Tower Crane Operator Network: Solidarity Call from Up in the Air

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Despite migration ban, Indonesian domestic workers still face forced labour and abuses in the Gulf 2017-09-07 [Equal Times]

Why Kyrgyz, Tajik and Uzbek workers are forced to go to Russia 2017-09-06 [Stratfor ]

Fortescue's Andrew Forrest declares beginning of end of modern slavery 2017-08-25 [Fairfax Media]

Tower Crane Operator Network: Solidarity Call from Up in the Air 2017-08-22 [BWI Global Union ]

Southeast Asian workers press for big minimum wage hikes 2017-08-18 [Nikkei Asian Review]

Asia Pacific young workers strengthen networks 2017-08-15 [ITF]

Indonesia: global trade unions and NGOs back PepsiCo-linked palm oil workers in their fight for labour rights 2017-08-09 [Equal Times]

PSI joins efforts to question mega trade deal the RCEP 2017-08-02 [NUPGE]

BIEN denounces harassment of labor group leaders by SITEL management For more info 2017-06-29 []

'You dog!' man in Saudi attacks terrified migrant worker for eating during Ramadan fasting hours 2017-06-19 [Al Araby]

South Asian Workers in Qatar, the ‘Forgotten Victims’ in Gulf Crisis 2017-06-15 [The Wire]

Ford offers buyouts to 15,000 workers 2017-06-10 [LATimes]

Ford to cut 1,400 salaried jobs in North America, Asia 2017-05-19 [The Himalayan Times/AP]

Japan’s migrant worker challenge 2017-05-11 [Equal Times]

SEAJU call for action to defend press freedom on WPFD 2017-05-05 [IFJ]

May Day : Indonesia 2017-05-02 [PSI]

Workers across Asia mark May Day 2017-05-02 [canindia]

ASEAN is not pro-labor For more info 2017-04-29 [PM]

Asia leads the world on wage growth and even China's solid salary gains are not dulling its competitive edge 2017-04-21 [chinadaily]

ASEAN discusses decent work promotion 2017-04-21 [xinhuanet]

ASEAN labor officials prepare action on Vientiane declaration 2017-04-21 [JP]

Union action prevents potential repetition of Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh 2017-04-18 [IndustriALL]

Migrant workers — mainly South Asians — exploited en route to Gulf: study 2017-04-11 [Japan Times]

Communalism and Working Class Struggles 2017-04-11 [newsclick]

ASEAN Integration: A Work in Progress 2017-04-10 [brinknews]

Free labour movement might hurt many Vietnamese workers 2017-04-08 [vietnamnet]

Positive Signs as Asia Pacific Moves Towards Global Development Goals 2017-04-07 [JG]

Action on World Health Day (New Delhi) 2017-04-07 [PSI]

Precarity unlimited 2017-04-06 [Business Mirror]

Back Growing concerns over modern slavery 2017-04-05 [csr-asia]

South Asian Govts Take 20 Plus Years to Turn Women's Demands Into Policies 2017-04-04 [The Citizen]

Asian businesses fall far behind in treating LGBTI workers equally 2017-04-04 [gaystarnews]

Who made your clothes? 2017-04-04 [thevarsity]

We’re cheated, first at home, then in Qatar’: how World Cup workers are deceived 2017-03-19 [Guardian]

Asia-Pacific seeks to save TPP trade deal without US 2017-03-17 [Dhaka Tribune]

Labor Mobility in ASEAN: Current Commitments and Future Limitations 2017-03-16 [aseanbriefing]

President Park is gone for good – and trade unions played a major role in making it happen 2017-03-16 [PSI]

South Asia unions commemorate IWD 2017-03-15 [BWi]

Office of the Philippine President reiterates commitment to abolish recruitment fees 2017-03-15 [PSI]

PSI Philippine affiliates lobby for Southeast Asian regional resolution on fair and ethical recruitment 2017-03-15 [PSI]

IFJ calls to defend women’s voices online in Asia-Pacific 2017-03-10 [Scoop]

Closing gender gaps in Asia-Pacific requires transformative change 2017-03-09 [Japan Today]

Rice Paper Ceiling Still Intact 2017-03-08 [The Diplomat]

Top brands to boycott Bangladesh garment summit 2017-02-23 [CNA]

Dynasty And Double Standards: Women Leaders In South Asia 2017-02-23 []

Asia Pacific executive committee calls for immediate release of jailed unionists in Bangladesh 2017-02-14 [IndustriALL]

Indonesian court judges electricity privatisation unconstitutional 2017-02-14 [PSI]

Asia Pacific employees aren't happy at work 2017-02-13 [CNBC]

A view from Vietnam: How the Southeast Asian nation is overcoming the roadblocks to become a high income economy 2017-02-13 [Interest]

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