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Global Standing up for justice on International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia  



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Today in Labour History

1911 Uruguay Streetcar workers in Uruguay return to work after winning some concessions, marking the beginning of the end of the general strike in Montevideo.[more]

1935 Jamaica Port workers in Falmouth went on strike. When the employers threatened to use strikebreakers, the strikers rioted. British police opened fire, killing one worker.

1945 United States of America The US government took over the bituminous coal mines to try to break a six-week miners' strike. The miners held out, forcing the govt to grant workers' demands which had been unacceptable to the operators.

1968 France Workers and students formed a joint Workers-Students Action Committee to support an ongoing strike and occupation at Paris's Citroen auto plant.

This week's top stories

Bangladesh Accord achievements secured [IndustriALL] 20-05-2019

Global Standing up for justice on International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia [ITF] 20-05-2019

Turkey Report details permanent violations of media freedom [IFJ] 16-05-2019

USA Machinists union calls for US government to investigate Delta Air Lines [ITF] 16-05-2019

Iran Labour Activists Detained Since May Day [Human Rights Watch] 15-05-2019

Global Uber IPO is a bad bet [ITUC] 14-05-2019

Global Global agreement on sustainable employment in Unilever manufacturing [IUF] 14-05-2019

USA Steven Greenhouse: Dear Delta Airlines, Video games and beer cannot compete with joining a union [Guardian] 13-05-2019

USA IAM Campaigns Strike a Nerve with Delta Bosses [IAM] 13-05-2019

Ethiopia Garment workers make clothes for some of the world's largest clothing brands but get paid the lowest [CNN] 12-05-2019

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Monday, May 20, 2019:
Global lack of leadership leads to right-wing populism / A solution is to support teachers and education workers
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/ Pacific World Press Freedom Day celebrated in the region [IFJ] 20-05-2019

Morrison has no mandate for regressive IR agenda [ACTU] 20-05-2019 1 more labour news stories from Australia today

Ibiza video scandal shows vital role of journalism [EFJ] 20-05-2019

Bangladesh Accord achievements secured [UNI Global Union] 20-05-2019 1 more labour news stories from Bangladesh today

/ Ontario Niagara servers protest policy forcing them to share tips with management  ActNOW!  [CBC] 20-05-2019 3 more labour news stories from Canada today

Building union power in broader Europe [IndustriALL] 20-05-2019

/ Global Seafarers condemn working conditions on board Blumenthal ships [ITF] 20-05-2019

Will FIFA escape its human rights obligations through the back door? [BWI] 20-05-2019 1 more labour news stories from Global today

/ Gujarat Four die cleaning storm water pumping station in Ahmedabad, probe on [Express News Service] 20-05-2019

Teachers still in jail! For more info [SZAC] 20-05-2019 1 more labour news stories from Iran today

Creches struggling to retain staff amid shortage of places [Irish Examiner] 20-05-2019

Editorial: Their Lives Are Worth Less [Haaretz] 20-05-2019 3 more labour news stories from Israel today

Dockworkers refuse to load Saudi cargo ship in anti-war protest [Yahoo News] 20-05-2019

Theatre for Fukushima: voices from the silence [Equal Times] 20-05-2019

Middle East
Seafarers unions express concern about “sabotage” attack and rising tensions in the Gulf [ITF] 20-05-2019

New Zealand
ITF condemns suspension of union members in Auckland [ITF] 20-05-2019 6 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Workers Tell Fayemi What To Do With Paris Club Refund [The Independent] 20-05-2019 1 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

Papua New Guinea
/ Australia PNGTUC pays tribute to late Bob Hawke [The Courrier-Journal] 20-05-2019

“I Didn’t Sit Eight and a Half Years in Jail to Build Capitalism” [Jacobin] 20-05-2019

ITF backs Senegalese workers in BRT project [ITF] 20-05-2019

South Africa
Charges dropped against six of the eight ex-Amcu leaders accused of murder [ANA/IOL] 20-05-2019 6 more labour news stories from South Africa today

International organisations condemn recent attacks against journalists [EFJ] 20-05-2019

Teachers’ Strike Starts Tomorrow as Gov’t Workers vow to Join Them [Chimp Reports] 20-05-2019

Saving lives is not a crime [PSI] 20-05-2019 17 more labour news stories from UK today

/ Connecticut Attorney General William Tong Okays Captive Audience Bill; May Face Court Challenge if Passed [Yankee Institute] 21-05-2019 21 more labour news stories from USA today