Airlines Unions to Appeal Strike Ban

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Airline Workers Union Vows to Overturn Court Decision 2018-08-11 [Total News]

Transport Minister Relieved Croatia Airlines Will Not Strike 2018-08-10 [Total News]

Airlines Unions to Appeal Strike Ban 2018-08-10 [Total News]

Court rejects charges for death threats against journalists 2018-08-10 [EFJ]

Court temporarily bans planned strike at Croatia Airlines 2018-08-08 [See News]

Croatia Airlines to Strike Starting from Wednesday? 2018-08-03 [TCN]

In the former Yugoslavia, tourism is reigniting an interest in the concrete legacies of the anti-fascism struggle 2018-07-10 [Equal Times]

Airlines employees postpone strike plan 2018-07-07 [Xinhua]

Go on strike and your pay will be docked – Croatia Airlines 2018-07-05 [The Times]

Croatia Airlines Announces Measures Against Strikers 2018-07-05 [Total News]

Croatian journalist Hrvoje Bajlo physically assaulted in Zadar 2018-07-05 [EFJ]

Wage increase in the Renewed National Agreement 2018-06-21 [BWI]

Looming Strike Underlines Croatia Airline’s Precarious Future 2018-06-18 [Balkan Insight]

Hate speech on the rise but hope for change 2018-06-04 [EFJ]

Croatia and the backlash against women’s rights 2018-05-23 [Equal Times]

Airline Pilots to Strike at Beginning of Tourist Season? 2018-05-03 [Total News]

Slovenia to Ban Croatian Workers for Another Two Years 2018-03-23 [Total News]

Trade unions opposed to increasing retirement age 2018-03-21 [total-croatia-news]

Telecom Workers Protest against Management 2018-03-18 [Total News]

The anguish of refugees trapped in the Balkans 2018-03-06 [Equal Times]

Uljanik's Workers to Strike Tomorrow? 2018-01-22 [Total News]

Journalists facing death threats 2017-12-29 [Deutsche Welle]

EFJ issues alert as Croatian reporter receives death threat 2017-11-05 [EFJ]

Physical attack against journalist Drago Miljuš 2017-10-17 [IFJ]

Wages in Croatia lower than China 2017-10-16 [TCN]

Workers amongst worst paid in EU 2017-09-27 [TCN]

Far-right militants burned Novosti newspaper during protest 2017-09-25 [EFJ]

Wages fall behind EU average 2017-09-03 [Total Croatia News]

Refinery workers worried 2017-08-25 [Total News]

SGH recovers unpaid wages by threatening industrial action 2017-08-17 [BWI]

Jadrolinija Workers in Split Dissatisfied with Working Conditions Announce Strike 2017-08-08 [The News]

Government to Withhold Pay Increase for Public Services Employees 2017-07-20 [Total News]

Hundreds of Workers Leave Construction Giant 2017-04-10 [total-croatia-news]

Public sector unions reject govt offer on wage hike 2016-12-07 [Wires]

Trade Unions Warn against Proposed Tax Refo 2016-11-07 [Total Croatia News]

Trade Unions to Sue Government for 7 Billion Kuna? 2016-09-21 [Total News]

Unions Mark the International Workers’ Day 2016-05-02 [TCN]

Government and Public Sector Unions to start negotiations on salary Increase 2016-03-21 [Croatia News]

Strike in Schools and Universities Ends 2015-10-03 [Total News]

Fair Hotels Croatia - promoting trade union rights in tourism 2015-07-25 [IUF]

Workers in Bosnia march to Croatia 2014-12-26 [World Bulletin]

Croatia’s shipyard workers face an unweatherable storm 2014-11-19 [Equal Times]

Shipyard workers face an unweatherable storm 2014-11-19 [Equal Times]

Trade Union and Employers 'Fair Prices Initiative' Launched in Croatia 2014-09-03 [BWI]

Adriadiesel workers on strike and worrying about possible sanctions for Russia 2014-03-18 [The Times]

Activists march through central Zagreb on International Women's Day 2014-03-09 [Dalje]

Protest held over labour law changes 2014-02-27 [Euronews]

Trains on domestic lines to stand still between noon and 2pm in strike 2014-02-26 [Dalje]

Union leader claims 270,000 took part in solidarity strike 2014-02-26 [Dalje]

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