Albion sugar workers protest over reduction of tillage pay

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Albion sugar workers protest over reduction of tillage pay 2018-10-04 [The Stabroek News]

Gov’t creates new crisis in teachers’ negotiation by imposing a chairperson 2018-10-01 [The Stabroek News]

Teachers strike looms again: “They are ready to hit the streets” over imposed arbitration chairman, despite Education Ministry’s threatened legal action 2018-09-27 [Demerara Waves]

'Teachers’ Union, govt open preparatory talks for arbitration; disagreement on some terms of reference' 2018-09-11 [Demerara Waves]

Teachers and their leaders must be commended for standing their ground 2018-09-11 [The Stabroek News]

Teachers’ recent strike and workers pursuit of the respect for Collective Bargaining 2018-09-10 [The Stabroek News]

' Linden teachers continue strike action in earnest' 2018-09-06 [Kaieteur News]

'As second week of strike action continues… GTU threatens legal action to prevent illegal appointment of “substitutes”' 2018-09-06 [Kaieteur News]

'Almost total shutdown of E’bo schools as 600 teachers stay away' 2018-09-06 [Kaieteur News]

'Gov’t ready for arbitration' 2018-09-06 [Guyana Chronicle]

'Region Ten teachers meet GTU General Secretary' 2018-09-05 [Kaieteur News]

Canadian labour leaders blast gov’t’s treatment of sugar workers 2018-09-05 [The Stabroek News]

'Mixed reactions to strike in NA, Region Five' 2018-09-04 [Guyana Chronicle]

'$4B to meet teachers’ demands' 2018-09-04 [Guyana Chronicle]

'Incensed reactions to teachers’ strike' 2018-09-04 [Kaieteur News]

' Hundreds of teachers take to the streets in New Amsterdam' 2018-09-04 [Kaieteur News]

'Strike action takes first real bite with massive countrywide turnout' 2018-09-04 [Kaieteur News]

About 10 percent of teachers on strike; Education Ministry deploys 500 substitutes 2018-09-04 [Demerara Waves]

Striking teachers abandoned classrooms countrywide while others remained on the job 2018-09-04 [Demerara Waves]

'Henry allays fears as strike continues' 2018-09-03 [Guyana Chronicle]

'Teachers divided on strike action' 2018-09-03 [Kaieteur News]

'Guyana Teachers’ Union [GTU] heartened that govt. trying to locate funds to pay salary increase – but extremely disappointed only 2018 under consideration' 2018-09-02 [Kaieteur News]

Gov’t seeking to source funds to up pay offer to teachers 2018-09-01 [The Stabroek News]

'GTU rejects conciliation talks' 2018-08-31 [Guyana Chronicle]

'Government has one day to negate teacher’s strike – GTU President' 2018-08-31 [Kaieteur News]

Forty percent claim by teachers not unreasonable 2018-08-30 [The Stabroek News]

'GTU to attend conciliation meeting today -but demands neutral persons to mediate -blames President Granger for ongoing strike action' 2018-08-29 [Kaieteur News]

'Guyana Goldfields to lay off Greenfield workers' 2018-08-28 [Guyana Times]

'As strike commences… Teachers demanding nothing less than 40% salary increase – GTU' 2018-08-28 [Kaieteur News]

'Guyana teachers take strike action in support of wage increases' 2018-08-27 [Caribbean News Service]

'Teachers begin nation-wide strike action today' 2018-08-27 [Kaieteur News]

GTUC calls for full support for teachers in their wage struggle 2018-08-27 [The Stabroek News]

'Granger urges Guyana teachers not to take strike action' 2018-08-21 [Nation News]

No cash strike relief but teachers still vow to abandon classrooms; GTU to seek legal advice on blocking salary deductions 2018-08-21 [Demerara Waves]

Wages talks with teachers’ union not over -Henry 2018-08-15 [The Stabroek News]

Sugar workers’ unions appeal dismissed by Caribbean Court of Justice 2018-08-01 [Demerara Waves]

Unions will continue to press for Labour to be accorded its rightful status in gov’t 2018-07-26 [The Stabroek News]

APNU+AFC vote against Labour Ministry motion will go down as day of infamy for Guyana 2018-07-23 [The Stabroek News]

'Teachers picket union over pay hike' 2018-07-04 [Guyana Chronicle]

GAWU’s move to court over severance pay was approved by the Union’s General Council 2018-07-04 [The Stabroek News]

GuySuCo sets up coordinating body for alternative livelihoods Programme 2018-06-24 [The Stabroek News]

Govt’s handling of Enmore Martyrs observance was poor, GTUC excluded from planning 2018-06-18 [The Stabroek News]

Union seeking overseas help on whether GGMC HQ safe from mercury 2018-05-29 [The Stabroek News]

GGMC workers’ union seek international help to certify mercury clean-up ; 200+ workers suffer mercury poisoning 2018-05-28 [Demerara Waves]

GPSU says new union not certified to represent GGMC workers 2018-05-18 [The Stabroek News]

Gays, lesbians must leverage votes for scrapping of buggery, cross-dressing laws- GTUC Chief 2018-05-18 [Demerara Waves]

GGMC workers break away from GPSU representation 2018-05-13 [The Stabroek News]

'Unions representing Oldendorff, BCGI-RUSAL workers discuss concerns with govt as transshipping company prepares to shut operations' 2018-04-23 [Demerara Waves]

‘As a trade unionist I take seriously the responsibility to engage in activism that will bring about justice and fair play’ 2018-03-29 [The Stabroek News]

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