Teachers Union holds rally in Belmopan

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CWU helpless for its fired members 2018-05-18 [The Guardian]

Who will be the next president of CWU? 2018-04-07 [Love FM]

Teachers Union holds rally in Belmopan 2018-03-29 [The Guardian]

At AGM, the NTUCB puts its house in order 2018-03-10 [Amandala]

Christian Workers Union wins, SSB has to pay compounded backpay 2018-01-12 [Breaking News]

BNTU President expresses hope for successful mediation of Public Service Workers Trust 2017-12-23 [Amandala]

War Of Words Over Workers Trust Continues 2017-12-12 [7 News]

BNTU wants senate probe to continue until ‘nomoh nomoh’ 2017-09-15 [The Guardian]

Workers Protest for a ‘Living Wage’ 2017-06-18 [teleSUR]

Fairtrade Farmers Confront Child Labor For more info 2017-06-11 [FoodTank]

The significance of the BNTU election 2017-04-22 [Amandala]

BNTU meets today to plan against GoB “union busting” 2017-04-09 [Breaking News]

Supreme Court has ruled on a BNTU Strike before 2016-11-25 [The Guardian]

Education union forces government to agree on its demands 2016-10-25 [Education International]

National Teacher’s Union Votes to Put Strike on Hold 2016-10-19 [News 5]

'Union Pleads With School Managers Not to Dock Salaries' 2016-10-18 [Channel 5 Belize]

'Teachers’ Union Reviews 8 Points, Says They Got Most of What They Asked For' 2016-10-18 [Channel 5 Belize]

'Teachers’ Strike Over, Lasted 11 School Days – Longest In Memory' 2016-10-18 [Channel 7 Belize]

Caribbean Union of Teachers appeal to PM Barrow to seek amicable resolution to strike situation 2016-10-12 [Breaking News]

Utility Unions Throw Support Behind B.N.T.U. 2016-10-07 [Channel 5]

BNTU Extends Industrial Action for Another Day 2016-10-04 [Love FM]

BWU says it is time to ‘move the cause to the next level’ 2016-10-01 [Breaking News]

Social partners matter - PM meets with unions 2016-09-21 [The Guardian]

Port of Belize and CWU Signs onto Newly Negotiated CBA 2016-05-27 [Love FM]

Garifuna stalwart, Celeo Álvarez Casildo, dies at 57 from throat cancer 2016-04-13 [Amandala]

BTL workers demonstrate? 2016-02-20 [Breaking News]

First Caribbean signs Off With Workers 2016-01-30 [7 News]

CWU & FCIB Workers Negotiations Nearing Conclusion 2016-01-15 [News 5]

Energy Workers Union calls on government not to destroy good rice 2016-01-08 [Breaking News]

Despite gridlock, FirstCaribbean confirms departure next month 2015-12-25 [Amandala]

Waterfront workers now Under Essential Services Act 2015-12-24 [The Guardian]

Christian Workers’ Union (CWU) unable to agree on First Caribbean International Bank exit as time running out 2015-12-23 [Breaking News]

Christian Workers Union slams Government of Belize on change to essential services law 2015-12-22 [Breaking News]

Stevedores Say GOB Gave Them A Raw Deal 2015-12-22 [7 News]

GOB Changes Labour Law To Stick It To Stevedores; Chamber Applauds 2015-12-19 [7 News]

Stevedores end 3-day strike 2015-12-13 [Amandala]

'Stevedores Agree to Return to Work Amid Negotiations with Port Management' 2015-12-11 [Channel 5 Belize]

Christmas stalled, another ship sent back 2015-12-10 [The Guardian]

Stevedores Set Off Impromptu Strike Action at Port of Belize 2015-12-08 [News 5]

First Caribbean employees protest 2015-10-31 [The Reporter]

FCIB Workers’ Sustained Strike 2015-10-31 [7 News]

FirstCaribbean Bank Employees Take to the Picket Line 2015-10-30 [News 5]

FCIB Workers Strike 2015-10-30 [7 News]

SSB employees pressing for CBA settlement 2015-10-03 [The Reporter]

11th hour breakthrough averts BEL’s threatened strike 2015-10-03 [Amandala]

Christian Workers Union proposes CBA in 11 years for stevedores 2015-10-02 [Love FM]

Belize Electricity Limited and Belize Energy Workers Union sign agreement 2015-10-01 [Love FM]

PM Intervenes To Avert BEL Strike 2015-09-30 [7 News]

CWU and FirstCaribbean agree to negotiate exit package 2015-09-27 [Amandala]

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