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When Agricultural Workers Go Hungry 2018-10-19 [Project Syndicate]

Education unionists add their voice in defence of freedom of expression 2018-10-19 [Education International]

EI announces winner of education prize 2018-10-19 [Education International]

Education unionist Jalila al Salman given EI’s Mary Hatwood Futrell Award 2018-10-19 [Education International]

69 of the richest 100 entities on the planet are corporations, not governments, figures show 2018-10-18 [Global Justice Now]

World Food Day 2018: Global call for a halt to 'gene drive' technology 2018-10-18 [IUF]

Why won’t H&M ‘turn around’ and provide a living wage for its workers? 2018-10-18 [Equal Times]

Trade Union Commitment to Ensure Teleperformance Respects Human Rights 2018-10-18 [NUW]

A pivotal moment for garment workers’ rights? 2018-10-18 [EcoTextile]

69 of the richest 100 bodies in the world are corporations 2018-10-18 [Morning Star]

Politics on display in final report of Australia’s Industrial Deaths inquiry 2018-10-17 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

End the lies, cover-up and appeasement over killing of Jamal Khashoggi 2018-10-17 [NUJ]

Gender insensitivity of Belaruskali CEO ... or the women's question again 2018-10-17 []

Domestic violence takes a toll at women at work. But it doesn’t have to. 2018-10-17 [Reuters]

AUDIO: RadioLabour World Report for Tuesday Oct 16, 2018 2018-10-17 [RadioLabour]

Multidisciplinary analysis of safety culture 2018-10-16 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Video on Gender-Based Violence at Work Now in Spanish For more info 2018-10-16 [Solidarity Center]

Education International Executive Board meets in Brussels to look into the organisation's future 2018-10-16 [Education International]

Rural women speak out at UN food security plenary: ‘After a decade of celebrating International Rural Women’s Day we are still denied our rights’ 2018-10-16 [Reliefweb]

Coal mining unions demand Just Transition 2018-10-15 [IndustriALL]

Nå kan du foreslå kandidater til Arthur Svenssons internasjonale pris for faglige rettigheter 2018-10-15 [Industri Energi]

Nominations for the 2019 Arthur Svensson Prize are now open 2018-10-15 [Industri Energi]

Helping to prepare transport workers for disruption 2018-10-15 [The Straits Times]

International Trade Union Conference on Chrysotile Asbestos 2018-10-15 [ International Trade Union Alliance for Chrysotile]

Let’s seize the opportunity to ensure a strong, international binding treaty on business and human rights 2018-10-15 [Equal Times]

Historic 44th ITF Congress, the first in Southeast Asia, opens in Singapore 2018-10-15 [ITF]

ITF: governments should back binding UN treaty on business and human rights 2018-10-15 [ITF]

World Bank World Development Report 2019: Once again, the “cure” is worse than the disease 2018-10-15 [Education International]

World Bank’s World Development Report 2019: Unsatisfactory policy perspective on changes in the world of work 2018-10-15 [ITUC]

International Transport Workers Federation Condemns Death Penalty Threat Against Iran Truckers 2018-10-14 [Radio Farda]

Oxfam criticises World Bank for backing deregulated labour markets 2018-10-13 [Guardian]

AUDIO: RadioLabour World Report for Friday Oct 12, 2018 2018-10-13 [RadioLabour]

ITF Dockers’ Section reaffirms campaign to stop the industrial abuses by stevedoring operators seeking to automate 2018-10-12 [ITF]

Journée internationale de la fille: les syndicats de l'éducation réaffirment leur engagement à promouvoir les droits des filles dans et par l'éducation 2018-10-12 [Education International]

International Day of the Girl Child: education unions renew their commitment to advancing girls’ rights in and through education 2018-10-12 [Education International]

World Bank and IMF should support a new social contract and full employment 2018-10-12 [ITUC]

Governments Should Back Binding UN Treaty on Business and Human Rights 2018-10-12 [ITUC]

By looking at the silicosis tree, we might miss the forest of dust 2018-10-12 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

AUDIO: RadioLabour World Report for Thursday Oct 11, 2018 2018-10-11 [RadioLabour]

ITF congress set to open in Singapore this weekend 2018-10-11 [ITF]

Player unions denounce IOC Athletes’ Declaration 2018-10-11 [UNI Global Union]

25 Lessons on Education and Democracy 2018-10-11 [Education International]

Global support for education access and quality at UNGA 2018-10-11 [Education International]

Education International raises professional issues with global experts 2018-10-11 [Education International]

EI General Secretary critiques the World Bank’s Human Capital Index 2018-10-11 [Education International]

Unions act to secure tax justice to secure workers’ rights 2018-10-11 [Education International]

Fast food workers around the world rise up for their rights 2018-10-10 [IUF]

Global Transport Workers News Headlines Today (10th Oct 2018) By Kona Vishnu, Incharge NFIR Media Centre, INDIA. 2018-10-10 [NFIR INDIA, GOOGLE]

Glyphosate presents an OHS problem but maybe OHS is the path to a solution 2018-10-09 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

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