Water back in public hands

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Water back in public hands 2018-05-02 [PSI]

University Lecturers Call Off Strike 2017-12-02 [Cameroon Tribune ]

Calls to free Ahmed Abba grow as mystery surrounds appeal hearing 2017-08-18 [IFJ]

After 35 years of abuses of power, youth in Cameroon want to make their voices heard 2017-07-28 [equal times]

Shabby treatment of Dockers triggers mass demonstration at Douala Port 2017-05-19 [Concord]

Anglophone Church Leaders risk imprisonment over unpaid salaries 2017-05-15 [Concord]

School Strike Looks Set to Carry On 2017-04-13 [Newsweek]

‘Digital refugees’, repression and the death penalty – Cameroon’s escalating language conflict 2017-02-21 [Equal Times]

Cameroon: Bamenda - Teachers Trade Unions Suspend Strike Action 2017-02-06 [All Africa]

roon: North West - Teachers' Strike Enters Sixth Week 2017-01-17 [All Africa]

Cameroon: Anglophone Teachers' Strike - how Discussions Went 2017-01-16 [All Africa]

Local solutions to local problems propel Cameroon’s startups scene 2017-01-12 [equal times]

Child Labour in Eastern Cameroon's Gold Mines 2017-01-07 [DW]

Teachers press government to take action for improved status 2016-12-03 [Education International]

Bus Strike Expected to Disrupt Africa Women's Cup of Nations 2016-11-17 [VoA]

Tensions Rise Between Cameroon Workers, Chinese Companies 2016-11-05 [VoA]


Trade union workshop addresses women’s rights 2015-08-25 [Education International]

In Search of Jobs, Cameroonian Women May End Up as Slaves in Middle East 2015-07-16 [IntePress Service]

Health workers strike over dilapidated hospitals 2015-06-19 [Deutsche Welle]

Country celebrates International Labour Day 2015-05-02 [Concord]

ITF demands release of arrested Cameroon union leaders 2015-01-30 [ITF]

Transport Trade Unions Urged to Be Organised 2014-11-14 [Cameroon Tribune]

Trade union rights being attacked 2014-08-01 [Education International]

Unions call for national strike over fuel subsidies cut 2014-07-17 [Reuters]

Government raises salaries as it faces opposition to fuel subsidy cuts 2014-07-08 [Reuters]

Transport workers to strike over fuel hikes 2014-07-03 [Reuters]

Unions still waiting for improvements in working conditions 2014-03-14 [Education International]

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