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Air France-flygere varsler nye streiker 2018-04-26 [Adressa/NTB]

Air France cancels Taipei flights amid union strike 2018-04-25 [The Times]

Rail unions call court battle with SNCF on lost pay 2018-04-25 [Connexion]

Train standoff, through the eyes of striking worker 2018-04-25 [680 News]

New York Building Bridges: International Labor Offensive to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal For more info 2018-04-25 [WBAI Radio]

Strikers press on with attempt to derail SNCF reform 2018-04-23 [Reuters]

Air France cancels 25 percent of flights on Monday due to strike action 2018-04-23 [The Local]

Anti-Macron Demonstrations Draw Up To 300,000 Nationwide 2018-04-20 [teleSUR]

French students and workers unite against Macron reforms 2018-04-20 [The Times]

Union seeks to broaden anti-Macron protest but support lacking 2018-04-20 [Reuters]

Macron booed by striking rail workers after he begs them to stop crippling France 2018-04-20 [Daily Express]

'Privatisation is hell': Protesting French rail workers defend their strikes 2018-04-20 []

120.000 demonstrerte mot Macron 2018-04-20 [Bergens Tidende/NTB]

Rail strikes: How services will be affected on Thursday 2018-04-19 [The Local]

CGT urges broader anti-Macron protests, other unions keep their distance 2018-04-19 [Reuters]

French rail workers strike against 'reform,' Macron says no turning back 2018-04-19 [Reuters]

Parisians warned of Metro travel disruption as union calls for strike 2018-04-18 [The Local]

Rail workers press on with strike after lawmakers pass reform 2018-04-18 [Reuters]

Streiker og protester har ikke stoppet presidenten 2018-04-18 [Aftenposten]

Latest French rail strike hits train services on Wednesday 2018-04-18 []

IAM fact finding tour to France termed successful! 2018-04-17 [IAMAW]

Eiffel Tower reopens after security staff strike 2018-04-15 [Connexion]

Just how effective are the anti-Macron walkouts? 2018-04-15 [The Independent]

Less disruption on French railways on fifth strike day 2018-04-14 [RFI]

Tror Macron vinner arbeidsstrid om jernbanen 2018-04-13 []

French rail strike disruption eases as more trains take to the tracks 2018-04-13 [The Local]

Air France workers hold firm on pay demands amid new strikes 2018-04-12 [The Post]

Fundraiser Raises Over $850,000 for Striking French Workers 2018-04-12 [teleSUR]

Macron locked in an 'existential battle' against trade unions, strategist says 2018-04-11 [CNBC]

Air France strikes cause $209 million loss, Germany's Lufthansa follows suit 2018-04-11 [UPI]

Lufthansa and Air France flights grounded by strikes 2018-04-11 [BBC]

Air France Doubles Pay Offer In Bid To Avert More Strikes: Union Calls Airline “Dishonest” 2018-04-11 [Paddle Your Own Kanoo]

ASLEF sends solidASLEF sends solidarity greetings to the CGTarity greetings to the CGT 2018-04-09 [ASLEF]

French show their fraternity as public donates €500k to striking rail workers 2018-04-09 [The Local]

Rail staff stage 'Black Tuesday' protests against overhaul 2018-04-09 [The Guardian]

Train workers start strike to protest Macron labor reforms 2018-04-09 [Deutsche Welle]

Fail workers are striking 2 days out of 5 for the next 3 months 2018-04-09 [CNN]

Macron's rail reforms and French union strikes 2018-04-09 [Reuters]

Air France strike sees 30 percent of flights cancelled 2018-04-09 [AP]

French brace for rail strike havoc as state vows to enact reform 2018-04-09 [The Business Times]

Train strikes resume as unions square off with Macron 2018-04-09 [Euraktiv]

Cancellations on Eurostar as rail workers strike 2018-04-09 [Kent Online]

Varsler maratonstreik 2018-04-09 [Bergens Tidende]

Eurostar warns of more cancellations and disruption over Easter weekend as strike action continues 2018-04-08 [CityA.M]

Train Strikes Resume as Unions Square off With Macron 2018-04-08 [USNews]

French rail strike resumes as govt warns it won't back down 2018-04-08 [Yahoo]

Some 2,500 electricians threaten week-long strike starting Monday 2018-04-08 [YLE]

Rail workers press ahead with strike 2018-04-08 [The Local]

Air France cancels 30 percent of flights due to strike 2018-04-08 [The Press-Herald]

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