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Chile 200,000 March Against For-Profit Pensions



LabourStart photo of the day.Legal Aid Lawyers in the Canadian province of Ontario are combining court action with pickets that follow and embarass politicians in their campaign to overcome legislation which bans them from organizing a union. (Photo: IFPTE 160) Click here to read more union news from Canada.
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Today in Labour History

1877 United States of America Thirty workers are killed in the Battle of Halsted Street Viaduct during the railroad strike in Chicago. [more]

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USA 10 Reasons Hillary Clinton Stands with Working People [AFL-CIO] 26-07-2016

Chile 200,000 March Against For-Profit Pensions [TeleSUR] 26-07-2016

Australia / India Union-busting escalates at SABMiller India following attack on rights in Australia [IUF] For more info 25-07-2016

Global World Bank should uphold ILO standards in new labour safeguard [ITUC] 25-07-2016

Malaysia SFI: Don’t appeal! It’s time to #recogniseSTIEU [BWI]  ActNOW!  24-07-2016

Korea (South) Global union leaders to attend court to protest persecution of South Korean colleagues [ITF Global Union] 23-07-2016

Norway / UK Norwegian workers declare support of UK North Sea strike [Energy Voice] 22-07-2016

Turkey DISK: The solution is democratization, not a state of emergency! [DISK] 22-07-2016

Greece Workers bracing for new Troika attack on their rights [ITUC] 21-07-2016

Turkey Dictatorship a Step Closer After Deplorable Failed Coup [ITUC] 20-07-2016

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One step closer to justice for the 120 dismissed ceramist workers in San Lorenzo [BWI Global Union] 26-07-2016 3 more labour news stories from Argentina today

Stronger protections needed to stop cycle of abuse among underpaid workers [SBS] 26-07-2016 30 more labour news stories from Australia today

‘B.P.L. Needs $800m To Solve Long-Term Power Problems’ - Union [Tribune 242] 25-07-2016 1 more labour news stories from Bahamas today

/ UK Building support for just transition in Bangladesh [TUC] 26-07-2016

Bosnia and Herzegowina
Failure to Reform Bosnia TV Dismays Workers [Balkan Insight] 25-07-2016

Fainting Outbreaks at Separate Factories [The Times] 25-07-2016

/ Ontario Ruling fuels debate over sick day rules in county library strike [The Star] 26-07-2016 24 more labour news stories from Canada today

Police Detain Hundreds of Protesting Former Teachers in Beijing [Radio Free Asia] 26-07-2016 2 more labour news stories from China today

New ad campaign seeks to empower Egyptian women [Al-Monitor] 26-07-2016

Turkey: ITUC and ETUC Deeply Concerned at Government Purge [ETUC] 26-07-2016 1 more labour news stories from Europe today

Kuini Lutua - fighting to strengthen the Fiji union movement [Fiji Times] 26-07-2016

Thousands of travellers face seven-day Air France strike [The Local] 25-07-2016

/ Europe Munich: ETUC solidarity [ETUC] 26-07-2016

Mid-year budget review: Give us hope – GAWU [Ghanaweb] 25-07-2016

Power utility workers disrupt meeting on grid spin-off [Kathimerini] 25-07-2016

Strike by resident doctors grinds on [The Times-Union] 25-07-2016

Labor shortage triggers better pay for student workers [Budapest Business Journal] 26-07-2016 2 more labour news stories from Hungary today

/ Goa Shantaram seeks Gadkari’s help to end WISL strike [TOI] 26-07-2016 37 more labour news stories from India today

Knesset advances affirmative action for disabled in workplace [Times of Israel] 25-07-2016 1 more labour news stories from Israel today

Unilever tea workers resume work [The Standard] 26-07-2016

Korea (South)
[7.22] KMWU 'general strike'... [CINA] 26-07-2016 1 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

UHM condemns rash decision [Voice oh the Workers] 26-07-2016

Teacher protests rock Mexico with roadblocks, sit-ins and strikes [The Times] 25-07-2016

New Zealand
Panel discussion on speaking out [ASMS-Toi Mata Hauora] 26-07-2016 6 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

‘How TCN can resolve electricity problem through efficiency’ [The Nation] 25-07-2016

/ Global New PepsiCo Frito-Lay workers union in Pakistan wins collective bargaining recognition For more info [IUF] 26-07-2016 2 more labour news stories from Pakistan today

/ Israel UNISON delegation to Palestine [TUC] 26-07-2016

UN labor agency finds worker protections against bias lacking at Qatar Airways [Gulf News] 26-07-2016

More than 200 construction workers have gone on strike at the Vostochny Cosmodrome ..... Again [Moscow Times] 26-07-2016

South Africa
Salga to intervene in Samwu dispute [Eyewitness News] 25-07-2016 3 more labour news stories from South Africa today

The solution is democratisation, not a state of emergency! [Equal Times] 26-07-2016 8 more labour news stories from Turkey today

/ England Leeds bus strike suspended as 1,000 workers vote on a new pay deal [Unite] 26-07-2016 8 more labour news stories from UK today

'Azov', coal miners and trade unions rallying in Kyiv over surging utility rates [UkrInform] 25-07-2016

United Arab Emirates
/ India Stranded in UAE, duped Indian workers call for help [The Peninsula] 26-07-2016 1 more labour news stories from United Arab Emirates today

/ Ohio Everyone in the plant was a temp - until they all joined the union [Labor Notes] 26-07-2016 8 more labour news stories from USA today