third of Hong Kong’s domestic workers’ income spent on agency fees or loans, NGOs say 2018-08-08 [The Free Press]

Cleaners strike as trouble heats up 2018-08-07 [The Standard]

Beijing attempts to block pro-independence activist talk 2018-08-07 [IFJ]

Self-checkouts: Retail union warns new system could affect jobs in long term 2018-08-04 [The South China Morning Post]

‘Beaten black and blue’: Domestic workers still face abuse, wage theft and cramped living 2018-08-03 [The Free Press]

Bus union calls Hong Kong police ‘ineffective’ at protecting drivers from attacks 2018-07-30 [The South China Morning Post]

HKJA launches annual press freedom report, calls for FOI law 2018-07-30 [IFJ]

Labour Tribunal ordered to reconsider refusal to hear migrant workers via video 2018-07-29 [The South China Morning Post]

Tour with a difference – meet domestic helpers enjoying their day off 2018-07-23 [The South China Morning Post]

Elderly Hong Kong workers paid so badly they can hardly afford to buy lunch 2018-07-23 [The South China Morning Post]

Ming Pao Staff Assoc. decry results of internal police investigation after reporter ‘assaulted’ during 2016 unrest 2018-07-04 [The Free Press]

The domestic worker who moonlights as a migrants’ rights protest photographer 2018-06-15 [The Free Press]

Bus driver unionists warn of escalating action as Hong Kong commuters remain unfazed by 5,000-strong work-to-rule protest 2018-05-25 [The South China Morning Post]

Gov’t mulls taxi driver penalty scheme to tackle service refusals, overcharging 2018-05-18 [The Free Press]

Hong Kong journalists attacked in Beijing 2018-05-17 [IFJ]

‘Enough! Stand up!’: Thousands march for labour rights, urging standard working hours in Hong Kong 2018-05-03 [The Free Press]

Workers stage 5,000-strong Labour Day march as they call for end to controversial pension arrangement 2018-05-01 [The South China Morning Post]

Why are Hong Kong’s young people abandoning student unions? 2018-04-23 [SCMP]

KMB reinstates four Hong Kong bus drivers who took part in strike, warns them not to repeat actions 2018-04-13 [The South China Morning Post]

KMB bus drivers who initiated strike officially reinstated following appeal 2018-04-13 [The Free Press]

Hong Kong independence comments lead to freedom of speech row 2018-04-06 [IFJ]

Cathay Pacific’s female staff win right to wear trousers in historic move for Hong Kong carrier 2018-04-01 [The South China Morning Post]

Worker News: Hongkongers run website reporting from the grassroots side of labour disputes 2018-03-27 [The Free Press]

Cathay Pacific union condemns ‘impersonators’ asking members to vote for pro-Beijing candidate 2018-03-12 [The Free Press]

Men and women at work – Why gender diversity initiatives fail 2018-03-09 [The Free Press]

Hong Kong migrant worker groups march in solidarity ahead of International Women’s Day 2018-03-08 [hongkongfp]

KMB has room to improve in recent labour dispute, says Chief Executive Carrie Lam 2018-03-08 [hongkongfp]

KMB suspends decision to sack four drivers who joined strike 2018-03-07 [ejinsight]

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