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Arbeidsgivere advarer mot gule fagforeninger 2018-03-23 [LO]

A Labor Dispute Threatens to Wipe Out Economic Growth 2018-03-14 [Bloomberg]

Thousands of operations could be delayed by Danish labour dispute 2018-03-14 [thelocal]

Danish government to examine bonuses for public sector bosses 2018-03-13 [thelocal]

1,000 staff in prison system could be affected by labour dispute in Denmark 2018-03-13 [thelocal]

Danish public sector workers cancel holidays as 'historic' strike, lockout threaten to become reality 2018-03-11 [thelocal]

Den danske modellen spises fra innsiden 2018-03-09 [LO]

If nothing happens in the meantime to prevent it, Denmark is on course for the worst industrial disruption for decades 2018-03-08 [The Post]

I opprør etter at regjeringen varslet lockout av 440.000 offentlig ansatte 2018-03-08 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Statsansatte kan bli rammet av stor lockout 2018-03-07 [Fri fagbevegelse/NTB]

Fagforbund oppfordrer til streikebryteri 2018-03-06 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Nationwide public worker strike looms as talks break down with government 2018-03-01 [The Copenhagen Post ]

Det går mot fusjon mellom LO og FTF 2018-02-19 [LO]

Nye tiltak mot sosial dumping 2018-02-19 [LO]

LO og søsterorganisasjonen til Unio og YS mot sammenslåing 2018-02-08 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Eastern Europeans head home just as Denmark needs them the most 2018-01-31 [Bloomberg]

Nordea Bank Forbids Workers From Owning Bitcoin: Unions Threaten Legal Action 2018-01-25 [The Coin Telegraph]

Film producer returns to work despite harassment allegations 2018-01-12 [The Local]

From opera to Slush – how #metoo is changing the Nordics 2017-12-26 [Nordic Labour Journal ]

Union think-tank argues Danish economy good enough to increase wages 2017-12-21 [The Local]

Teaching Danes how to manage robots 2017-12-12 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Danish firm hands out 65,000 kroner Xmas bonus to employees 2017-12-09 [Copenhagen Post]

Foreigners taking fewer jobs in Denmark: report 2017-12-05 [The Local ]

Foreign academics face prosecution over visa technicalities 2017-12-04 [The Local ]

Survey: Denmark has best work/life balance in Europe 2017-12-02 [Copenhagen Post ]

Danish bosses say more must be done to draw international workers to Denmark 2017-11-29 [The Local]

Anklager om seksuell trakassering rysterer Dansk Journalistlag 2017-11-27 [Journalisten]

'Blame for tragic case should not be individualised': nursess union joins Denmark doctors' campaign 2017-10-16 [The Local]

Brexit Limbo for EU Workers Has Denmark Inc. Saying ‘Come Here!’ 2017-10-16 [Bloomberg]

To Protect Workers, Tax Laws, Gvt Integrates Sharing Economy Into Legal System 2017-10-11 [Bloomberg]

Increased labour shortage holds up production 2017-10-08 [The Local]

Danish government orchestrated teacher lockout: former minister 2017-09-29 [The Local]

Forced labourers from North Korea help build a Danish warship 2017-09-27 [Newsweek]

UN gets involved with use of North Korean labour used to build Danish Navy ship 2017-09-27 [Copenhagen Post]

Stadig flere må ha mange jobber for å overleve 2017-09-19 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Lego to slash eight percent of workforce after sales drop in US, Europe 2017-09-07 [The Local]

Fare for pilotstreik i SAS 2017-08-28 [Dfly]

Free movement of EU workers hurting wages and conditions say Danish parties 2017-06-19 [The Local]

Threats & harassment put mail delivery on hold in Danish city district 2017-06-14 [RT]

Concern over worker safety post service refuses to enter neighbourhood 2017-06-13 [The Local ]

Danish Protest After Bosses 'Wash Hands' Of Undercutting 2017-06-12 [GMB]

Danish pension bosses accused of washing their hands of UK construction undercutting 2017-06-12 [Unite]

Pensjonsalderen blir på 67 år til 2022 2017-05-23 [LO]

Piloter og politikere raser mot SAS-partner 2017-05-21 [E24]

Union campaign against continuing cuts in education 2017-05-17 [Education International]

Mye usikkerhet blant postansatte 2017-04-27 [Fri fagbevegelse]

GMB Asks Danish Govt To Investigate Undercutting 2017-04-13 [GMB]

Pay the rate: Stop Danish construction firms undercutting UK pay rates 2017-04-07 [Unite and GMB]

Brit Construction unions take undercutting campaign to Denmark 2017-04-07 [Unite the Union]

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