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Syersker som lager H&M-klær tjener ti kroner dagen 2018-02-06 [VG]

Park life: workers struggle to make ends meet at Ethiopia's $250m industrial zone 2017-12-07 [Guardian ]

Ethiopia: Union recruits in industrial parks 2017-12-06 [IndustriALL]

Unions prioritise women workers' rights in Ethiopia 2017-12-03 [Just Style]

Prioritizing women workers’ rights in the garment and textile sector 2017-11-20 [IndustriALL]

Castel Labour Suspends Strike after Pay Raise Vow 2017-11-10 [Addis Fortune]

7 Ethiopian construction workers killed in fire at Chinese run construction site for new FIFA stadium 2017-09-08 [GCR]

CBE's Labour Union Tops Fresh Blood Executives 2017-09-06 [Addis Fortune]

Smugglers throw 180 migrants into Yemen sea 2017-08-10 [News24]

Maid: My Kuwaiti employer was trying to kill me 2017-04-08 [Middle East Eye]

Woman who filmed her maid falling from a building and didn't try to help 'detained by police' in Kuwait 2017-04-04 [The Independent]

This Horrific Video of an Ethiopian Domestic Worker Falling in Kuwait Must Prompt Change 2017-04-04 [OkayAfrica]

Domestic Worker from Ethiopia Survives Fall From Kuwait Building 2017-04-04 [HRW]

CETU unio in campaign for decent work conditions for women 2017-01-26 [Ethiopian Herald]

Two Radio Bilal Journalists Sentenced in Ethiopia On Terror Charges 2017-01-09 [CPJ]

New Policy to Ensure Labour Safety 2016-12-28 [Fortune]

Plight of contract teachers under international spotlight 2016-07-07 [Education International]

TUC Aid project update: Supporting employment rights of disabled people in Ethiopia 2016-06-24 [TUC]

Escaping the Heat Into the Fire - Migration of Ethiopian Women Domestic Workers to Middle East Countries 2016-06-18 [Pambazuka News]

An Ethiopian housemaid stabs Lebanese employer 2016-04-30 [Lebanon Daily Star]

Defying censorship, hunger stories emerge from Ethiopia 2016-04-29 [Equal Times]

Facing the living wage challenge in Ethiopia 2016-04-14 [IndustriALL]

War on Ethiopian Taxi Drivers Provokes Strike 2016-03-07 [Geeksa]

CETU Launches Second Round Campaign to Form Trade Unions 2016-02-19 [Ethiopian Herald]

Restrictive Ethiopia cuts an economic dash 2016-01-04 [BBC]

Viral Amateur Video Shows Plight of Ethiopian Women in Kuwaiti Prison 2016-01-01 [Zegabi]

WFTU in Solidarity with the people of Ethiopia 2015-12-22 [WFTU]

Low Wages Draw International Textile Companies to the Country 2015-12-13 [Deutsche Welle]

Meet the female pilots who are taking over Zimbabwe and Ethiopia’s skies 2015-11-24 [Quartz]

Ethiopia: Meeting with former migrant domestic workers 2015-10-07 [VICKY KANYOKA]

Ethiopia: Hope Domestic Workers Network is formed 2015-10-07 [VICKY KANYOKA]

Protecting Labour Migrants Through Legal Means 2015-08-29 [Ethiopian Herald]

IFJ asks US President to demand release of imprisoned journalists in Ethiopia 2015-07-25 [IFJ]

Egyptian army rescued Ethiopian workers in Libya, says president 2015-05-08 [Ahram Online]

CETU Accuses Employing Agencies for Compromising Workers' Benefits 2015-05-05 [Ethiopian Herald]

Driving Organising, Negotiation and Policy Influencing in Ethiopia via HIV and AIDS Workplace Education. 2015-04-14 [BWI]

Sheraton workers sacked over union, protestors claim 2015-04-07 [Conference News]

Top WHO official in Thailand denies maid slavery claims 2015-04-05 [Guardian]

Addis Ababa on track for new light rail transit system 2015-03-16 [Equal Times]


Rising to the top of the footwear industry through Decent Work; IWD 2015 2015-02-28 [ILO]

Booming business, underpaid workers 2014-12-31 [AlJazeera]

Free jailed journalists,allow the exiled journalists to come back and work 2014-10-18 [IFJ]

Cheap labour attracts foreign firms 2014-10-05 [Equal Times]

Ethiopia’s cheap labour attracts foreign firms 2014-10-02 [Equal Times]

Premier announces pay raise for civil servants 2014-06-25 [ERTA]

Ethiopia: where independent journalists are jailed as “terrorists” 2014-04-23 [Equal Times]

IndustriALL women members in Ethiopia unite to fight inequality and to organize more women into unions 2014-04-03 [IndustriALL Global Union]

IFJ Appeals for Release of Somali Journalist Jailed in Ethiopia 2014-03-11 [IFJ]

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