Workers take to the streets against attempt to cut social protection

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Workers take to the streets against attempt to cut social protection [BWI] 2018-08-02

Teleperformance recognises labour union [UNI Global Union] 2018-04-20

Nine year struggle to form union 'worth it' [Solidarity Center] 2017-09-06

Major gridlock in Santiago as bus drivers stage strike [Dominican Today] 2014-09-30


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Workers take to the streets against attempt to cut social protection 2018-08-02 [BWI]

A school where children from shantytowns and gated communities learn together 2018-07-12 [Equal Times]

Unions at Gerdau recommit to global struggle for workers’ rights 2018-05-22 [IndustriALL]

Teleperformance recognises labour union 2018-04-20 [UNI Global Union]

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Workers in the Dominican Republic Free Trade Zones achieve historic increase in minimum wage 2017-09-12 [IndustriALL]

Nine year struggle to form union 'worth it' 2017-09-06 [Solidarity Center]

Willbes & Co reinstates 15 dismissed workers in the Dominican Republic 2017-08-24 [IndustriALL]

Free Zone Workers Call for Wage Increase 2017-04-09 [Prensa Latina]

Teleperformance blocked from firing Dominican union leader 2017-03-29 [UNI Global Union]

Medical Association and government return to talks 2016-09-01 [Today]

Hundreds of Dominican Food Workers Win Union For more info 2016-06-06 [Solidarity Center]

The Haitian sugar workers denied Dominican Republic pensions 2015-12-25 [Equal Times]

Dominican Republic: the Haitian sugar workers denied their pensions 2015-12-16 [Equal Times]

TUC condemns Dominican Republic's contionued failure to protect human rights 2015-12-12 [TUC]

Workers earn less than US$333 as informal jobs beckon 2015-12-11 [Dominican Today]

Dominican Republic: Domestic workers demanding their rights as workers on the Human Rights Day 2015-12-10 [Elena Perez]

Fairtrade praises DR progress on Haitian workers 2015-12-08 [America Fruit]

DR businesses waylay 200 labor unions 2015-09-23 [Dominican Today]

Washington Building Bridges Radio: Overtime Proposal a Win; Haitian Rights in Dominican Republic For more info 2015-08-26 [WBAI Radio]

Organizing Key to Assisting Migrant Workers For more info 2015-08-04 [Solidarity Center]

Workers of Haitian Descent: A Legacy of Discrimination 2015-06-25 [Solidarity Center]

Better Lives Sought for Larimar Miners 2015-04-18 [VoA]

Union leader decries ‘secret talks’ to waylay workers’ benefits 2015-04-09 [Today]

Better lives sought for larimar miners 2015-04-07 [The Herald-Sun]

Government must protect Dominican workers in Haiti: Union leader 2015-03-10 [Today]

Thousands of workers at risk of expulsion in the Dominican Republic 2015-02-14 [ITUC]

ITF urges action over Dominican Republic arrest and workers’ persecution 2015-02-12 [ITF]

Unions threaten ‘war’ on months of failed talks 2015-02-10 [Today]

ITF official arrested for investigating air traffic control problems in the Dominican Republic, is freed 2015-02-10 [ITF Global Union]

ITF sounds alarm over Dominican Republic ATC crisis risk For more info 2015-02-06 [ITF]

Workers need US$450-month salary to live with dignity: Union leader 2015-01-07 [Dominican Today]

Dominican Republic: November 25 Day of Non-violence Against Women 2014-11-04 [ATH]

Stateless but Imperative: Haitian Workers in the Dominican Economy 2014-11-04 [The Political Review]

Apparel company succeeding on anti-sweatshop model 2014-10-12 [MSNBC]

Major gridlock in Santiago as bus drivers stage strike 2014-09-30 [Dominican Today]

Tech apparel garment workers to speak 2014-09-09 [The Times]

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