Trade Unions have enough support for referendum on retirement age

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Trade Unions have enough support for referendum on retirement age 2019-05-16 [BWI]

Trade Unions and Employers Clash over Retirement Age Referendum 2019-05-01 [Total News]

Uljanik Workers Say Situation Alarming 2019-04-20 [Total News]

Trade Unions Ready for Pension Reform Referendum Campaign 2019-04-17 [Total News]

ITF general secretary discusses safeguarding conditions for Croatia's seafarers 2019-04-12 [ITF]

Uljanik Workers Striking for 15 Days with No Resolution in Sight 2019-04-05 [Total News]

Authorities Arrest 12 Uljanik Shipyard Executives 2019-03-28 [Maritime Executive]

Workers at Croatia’s biggest shipbuilding group strike again 2019-03-23 [The Shipping News]

Journalists stage protest against abusive lawsuits 2019-03-07 [EFJ]

Problems Continue at Županja Combine Harvester Factory 2019-03-06 [Total News]

Same Deutz Fahr Žetelice Workers Still Striking 2019-02-06 [Total News]

We call on HRT to withdraw claims targeting journalists’ representatives 2019-01-23 [EFJ]

Fire at Croatia hydro-plant kills 1 worker, 2 still missing 2019-01-11 [The News]

Shipyard strike put on hold 2018-12-19 [The Shipping News]

Could a self-governed workers’ movement boost Croatia’s dying shipbuilding industry? 2018-12-17 [Equal Times]

Could a self-governed workers’ movement boost Croatia’s dying shipbuilding industry? 2018-12-17 [Equal Times]

Shipbuilding workers starts fourth strike this year 2018-12-04 [Xinhua]

Uljanik Shipyard Workers Strike Again 2018-12-04 [TCN]

SGH adopts new action plan and elect trade union president 2018-10-31 [BWI]

Shipyard Strikes Spreading to Streets 2018-10-24 [Total News]

Dock workers strike again over late salary 2018-10-23 [Reuters]

Pension Protest 2018-10-21 [Total News]

Protest over government plan to raise retirement age 2018-10-21 [Reuters]

Unions Protest Against Pension Reforms 2018-10-21 [Balkan Insight]

Hunger strike deteriorating Croatian journalist Domagoj Margetić’s health 2018-10-03 [EFJ]

Uljanik Loses Another Contract 2018-10-02 [Total News]

European Federation of Journalists About EFJ News Actions Policy Resources President of the Croatia Journalists’ Association threatened with dismissal 2018-09-27 [EFJ]

Pilots Union: Dissatisfaction among Croatia Airlines employees continues 2018-09-11 [CAPA]

Shipyard workers to end strike, future uncertain 2018-08-31 [NASDAQ]

Uljanik Workers Start Receiving Salaries for July, Will End Strike 2018-08-31 [Total News]

Supreme Court Confirms Illegality of Croatia Airlines Strike 2018-08-27 [Total News]

Supreme Court upholds strike ban at Croatia Airlines 2018-08-27 [See News]

Shipyard Workers Protest, Meet with Officials 2018-08-27 [Total News]

Replacement Workers to Take Over Jobs in Shipyard? 2018-08-27 [Total News]

Shipyard workers protest, seek government help over late salaries 2018-08-27 [Channel News Asia]

Croatian shipbuilders strike over non-payment of wages 2018-08-24 [IndustriALL]

Shipbuilding workers on strike over unpaid salaries 2018-08-23 [Xinhua]

Workers at shipyard Uljanik go on strike 2018-08-23 [The Telegraph]

Workers strike at Uljanik over late pay 2018-08-23 []

Two Major Shipyards to Strike on Wednesday 2018-08-22 [Total News]

Workers at Croatian shipyard down tools in protest over management 2018-08-22 [Reuters]

Airline Workers Union Vows to Overturn Court Decision 2018-08-11 [Total News]

Transport Minister Relieved Croatia Airlines Will Not Strike 2018-08-10 [Total News]

Airlines Unions to Appeal Strike Ban 2018-08-10 [Total News]

Court rejects charges for death threats against journalists 2018-08-10 [EFJ]

Court temporarily bans planned strike at Croatia Airlines 2018-08-08 [See News]

Croatia Airlines to Strike Starting from Wednesday? 2018-08-03 [TCN]

In the former Yugoslavia, tourism is reigniting an interest in the concrete legacies of the anti-fascism struggle 2018-07-10 [Equal Times]

Airlines employees postpone strike plan 2018-07-07 [Xinhua]

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