GFBTU and IDWF Signed MOU on Protection of Domestic Workers’ Rights in Bahrain

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GFBTU and IDWF Signed MOU on Protection of Domestic Workers’ Rights in Bahrain 2019-06-16 [EIN]

Refugee footballer Hakeem al-Araibi freed 2019-02-13 [ITUC]

World Players and FIFA call for urgent solution to al Araibi's unjust detention 2019-01-30 [UNI Global Union]

#SaveHakeem: Stop the deportation of a Baharaini refugee 2019-01-23 [Green Left Weekly]

Contracts stating rights of domestic workers mandatory from next month 2019-01-05 [GDN]

Education unionist Jalila al Salman given EI’s Mary Hatwood Futrell Award 2018-10-19 [Education International]

Trade union urges pension bill rethink 2018-07-29 [GDN]

Bahrain’s cooperation and support to Nepalese workers praised 2018-04-17 []

Support for labour unions, citizens’ rights stressed 2018-03-20 [newsofbahrain]

ITUC Deplores the Lack of Progress on Reinstatement of Workers in Bahrain after Seven Years 2018-02-14 [ITUC]

GPIC, Labour Union officials hold meeting 2018-01-22 [BNA]

New Union Formed for Transportation Sector 2017-08-16 [Aviation Pros]

ITF deplores inaction over Bramco 1 crew 2017-07-19 [ITF]

IFJ condemns closure of Al Wasat newspaper and calls on the Bahraini government to stop intimidating independent journalists 2017-06-29 [IFJ]

Bahrain must stop media intimidation and closures 2017-06-28 [NUJ]

Construction workers' salary arrears to be paid soon 2017-06-10 [BNA]

NASUWT International Solidarity Award for Bahraini teachers' leader 2017-05-09 [NASUWT]

البحرين:اكثر من نصف مليون العمالة الأجنبية 2017-02-08 [Lmra]

Worker from India dies in Bahrain during pay protest 2017-02-05 [The Hindu]

V K Singh discusses labour issue in Bahrain 2017-02-05 [Business Standard]

Bahrain regrets death of Indian 2017-01-18 [The Hindu]

In Bahrain it is dangerous to defend quality journalism 2017-01-17 [IFJ]

مناقشة مقترح منع الاعتصامات و الإضرابات في البا 2016-11-19 [Alwasat newsletter ]

الاتحاد الحر يرفض منع الإضرابات و الاعتصامات في البا 2016-11-10 [Alba Labour Union ]

المنبر ترفض منع الاعتصامات و الإضرابات 2016-11-10 [Alwasat newsletter ]

بيان نقابة عمال البا بخصوص المقترح النيابي لمنع الاعتصامات 2016-11-09 [Alba Labour Union ]

مقترح نيابي بمنع الإضرابات و الاعتصامات في البا 2016-11-09 [Alwasat newsletter ]

Anti-trafficking laws incapable of protecting foreign domestic workers 2016-09-11 [ATUC]

Forcing private sector to replace foreign workers with locals is hard - and misguided 2016-09-11 [The Economist]

Ban on journalist should be lifted 2016-09-07 [IFJ]

Union safety campaign reaches out to migrant workers 2016-09-07 [BWI Global Union]

GFBTU Calls on Government to Facilitate Passage of Workers and Teachers From and to Diraz 2016-09-03 [ABNA24]

Global condemnation of travel ban for Bahraini education union leader 2016-06-14 [Education International]

Building sectorial union work in Bahrain 2016-05-11 [IndustriALL]

HRH Premier praises trade union pluralism in Bahrain 2016-04-25 [Bna]

Contacts to end workers' strike dismissed 2016-04-25 [Bna]

Teachers’ activist freed after long campaign 2016-04-08 [Digital Journal]

Teacher leader freed after five years in prison 2016-04-06 [Education International]

Labour minister receives former GFBTU secretary-general 2016-03-24 [BNA]

Bahrain Union Congress Stands up for Democracy 2016-03-17 [Solidarity Centre]

Soccer defeat: A cautionary tale for autocrats 2016-02-29 [DNE]

PM reassures job security for OFWs despite oil crisis 2016-02-27 [Inquirer]

Crackdown on unsafe migrant worker housing 2016-02-27 [Albawaba]

HRW criticizes Bahrain for failing to stop torture 2016-02-20 [Albawaba]

ITF protests over dismissal of Bahrain ports union leader 2015-11-26 [ITF Global Union]

ITF protests over dismissal of Bahrain ports union leader 2015-11-25 [ITF]

ITUC: Sheikh Salman’s bid for Fifa presidency is ‘not credible’ 2015-10-26 [Guardian]

FIFA: Deep Concern Over Possible Candidacy of Bahrain’s Shaik Salman 2015-10-25 [ITUC]

Unions launch campaign against UK failure to act on abuses 2015-09-24 [MENA Solidarity Network]

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