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Uzbekistan Falsely convicted union activist dies in prison



LabourStart photo of the day.Cleaning services at the London Scool of Economics have been contracted-out to employers offering working conditions far inferior to those enjoyed by the LSE's own employees. The cleaners, mostly migrants, have already struck won concessions from the university. Their struggle continues. (Photo: UVW) Click here to read more union news from the UK.
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Uzbekistan Falsely convicted union activist dies in prison [Solidarity Center] 25-06-2017

Global ITF tells Uber to seize chance to change [ITF] 22-06-2017

Uruguay Workers Hold 24-Hour Strike Ahead of Budget Approval [TeleSUR] 22-06-2017

China / USA Still no response from Ivanka about Chinese factory supplying her brand [China Labor Watch] 21-06-2017

USA The Conservative case for unions [The Atlantic ] 21-06-2017

Qatar Qatar Blockade: Fears for Migrant Workers in a Region in Turmoil [ITUC] 20-06-2017

Colombia Strikes hold up country [Bogota Post] 19-06-2017

USA California Rigged. Forced into debt. Worked past exhaustion. Left with nothing [USA Today ] 18-06-2017

Israel Sodastream workers allege being threatened over unionizing attempts [972 Magazine] 18-06-2017

China / USA Chinese activist wants Ivanka to 'force change' in labour conditions [The Independent] 17-06-2017

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June 23, 2017:
Thousands of public employees march for decent wages / Global economy losing trillions because women can’t find jobs / More workers likely to die while building stadiums for games / The LabourStart report about union events around the world
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/ Victoria Union boss ‘truly apologises’ over threatening comments about building inspectors [The New Daily] 25-06-2017 3 more labour news stories from Australia today

Social security for 3.7m construction workers: Mujibul Haque [The Financial Express] 25-06-2017

Teachers’ unions deserve more respect [Today] 25-06-2017 1 more labour news stories from Barbados today

Brussels Airlines accused of social dumping: Some workers claim to not even receive minimum wage [The Times] 24-06-2017

Female workers in Nike, Asics and Puma factories suffer mass faintings [The Guardian] 25-06-2017

Liquor store privatization pays off for former politicians [NUPGE] 25-06-2017 33 more labour news stories from Canada today

An experiment on the effect of offering the unemployed an unconditional basic income [The Economist] 25-06-2017

If your French Bus Driver had unusually Hairy Legs, this is why [MNA] 24-06-2017

No Illegal Strike at Tema Port Expansion Project - NLC [Peace FM] 25-06-2017

Global aerospace industry is at a crossroads [IAMAW] 25-06-2017

Gov't to present amendment foreseeing sanitation hirings in response to strikes [Kathimerini] 25-06-2017

/ Maharashtra Sanitation workers clean our cities, but they are denied even minimum wage [City Today] 25-06-2017 4 more labour news stories from India today

Stagnant living standards are driving the populist wave [Irish Times] 25-06-2017 5 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Police to grill minister in Israel Aerospace Industries probe over co-Eric on of workers into joining Likud [Times of Israel] 25-06-2017

One woman’s suicide shines a harsh light on the plight of Japan’s doctors [The Times] 25-06-2017

Varsity staff now threaten another strike if Sh10b pay deal is phased [The Standard] 24-06-2017

Korea (South)
[6.24] Peace/Anti-THAAD struggle in Seoul... [CINA] 25-06-2017 2 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

GOC labor union official ‘decries’ number of death cases of workers – Company held responsible [Arab Times] 25-06-2017

The inportance of the rule of law in a democratic society [Voice of the Workers weekly] 24-06-2017

Four-point deal with temporary teachers [myrepublica.com] 25-06-2017 1 more labour news stories from Nepal today

New Zealand
Postal Union rips into NZPost after cost increase, question its long-term agenda [TVNZ] 25-06-2017

Minimum Wage Will Determine 2019 Polls – NLC [Leadership] 25-06-2017 2 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

Working class to observe Eid with simplicity [The Nation] 25-06-2017 2 more labour news stories from Pakistan today

PA cuts salaries to Hamas prisoners [Al-Monitor] 25-06-2017

Security workers on strike at all national airports [The Journal] 24-06-2017

Volkswagen's Slovak union says close to wage deal to end strike [Reuters] 25-06-2017

South Africa
SA must act fast to avoid revolution [City Press] 25-06-2017 7 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Sri Lanka
70th Anniversary remembering the first general strike [The Daily Mirror] 24-06-2017

Unions protest ‘exploitative’ rules in Taipei [The Times] 24-06-2017

‘Back soft Brexit,’ trade unions urge Labour [The Guardian] 25-06-2017 8 more labour news stories from UK today

Fighting for the Sanctuary Workplace: Unions Mobilize to Protect Undocumented Workers [Truth Out] 25-06-2017 17 more labour news stories from USA today