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Protest is vital when journalists are jailed from Northern Ireland to Turkey 2018-12-17 [Press Gazette]

Sydney to host FIFPRO General Assembly in 2019 2018-12-16 [PFA]

AUDIO: RadioLabour World Report for Friday December 14, 2018 2018-12-15 [RadioLabour]

The COP24 and climate change education: bold action is needed 2018-12-14 [Education International]

Slow progress on copyright in education and research at the World Intellectual Property Organisation 2018-12-14 [Education International]

Chemical and pharmaceutical unions push for worker protections at ILO global forum 2018-12-13 [IndustriALL]

More robots, fewer rights: labour trends in electronics manufacturing 2018-12-13 [Equal Times]

Citing Budget Cuts, Israeli envoys to Netanyahu: 'We can't work under such conditions' 2018-12-12 [Ynet News]

Strong union presence in renewables is key to future 2018-12-12 [IndustriALL]

Global Unions Denounce Irresponsibility on Global Compact on Migration 2018-12-12 [Education International]

Growth & Accountability Today, Just Transitions Tomorrow 2018-12-11 [TUAC]

World Disability Day: Time to rethink disability in education 2018-12-11 [Education International]

Global Education Meeting: EI calls on the education community to dramatically step up progress towards SDG4 and invest in teachers 2018-12-11 [Education International]

On Human Rights day, it is time to reflect, stand up, speak out and act 2018-12-11 [Education International]

UN General Assembly proclaims 24 January International Day of Education 2018-12-11 [Education International]

Top Glove vows action after labour rights expose 2018-12-10 [FMT]

ETUC says sign UN Migration Compact 2018-12-10 [ETUC]

The 4th ITUC World Congress concluded in Copenhagen today with the re-election of Sharan Burrow as General Secretary of the 207 million-member movement 2018-12-10 [ITUC]

Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism’s Imminent Demise 2018-12-09 [True Publica]

The Media Organisations That Write About Workers 2018-12-09 [The Wire]

Politikken druknet i valgkamp på ITUC-kongressen 2018-12-07 [Fri fagbevegelse]

How artificial intelligence is transforming journalism 2018-12-07 [Equal Times]

Time is running out to save the planet 2018-12-07 [Equal Times]

Francis Atwoli re-elected to International Trade Union Confederation 2018-12-07 [The Nation]

The hidden human costs of fast fashion 2018-12-07 [Deutsche Welle]

Ryanairs Michael O'Leary er verdens verste sjef, ifølge fagbevegelsen 2018-12-07 [Fri fagbevegelse]

ITUC Congress 2018 - Speech by Luca Visentini, ETUC General Secretary 2018-12-07 [ETUC]

Supreme Court of Appeals clears us of Anti-Semitism and hate speech – COSATU 2018-12-07 [COSATU]

Sharan Burrow re-elected to head global union 2018-12-06 [The Australian]

ITUC at a Crossroads as Sharan Burrow is Challenged 2018-12-06 [IPSnews]

Nigeria's Wabba elected President of ITUC 2018-12-06 [Vanguard]

IUF international delegation brings the Coca-Cola Zero Rights campaign to Coke workers in Europe 2018-12-06 [IUF]

Global Poll: Governments’ failure to address low wages and insecure jobs threatens trust in politics and democracy 2018-12-06 [ITUC]

Unions support Solidarity and Just Transition Silesia Declaration 2018-12-06 [ITUC]

ITUC World Congress: A fractured world needs strong unions 2018-12-06 [ITUC]

Global Union Movement Says Refugees Welcome 2018-12-06 [ITUC]

Sharan Burrow re-elected General Secretary of ITUC 2018-12-06 [ACTU]

Men underestimate level of sexual harassment against women – survey 2018-12-06 [The Guardian]

NUJ calls for global protections for freelance workers 2018-12-06 [NUJ]

When algorithms hire and fire 2018-12-06 [Equal Times]

Spennende valg i internasjonal fagbevegelse 2018-12-05 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Tenaris/Ternium: Unions escalate struggle as chairman indicted in bribery case 2018-12-04 [IndustriAll]

Inclusion of women the priority for IndustriALL women’s committee 2018-12-04 [IndustriALL]

 VIDEO  Delegate of banned Independent Trade Union Confederation address ITUC Congress  ActNOW!  2018-12-04 [KTR]

IndustriALL makes joint declaration demanding Just Transition at COP24 2018-12-03 [IndustriALL]

IndustriALL's Executive Committee calls for an end to protection contracts and stands up for union democracy 2018-12-03 [IndustriALL]

ITUC-leder: Amazon presser livet ut av arbeidsfolk 2018-12-03 [Fri fagbevegelse]

IndustriALL COP24 Blog 2018-12-03 [IndustriALL]

What is happening with the Bangladesh Accord? 2018-12-03 [Fashion United]

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