How Egyptian cleaning service seeks to protect migrant workers

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Egypt makes progress on new labour laws: ILO country director 2017-04-20 [dailynewsegypt]

How Egyptian cleaning service seeks to protect migrant workers 2017-04-19 [Al-Monitor]

HRW: Israel and Egypt deny aid workers access to Gaza 2017-04-04 [Deutsche Welle]

Stunning images show life as an Egyptian limestone worker 2017-04-03 [Green Prophet]

21 striking IFFCO workers acquitted by Suez appeals court 2017-03-13 [MadaMasr]

19 IFFCO workers in Suez acquitted from charges of striking  ActNOW!  2017-03-13 [DNE]

IFFCO Egypt union leaders acquitted of criminal charges face retrial 2017-03-13 [IUF]

HRW: Egypt stifling the right to strike 2017-03-13 [Middle East Monitor]

A-Z of progress and setbacks for Egyptian women between two international women’s days 2017-03-09 [Mada Masr ]

IWD - Steps forward achieved in Egypt, but big challenges remain 2017-03-09 [Abram Online]

Inheritance protection for women 2017-03-07 [Al-Monitor]

Textile strike clampdown – a sign of repressive times 2017-03-01 [Equal Times]

Will Saudi Arabia expel Egyptian workforce? 2017-02-14 [Al-Monitor]

Workers Charged Over Protests 2017-02-10 [allAfrica]

Union campaign against policies of impoverishment 2017-02-10 [Mada]

Drop Charges Against Workers: Change Laws that Restrict Right to Organize, Strike 2017-02-09 [Human Rights Watch]

Workers at Egypt's Mahalla El-Kobra end strike, production resumes 2017-02-09 [Abram Online]

3,000 workers go on strike in Egypt's Mahalla 2017-02-08 [Abram Online]

Court acquits IFFCO workers of 'incitement' but union leaders, members still barred from work 2017-02-08 [IUF]

Media- Act Now!.. A Labour solidarity Film with IFFCCO workers 2017-02-01 [CTUWS]

27 IFFCO Egypt workers acquitted over illegal strike charges 2017-01-31 [Daily News Egypt ]

The dark times of the egyptian trade unionism. Talks Kamal Abbas, CTUWS (ENG Version podcast) 2017-01-30 [RadioArticolo1]

Regime continues to squash January 25 Revolution demands 2017-01-30 [Egypt Independent]

State responds to recent labor protests with heightened repression and exceptional legal measures For more info 2017-01-28 [Mada]

A year on, Giulio Regeni death casts shadow over Italy-Egypt relations 2017-01-27 [The Guardian]

Cambridge students take to the streets to demand justice for Giulio Regeni 2017-01-27 [Cambridge News]

Giulio Regeni: Egypt airs video of murdered Italian student 2017-01-27 [BBC]

Letter to Excellency Mr. Prime Minister in solidarity with IFFCCO Workers- Signatories 2017-01-23 [CTUWS]

Act now to defend food workers union 2017-01-20 [Stronger Unions]

independent union at IFFCO under attack 2017-01-18 [IUF]

Daqahleya governor refers 240 hospital employees to investigation over absence during inspection visit 2017-01-18 [DNE ]

Pharmacists Syndicate postpones partial strike after call from presidency 2017-01-18 [DNE]

Court postpones Press Syndicate leaders’ appeal against imprisonment, final verdict on 25 February 2017-01-18 [DNE]

IFFCO Workers Face Court After the Management, Security and The General Union United Against Them 2017-01-16 [CTUWS]

'We Want to Live' campaign holds conference to challenge 'harsh economic policies' in Egypt 2017-01-15 [Ashram Online]

Consolidating Repression Under al-Sisi 2017-01-15 [HRW]

Sisi ratifies law establishing first ever media workers’ syndicate 2017-01-07 [Egypt Independent ]

Country of the Forbidden and Being Squeezed in the Corner- Report of Violations Against the Freedom of Trade Unions, December 2016 2017-01-04 [CTUWS]

A Labour Sit In is Forcibly Dispersed 2017-01-03 [CTUWS]

Unions lead the 1736 protests in 2016 2017-01-02 [DNE]

The dilemma of Egypt’s public wages from Abdel Nasser to Al-Sisi 2017-01-02 [DNE]

1st female certified bodyguard breaks gender barriers in Egypt 2017-01-02 [Al-Monitor]

Call to free Al-Jazeera producer 2016-12-30 [IFJ]

Al-Jazeera producer arrested in Egypt for 'broadcasting false news': Interior ministry 2016-12-26 [Ahram Online]

Message from the campaign to defend Trade Union Freedoms (Egypt) to the Arab Trade Union Confederation (ATUC) 2016-11-24 [CTUWS]

Journalist Union head sentenced to two years jail 2016-11-20 [Middle East Eye]

Court finds members of the journalists union guilty of sheltering fugitives 2016-11-20 [Ma'an News Agency]

اقرأها بالعربية Public transport workers: Dissidents across different regimes 2016-11-19 [Mada Masr]

Eighty Thousand Join Ranks of Unemployed in 3rd Quarter of 2016 - Capmas 2016-11-17 [Aswat Masriya]

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