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When Will the Courts Rule on the Strikes? 2018-09-21 [The Star]

 VIDEO  Strike action continues 2018-09-21 [TeleSUR]

Trade Unions and Government to Hold First Meeting 2018-09-20 [Prensa Latina]

Strike in Affects Hoteliers 2018-09-20 [The Star]

Why Exactly Are Public Workers Protesting 2018-09-20 [The Star]

National Strike Testing New President 2018-09-17 [Q]

Demonstrations, clashes disrupt Costa Rica’s usual calm 2018-09-16 [SF Gate]

Country shaken by rare and unruly unrest, labor strike 2018-09-15 [The Times]

Protests against a tax reform bill went into a the third day of national strike organized by unions that oppose the bill 2018-09-14 [TeleSUR]

Strike Dissenter Confronts Union Leader 2018-09-11 [Q]

What you need to know about today’s strike 2018-09-10 [The Times]

Are You All Gassed Up for the Strike on Monday? 2018-09-08 [The Times]

Labor Unions in Costa Rica Call General Strike Monday September 10th 2018-09-01 [The Star]

Strikes This Monday in Costa Rica Affected Many Public Services, Government Requests Declaration of Illegallity 2018-06-26 [The Star]

Government Asks Labor Unions Not to go on Strike on Monday but Unions Stand Their Ground 2018-06-23 [The Star]

Unions Announce General Strike on June 25 2018-06-15 [The Star]

Government and Labor Unions Collide Over Fiscal Plan and Expense Containment Measures 2018-06-11 [The Daily Star]

Public Employees Strike over Tax Plan 2018-04-26 [LAHT]

Teachers, Muncipal & Health Workers Strike in San Jose! 2018-04-26 [Q]

Unions on Strike this Wednesday over austerity plan 2018-04-25 [The Star]

Law Makes Sweeping Changes to Labor Code 2018-03-02 [JD Supra]

Chiquita in labor dispute amid construction of new port 2018-01-18 [Fresh Fruit Portal]

Gov't makes two years of pre-primary education compulsory 2018-01-18 [Education International]

Global Women’s Organising Assembly 2017-10-11 [ITUC]

No solution in sight for judicial workers' strike 2017-07-26 [The Tico Times]

Judicial Workers On Indefinite Strike! 2017-07-21 [Q]

Hundreds of medical procedures, surgeries postponed by public workers' strike 2017-07-01 [The Tico Times]

Union Leaders Call for Sept. 1 Protest as Prelude to Mass Strike 2016-08-24 [The Star]

Strikes This Week: ICE on Monday, Taxi Drivers on Tuesday and Transitos Wednesday 2016-08-09 [CR]

Strike Paralyzes Schools, Health Services 2016-04-27 [The Herald-Tribune]

Teachers to Go on Strike on April 26, 27 2016-04-07 [Prensa Latina]

Labor Law Reform: Key Aspects Every Business Should Know 2016-03-12 [JD Supra]

Government, unions reach midnight agreement to lift strikes 2015-10-28 [Inside]

“Strike Is NOT Indefinite, Nor Political, or General”, Says Albino Vargas 2015-10-27 [Q]

Public unions go on ‘indefinite’ strike Monday; fuel shortages possible 2015-10-27 [Inside]

More groups join in today’s massive general strike and protests 2015-10-17 [ICR News]

National Women’s Hospital on work stoppage 2015-10-16 [ICR News]

Strike “Will Be Indefinite” Unions Threaten 2015-10-08 [Q]

Heredia municipal employees go on strike, some services affected 2015-10-01 [ICR News]

Selfish Selfie Tourists Disrupt Turtle Nesting Says Union 2015-09-28 [Nature World News]

Public worker unions announce strike in October, threaten media 2015-09-10 [The Tico Times]

Nicoya hospital workers, medical staff to begin “indefinite” strike on Tuesday 2015-09-08 [Inside]

Dockworkers to join in today’s protests 2015-08-21 [ICR]

Public employee protest takes over San José's Second Avenue 2015-08-21 [The Tico Times]

Public employees to take to the streets of San Jose Thursday, schools to be closed 2015-08-20 [ICR]

Supreme Court strikes down labor reform law, upholding ban on strikes that shut down essential public services 2015-08-08 [The Tico Times]

ICE unions announce strike, protest later this month 2015-07-14 [The Tico Times]

Tens of thousands of Costa Rica’s teachers to strike… over everything 2015-04-17 [Inside]

Banana Workers’ Strike Highlights Abuses by Corporations 2015-03-19 [IPS]

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