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Ibiza video scandal shows vital role of journalism 2019-05-20 [EFJ]

FPÖ politician threatens ORF journalist after critical interview 2019-04-30 [EFJ]

Win for young workers 2019-02-22 [ITF]

Unite calls for review of new tube train order after overseas production revelations 2019-02-02 [Unite the union]

Protestors rally to save Austria’s social insurance system 2018-12-18 [UNI Global Union]

Full seier i metallkonflikten 2018-12-04 [LO]

EU-domstolen mener tiltak mot sosial dumping er ulovlig 2018-11-28 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Strike forces 2-hour halt to train services 2018-11-27 [680 News]

Rail strike disrupts 100,000 passengers 2018-11-27 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Two-Hour Rail Strike Stops Trains Across Austria 2018-11-26 [US News and World Report]

Union protest Austria's withdrawal from Global Compact on Migration 2018-11-23 [BWI]

Varselstreiker i metallindustrien 2018-11-22 [LO]

Steelmaker Voestalpine hit by industrial action 2018-11-21 [Platt's]

Union protest Austria's withdrawal from Global Compact on Migration 2018-11-16 [BWI]

Østerrike bremser et mer sosialt EU 2018-10-22 [LO]

Interior Ministry attempts to restrict freedom of press 2018-09-27 [EFJ]

Åpner opp for 60 timers arbeidsuke 2018-09-14 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Austrian journalist Max Zirngast arrested in Ankara 2018-09-14 [EFJ]

Austrian journalist Max Zirngast arrested in Ankara 2018-09-14 [IFJ]

Thousands protest against plans for 12-hour workday 2018-07-01 [Deutsche Welle]

EFJ calls on government to protect public service media 2018-06-07 [EFJ]

Fagbevegelsen den nye hakkekyllingen 2018-05-24 [LO]

Men and Reconciliation of Work and Family: Supporting the Path to Gender Equal Distribution of Parental Leave and Working Time 2018-04-18 [Forba]

High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein - New Austria coalition marks 'dangerous development' 2017-12-22 [AFP]

One dead in Austrian gas hub blast 2017-12-15 [The Local]

Sexual assault allegations emerge in Austria's professional skiing scene 2017-11-29 [The Local]

Austrian trade union visits Vietnam to boost ties 2017-11-21 [Plus]

NS Camp Graz-Liebenau: Stopp concreting over the NS camp and its victims! 2017-10-20 [Actice Unemployed]

Court Hearing 31st May 2017: EStAG continues harassing Suit against NGO Press Photographer 2017-05-30 [Media Austria]

Freedom of the Press: Energy Styria Tries to Intimidate and Criminalize NGO-Press Photographer 2017-05-08 [Media Austria]

Nestle to close Linz plant in Austria, 127 jobs to go 2017-03-11 [EuroNews]

Tougher penalties for those who attack public transport workers 2017-03-11 [The Local ]

Gvt appeal for far-right votes by plan to discriminate against EU workers 2017-01-15 [EU Observer]

Public sector workers 'must be BANNED from wearing Islamic veils at work' claims minister 2017-01-08 [Sunday Express]

Minister calls for headscarf ban for public servants 2017-01-07 [RNS]

Right-wing trade union suggests Muslims should be denied Christmas bonuses 2016-12-06 [Independent]


Unions call on new government to reject EU-Canada CETA trade deal 2016-06-04 [IUF]

HIV-positive man awarded damages for unfair dismissal 2016-02-07 [The Local]

Macondo: Austria’s refugee reality in microcosm 2015-09-15 [Equal Times]

Hundreds of women trade unionists gather for world conference in Vienna 2015-09-11 [Industriall]

IFJ/EFJ attend conference in Vienna about journalists’ safety, media freedom and pluralism in times of conflict 2015-06-16 [IFJ]

Austrian Unemployment at record high: Work Agency Chairman Mr. Johannes Kopf should start to work rather than fuel the sentiment against unemployed people! 2015-04-11 [Active Unemployed Austria]

Suspend consideration of partner income at the Unemployment Assistance! 2015-02-05 [Active Unemployed Austria]

From eAMS to Skill Matching: Computers cannot conjure up meaningful work 2014-12-21 [Aufrecht bestehen]

International day of human rights: Active Unemployed Austria calls for a vigil in front of the ministry for social affairs to draw attention to the increasing violation of social human rights! 2014-12-05 [Active Unemployed Austria]

Disability Pension: Rudolf Hundstorfer, Minister for Social Affairs, puts more pressure on the weakest 2014-12-04 [Active Unemployed Austria]

Unemployment Insurance Sanctions: Withdrawals of Benefits reached a new hight in 2013! For more info 2014-11-14 [Active Unemployed Austria]

Together we stand: Active Unemployed Austria supports the week of action against workfare in UK For more info 2014-10-06 [Active Unemployed Austria]